We take the future into our own hands today and try to make our products and processes even more sustainable every day.

Our entire company is climate-neutral.

Against climate change.

Through a number of measures and investments, we are already trying to emit as little CO2 as possible. Anything that cannot be avoided, we offset with a regional climate protection project.

Green electricity from our own photovoltaic system.

We use the sun.

We have been continuously expanding our sources of green electricity for years. We now use almost all the land at our site to generate green electricity.

Our waste is turned into green energy.

Regional & sustainable.

After pressing our fruit and vegetables, the pomace (press residue) is converted into green energy at our regional biogas plant.

We plant trees in Germany.

This is how we offset our CO2.

We offset our remaining CO2 emissions with a regional climate protection project. We plant trees in Germany. Want to find out more?

Recycled PET instead of disposable PET.

We also take the most sustainable approach to packaging: we use 100% recycled PET for our bottles. A material that is made from old raw materials.