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Avoid yoyo effect and lose weight permanently

Your diet is going great, the pounds are just falling off. But no sooner has it ended than the kilos are back on again in no time at all. The infamous yoyo effect has occurred and has ensured that you have lost your your painstakingly achieved desired weight again lose. So that this no longer happens to you in the future, you get from us Tipshow you lose weight healthy and keep your weight permanently. This includes of course delicious recipesbecause a diet does not have to be boring! We have simple and quick dishes collected for you, which are low in calories and quickly prepared.

What is the yoyo effect?

The yo-yo effect occurs when during the diet you are Calorie deficit and return to your old eating habits afterwards. During this time, your body is running on the back burner and thus falls back on fat reserves, so-called depot fat. You also lose water and muscle mass. That means you lose weight.

If you now end your diet and eat again as before, i.e. consume significantly more calories, your body reacts in the same way. body accordingly and stores all excess energy as fat reserves. He does this in order to be prepared for a future "starvation phase". After all, he does not know if and when this will occur again. Therefore, he takes precautions and practically prepares enough reserves for safety in order to be able to draw on them later for as long as possible.

Which crash diets lead to the yo-yo effect and why?

In particular crash diets bring the yoyo effect after their termination. These include, for example, the following:

  • Cabbage soup diet
  • Zero diet
  • Military diet
  • Thonon diet

They are all relative one-sided and pursue only one goal: Lose as many kilos as possible in the shortest possible time. Fortunately, such diets usually last only one to two weeks. Longer they are in any case not recommended, because your body is deprived of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals by the severe restrictions in addition to the depot fat. Crash diets are suitable themselves because of this also not for the start of a long-term healthy diet.

If you want to lose a few pounds for a specific event, for example to fit into your favorite outfit again, you can already resort to such a diet for a short time. For a permanent weight loss, however, is definitely not recommended.

Tips: How to avoid the yoyo effect specifically

Basically there are only one way to avoid the yoyo effect: One Long-term dietary change, best combined with sufficient exercise and sport. Of course, this is much more strenuous and requires a lot of discipline, especially in the beginning. To give you the entry into a permanently healthy diet. facilitate, you can for example refer to our LiveFresh Juice Cure or Food cure fall back on. Our juice cure provides a first Reset and allows your body and intestines a well-deserved time-out. With our well thought-out food cure you can then build directly on it, lose weight effectively and change your diet in the long term. It is a comprehensive diet plan to lose weight that will help you to lose weight and the subsequent dietary change supports.

With these simple tips, losing weight will be easier for you and you can start to live healthier step by step - without any yoyo effect:

  • Water instead of soft drinksA very simple way to lose weight permanently Calories is to replace sugary drinks with water. If you find water bland, you can use fruit infusers or flavored drops or tabs during the transition.
  • Coffee and tea without sugarDepending on how much of it you drink, there is potential for savings here as well. You must drink your tea or coffee without sugar right away. You can gradually phase it out over a longer period of time. This way you will slowly get used to the natural taste of these drinks.
  • Whole grains instead of white flourWhole grain products keep you full much longer. As a result, you also eat less. For example, replace the usual bread roll with whole grain pastries at breakfast.
  • Pasta variations instead of classic egg noodlesTry lentil fusilli, pea spaghetti, konjac or glass noodles and wholemeal Mie noodles. This way you bring variety into your diet and provide your body with additional protein and fiber, depending on the variety.
  • Change portion sizesDon't put all the pots and pans on the lunch table, but prepare your plate directly in the kitchen, just like in a restaurant. That way, you're less tempted to keep going back for seconds. You also don't have to fill it completely. If you also pay attention to the aesthetics, you will automatically eat less.
  • Reduce alcohol consumptionAlcohol contains relatively many calories, especially red wine. Wine has even more calories than beer. Even vodka: It may look like water, but it's much unhealthier. So reduce your consumption or drink non-alcoholic beer, for example - not just for the calories, but for your health and general well-being.
  • Prepare food differentlyTo preserve as many nutrients as possible in your dishes, steaming is an ideal way to prepare them. Here, the food is heated by steam alone. Steaming also works well: the food cooks in its own juice. If possible, you can get yourself a hot air fryer. This way you save a lot of fat during preparation.

