High Pressure Processing (HPP) - 100% flavor and 100% nutrients

What is HPP?

How can our juices taste so fresh? This is due to our innovative preservation process, which ensures that our juice does not need to be heated at any time and thus the properties of a freshly squeezed juice can be preserved.

Pressure instead of heat.

6000Bar water pressure. That's it!

Imagine you throw a bottle on the deepest bottom of our seas. There is a water pressure of about 1000bar. Our process pressurizes the bottles with 6 times the pressure and thus ensures that germs and bacteria are crushed.

More vitamins.

Our process HPP vs. pasteurization

Nearly all juices available for purchase are usually heated at over 60°C, which results in the loss of most vitamins & nutrients. Since our process does not require heat, we preserve the vitamins, nutrients and flavor!

No heat.

How does the HPP process work?

Using a very high water pressure, germs and bacteria are crushed without the influence of heat and thus inactivated. Through refrigerated storage, the juice then remains as cold-pressed¹ for several weeks.

Short distances save CO2.

We have an HPP plant.

As one of the first in Germany, we can reproduce the complete HPP in our production with our own HPP plant. That means we save long transport routes and thus save a lot of CO2!