From the garage to innovative juice production.

Behind LiveFresh are people.

When we started in the garage in 2016, we set ourselves the goal of having 100% of the value chain in our own hands. The great thing is that we have achieved it!

Where it all began. 2016.

We started in a small garage in a village 30 km north of Lake Constance. Back then, 20 square meters and 2 founders who pressed juice for up to 20 hours a day.

And how the journey continues.

After countless nights for two in our garage, we took the next step. New location, large hall & everything much too big. For a start.

Innovative manufacture with vision.

Climate-neutral & sustainable

Since 2019, we have managed to have 100% of our value chain at our own site. This means that we have everything in our own hands, from pressing the fruit to preserving it with HPP.

Who stands for quality at LiveFresh?

StartUp with 100% added value.

When we started in the garage in 2016, one thing was always clear to us: to make the best product. To this day, as a young team, we have everything from the raw materials to the production of our juices in our own hands and thus offer you incomparable quality.

- Simon & Benedikt

Innovative IFS-certified production.

Our production manager Cedric takes care of the heart of our company every day. The production of the best juices & shots currently available ;-)

Quality is our top priority.

Our quality manager Patricia takes care of the important checks and tests to ensure that you get the best possible quality from us at all times!

Packed with lots of love!

The shipping team with our manager Sabrina do their best every day to ensure that your parcel arrives as quickly and freshly as possible.

Organic & regional is important to us.

Added value from Lake Constance.

The quality and regionality of our products are very important values for us, which is why we are happy to receive such great apples from the region. The video shows you the complete path of the organic apples including interviews - from the orchard to our juice.

Our expert Tara is always there for you.

If you have any further questions or need more information: You can contact her by phone on weekdays between 8:30-17:00 or simply write to her via WhatsApp.
You can reach her at +49 1792690636

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