Organic Celery Cleanse - 2 or 4 weeks

Benefit from the natural effect of the seller by drinking daily.
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Klimaneutrales Produkt
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From the nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer developed on a scientific basis.

Dr. Ulrike Fischer

The organic celery cleanse for 2 or 4 weeks.

100% Organic Celery Juice incl. Cure Guide & Specials.

Our celery cleanse for 2 or 4 weeks includes 28 or 56 cold-pressed

¹ organic celery juices to start your day for the next 2 to 4 weeks and introduce a new morning routine.

Shelf life: At least 4 weeks after receipt.

Organic celery juice according to DE-Öko-006

Customs & vegetable juice made of celery & lime- high-pressure treated*

Bio-seller juice (97%) & organic lime juice (3%) **

**from organic agriculture
*Mustable by HPP (high pressure treatment),
in which the filled bottle without heating
is exposed to high pressure.

Average nutritional values ​​in 100 ml:
Energy 59kj / 14kcal
Fat <0.5g
hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.1g
Carbohydrates 2.3g
Of which sugar 1.2g
protein <0.5g
Salt 0.09g
Potassium 230mg (12%***)
Calcium 48mg (6%***)
Vitamin K 20µg (27%***)
*** nutrient reference values ​​of the reference amount

Potassium in the juice:

+ contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure
+ contributes to normal muscle function

Vitamin K in the juice:
+ contributes to the preservation of normal bones
+ contributes to normal blood clotting

Calcium in the juice:
+ contributes to normal blood clotting
+ is required to maintain normal teeth
+ is required to maintain normal bones
+ contributes to normal muscle function
+ contributes to a normal signal transmission between the nerve cells
+ contributes to a normal energy metabolism
+ contributes to a normal function of digestive enzymes
+ has a function in cell division and specialization

With a bottle you achieve this effect. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Celery juice. Cold pressed.¹

Unlike many celery juices is our celery juice is cold pressed¹ and never heated. So every morning you enjoy a juice that has the same properties as if you pressed it yourself every morning.

Green miracle vegetable. Benefit daily from celery.

Our celery juice contains the power of the green miracle vegetable with a squeeze of lime. and lets you benefit from the positive properties of celery in a simple way.

Scientifically developed.

Developed for your body.

Through our nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer, the composition of the celery cure is is perfectly adapted to the well-being of your body.

Daily as if pressed by yourself.

Why you should include celery juice in your daily routine.

Cold pressed¹ & never heated.
Your morning routine in BIO quality.
Daily vitamins & minerals like vitamin K, calcium & potassium.
Natural source of protein.

Your daily routine.

Simply enjoy. As if pressed by yourself.

For some time now, celery juice has been the health trend from
and now has countless enthusiastic followers around the world. We have also been infected by it and made cold-pressed¹ celery juice. Due to the fact that our juice is cold pressed daily¹ we get a lot of vitamins and nutrients from the celery. Therefore, you can directly compare our juice with a self-pressed celery juice.

This is how the celery cure works.

Every morning, on an empty stomach, you drink two
bottles of our celery juice
and then have your breakfast 15-30 minutes later as usual. This way you will get 500ml of cold-pressed¹ celery juice per day. You can choose between a duration of 2 weeks or 4 weeks choose. Be careful with yourself: Are you really as hungry as usual?

✔️ High protein content.
✔️ 500ml per day. Cure without renunciation.

We are proud of you.

Many of our 30,000 customers have already tried it.

There is no large corporation behind LiveFresh. We are a
small juice manufacturer from Lake Constance
and are proud that we can help so many people to a healthier you!

Unique production of celery juice.

Conventional juices on the market are mostly pasteurized and thus lose their important vitamins and flavor even before bottling. Unlike the conventional juices, our juice is cold pressed¹, i.e. not exposed to harmful heat at any time (pasteurized), so that many important nutrients and vitamins are preserved. Our juice is bottled cold directly after pressing and therefore never comes into contact with heat.

Packaging made from 100% rPET.

Sustainability is important to us.

Our new rPET bottles have already had a long life and are made from recycled PET bottles. You can easily replace the bottles at any deposit machine and get your deposit back. Another step for a better environment! :-)

Unterschied zwischen einer normalen PET Flasche und einer recycelten rPET Flasche. Die PET Flasche ist deutlich heller als die rPET Flasche

Who is behind LiveFresh?

Hi, we are Simon & Benedikt. Since 2016, as self-proclaimed juice engineers, we produce functional cold-pressed¹ juices & shots to make the world a bit healthier and more conscious. Since we built our own production from the beginning, we both stand 100% behind the quality and freshness of our products.