Continue, Integrate sports into your everyday lifen. You don't have to become a marathon runner. For example, use the stairs instead of the elevator, try to go for a short walk in the morning or evening, or lead a long run. a short sport unit every day with dumbbells, do sit-ups or squats every day to get you started. Make exercise a routine. Indeed, the most difficult thing is in the beginning and regularity. Sometimes it also helps to enroll in sports coursesto get a Liability To create. Through a healthier lifestyle you lose weight sustainably and lose the kilos permanently - goodbye yoyo effect!

Healthy recipes for long-term weight loss

So that you do not have to fall back again and again on unhealthy crash diets, in order to lose weight, we have for you some tasty recipes as inspiration with which you can lose weight in the long term weight in the future. Meat dishes, for example, often contain a lot of calories. It is best to choose lean varieties such as chicken or turkey. Vegan alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, jackfruit or seitan are also very suitable for making typical meat dishes a little healthier.

With these delicious recipes, you'll find it a lot easier to get started on a healthier lifestyle - without the yo-yo effect:

For on the grill you can also easily resort to plant-based alternatives. Did you know that you can even Grill watermelon watermelon? And instead of animal bacon, you can try your hand at Rice Paper Bacon instead of animal bacon. First, make a marinade with oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, maple syrup or agave syrup, Liquid Smoke and Sriracha. Soak the rice paper in water for 10-15 seconds. Then coat it all around with the marinade and cut everything into bacon-like strips. Then deep-fry them in a little oil or put them in the oven at 200° for about 8 minutes. Enjoy when the Rice Paper Bacon is crispy enough for you.

More delicious Recipes and Diet food for weight loss you will find in our Blog.

LiveFresh cure as a start to a permanently healthy diet

You would like to have Support with this, bad eating habits bad eating habits? Then use our juice or food cure for your start into a more conscious lifestyle:

  • Juice cureThe juice cure is ideal for a start into a balanced diet. Get to know your body anew and give it a well-deserved break. For the most part, you do without solid food, but bananas, nuts and avocados are allowed if necessary to keep your energy level high. Unburden your intestines and reset the body - a great start for a long-term dietary change.

  • Food cure: With the LiveFresh food cure, you don't have to worry about cooking for the time being: For breakfast, lunch, dinner and Snacks is provided! The weight loss cure is suitable for targeted weight loss and varied Before, during and after the cure you will be accompanied by us - for maximum success without yoyo effect.

Our vegan bowls are low in carbohydrates but rich in protein. They contain only high-quality vegetables. The nutrients are optimally preserved by shock freezing. When you need to go fast, our healthy bowls are ideal as a delicious and easy-to-prepare meal.


Frequently asked questions about the yo-yo effect:

How do you know when you have a yo-yo effect?

You can notice the yoyo effect quite simply by the fact that you after a diet Your lost weight within the shortest time again on it again. Sometimes, depending on your diet, you may even weigh more than before.

How quickly does the yoyo effect occur?

There are no fixed point in timewhen exactly the yoyo effect occurs after a diet. Here it depends on how fast and especially to what extent You fall back into old behavior patterns. If, for example, you do without fat and carbohydrates almost completely for two weeks and then indulge in pizza, burgers, cakes and cola every day, you will notice within a few days that your weight starts to rise again. If you stick to a healthy diet for a long time after a diet and maybe even do some sports, you can avoid the yo-yo effect.

Which diet has no yoyo effect?

The more extreme Your chosen Diet in terms of calorie deficit or unilaterality, the more likely it is that you will not be able to yoyo effect you have to reckon with. Apart from a slow and permanent change of diet, you can, for example, for a certain time the Interval fasting try.

These methods are available in interval fasting:

  • 5:2 methodWith this method you eat a balanced diet on 5 days of the week, even a burger or fries are sometimes included. However, you should not really feast. On the other 2 days of the week, a strict diet is the order of the day: women should not eat more than 500 kcal, men no more than 600 kcal. On the fast days you can, for example, take our fruity juice cure, which allows you to save calories, but still provides your body with many important vitamins and nutrients.
  • 16:8 MethodWith 16:8 Intermittent Fasting you can eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. This means that you have to skip either breakfast or dinner. However, this method can only be successful if you do not resort to very high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods during the 8 hours you eat.

Can I avoid the yoyo effect by exercising?

Yes, you can avoid the yoyo effect by exercising. This is possible but only to a certain extent. Very fatty or sugary meals are rather not trained off with 15 minutes of light training. So it depends on what exactly you eat and how much you actually move.

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