- Simon & Benedikt

You have questions about the celery cure?

Our expert Tara is here for you.

Tara - LiveFresh expert on the subject of celery. You can contact her on weekdays between 8:30-17 o'clock. by phone at or simply by WhatsApp write.

Write Whatsapp

The most frequently asked questions about celery juice

Celery juice. And its effect.

Valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements - celery and the cold-pressed¹ juice of the plant containimportant ingredientsthat give you and your immune system new momentum. For example, the green celery juice has ahigh vitamin K contentwhich can strengthen your bones. In addition, thevitamin C of the celery plant can have an anti-inflammatory effect.Beta-carotene, which is present in the body inVitamin A which is also found in the cold-pressed¹ juice of celery, is particularly good for the eyes.

But that's not all: Theideal combination of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and phosphoruscontained in celery can lower high blood pressure and relax your blood vessels.

According to Anthony William - who started the hype about celery juice - the crushed and cold-pressed¹ variety of celery has positive effects on your health.

Positive effects of celery juice:

  • Strongly alkalizing, celery juice can have a positive effect on your health due to the anti-inflammatory effect chronic diseases - such as acne, joint complaints or rheumatic diseases.
  • The high vitamin K content is said to Strengthen your bones and also your heart.
  • Celery juice can be a blood pressure lowering effect have.
  • Celery juice can reduce the Promote stomach and intestinal health.
  • The bitter substances of celery are also said to stimulate the support digestion and soothe the stomach.
  • Celery has a low calorie and fat content. This allows the juice you help in resetting the body.
  • The high content of dietary fiber in celery juice can Save you from annoying cravings.
  • The essential oils of celery are said to have a antibacterial effect have.
  • Celery juice can have a draining function and help you get rid of unwanted fluid retention.

Nutrient-rich. Low in calories. Detoxifying.

LiveFresh's cold-pressed¹ celery juice offers you a tasty yet easy option,drink important nutrients in a highly concentrated form. Just one 250 ml bottle of celery juice contains a high concentration of potassium, vitamin K, calcium and other vitamins. And because you would probably not eat so much celery even as a real celery lover, isour celery juice from LiveFresh is the perfect alternative to cover your daily needs. In addition, with the ready-made juices you save the tedious juicing with the juicer.

Celery is one of the lowest calorie vegetables at allbecause the celery plant consists mainly of water. For this reason, the celery juice is suitable in combination with organic lime juice.ideal for resetting your bodyand, for example, to reduce water retention.Therefore, celery juice is the ideal option for you if you have ajuice cleanse would like to try.

Celery Juice. For good mood, balance & concentration.

Many feel the positive effect of celery juice already on the first day of a juice cleanse: The strongly base-forming celery forms theideal basis to lift your mood and keep your nerves stable for hours. - especially when you are really challenged in everyday life. In addition to the mental balance that many testers report in their experience with celery juice, you also get theincreased resilience benefits you. You are generally more optimistic and are able to cope in many situations.react more calmlywhen you integrate celery juice into your routine. In addition, celery juice can make you more present and keep a clear head.

Celery Juice. Discover the benefits of the green magic.

The biggest advantage of doing LiveFresh's organic celery juice cure is that you'll have aabsorb a larger amount of the valuable ingredients in a shorter time and with less digestive Due to the high water content of celery, celery juice also makes it easier for you to consume your daily recommended amount of liquid.

Other benefits of celery juice include:

  • Low calorie content: Because of its low
    calorie content, celery juice is ideal for detoxing or fasting.
  • Essential oils: The essential oils in celery are believed to have a
    antibacterial effect.
  • Bitter substances: Bitters can aid your digestion and have a mild dehydrating effect. In addition, bitter substances are said to inhibit cravings for sweets.
  • Antioxidants: The valuable ingredients of celery can contribute to the
    contribute to the regeneration of the body's cells. This can improve the appearance of your skin
    and a natural protection against UV radiation can be formed.
  • Green dye: The dye apigenin in celery protects your body cells and also naturally regulates your body temperature. So you sweat less quickly on hot days.

The look of the bright green drink takes a little getting used to. The taste of celery juice is also not to everyone's liking: However, you can enjoy the slightly salty and somewhat bitter taste in the small amount - as you find it in the 250 ml bottle from LiveFresh. Through the addition of a little lime juice gives the celery juice the necessary freshness kick and neutralizes bitter taste nuances. Once you have become accustomed to the taste, you can gradually increase the amount.

In our blog you will find more information about the effect of celery as well as delicious and healthy recipes.