Porridge - low carb high protein - bio & vegan - 420g

Your breakfast for losing weight & building muscle.
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From the nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer developed on a scientific basis.

Dr. Ulrike Fischer

Discover our low carb high protein porridge, a revolutionary, delicious and healthy breakfast option in 3 flavors.

✔ 17g protein I 5.5g carbohydrates
✔ Bio quality and regional origin from Lake Constance
✔ Vegan, lactose -free & gluten -free

Soybilacles*(30%), sweeteners: erythritus*, hemp seeds*peeled and roasted (15%), dark chocolate drop*(12%) (cocoa mass*, pipe sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulgator: lecithine*), sunflower prote*, linseed *, low -fat cocoa powder*, chia seeds*(4.5%), sea salt
*from controlled organic cultivation

Apple Cinnamon:
Soyburking* (26.2%), sweeteners: erythritus*, hemp seeds* peeled and roasted (15%), almonds* (14%), sunflower protein*, linseed*, apple flakes (6%) (apple puree* (80%), Rice flour*), chia seeds* (4%), apple cubes* (3%), Cassia-Zim* (1.8%), sea salt
*from controlled organic cultivation

Beer vanilla:
Soyburking*(28%), sweeteners: erythritus*, hemp seeds*peeled and roasted (15%), coconut milk powder*(coconut paste*, coconut milk*, coconut flour*), sunflower protein*, linseed*, berry mixing freezer (blueberry piece*, red currant* Fully, Earth Bider Pieces*, raspberry semolina*) (5.5%), chia seeds*(4.5%), hibiscus powder*, vanilla powder*(1%), sea salt
*from controlled organic cultivation

Average nutritional values ​​in 100g:

Energy: 1502/359kcal
Fat: 19G
saturated fatty acids: 4.7g
Carbohydrates: 29g
Of which sugar: 9.0g
Fillers: 15g
Protein: 29g
Salt: 0.51g

The special:

    Up to 3.5 times more protein.

    Unlike normal porridges, our porridge has significantly more protein, making it perfect for building muscle or losing weight.

    50% less carbohydrates.

    Our porridge has hardly any carbohydrates, which is always the biggest problem with many other manufacturers.

    Sustainably grown soy from DE.

    We grow our core ingredient soy regionally in the south of Germany in organic quality. Without genetic engineering!

    Prepared in 3 min.

    Porridge with 130 ml hot water pour over, stir well and let swell after 3-5 min & ready.

More protein, hardly any carbohydrates.

Our low carb porridge differs from conventional porridge by using protein-rich soy flakes instead of oatmeal. This means it contains fewer carbohydrates and anti-nutrients and is particularly nutrient-rich.

The porridge for your goals.

Supports muscle building & maintenance
Less carbohydrates, more protein for optimal satiety
Rich in fiber, which promotes healthy digestion

Organic soy from domestic cultivation at Lake Constance.

Our porridge contains soy flakes from regionally grown soy plants from Lake Constance, which are cultivated sustainably in organic farming. With seeds from our own breeding program, the German organic soy is convincing in its quality and completely dispels any reservations about soy.

Frequently asked questions about porridge

Low Carb Protein Porridge for weight loss

Are you looking for a healthy
and protein rich breakfast
, which at the same time low carbohydrate is
and supports you perfectly in losing weight? Then our low carb and high
Protein Porridge is just right for you! The natural blend of soy flakes,
Chia seeds and hemp seeds
is an effective supplement for your balanced
. The high quality ingredients are rich in protein, nutrients
and vital substances
- for the longest possible saturation.
With our protein porridge for weight loss you start the day full of energy
and do something good for your health at the same time. Convince yourself of the
delicious taste and easily save a few calories in everyday life.

LiveFresh Porridge Diet: Low Carb & High Protein Porridgefor your well-being.

With a porridge for breakfast in the morning bring
You get your metabolism going
and digestion is stimulated. Our
LiveFresh Porridge contains particularly low in carbohydrates - but
all the more more protein. The selected ingredients from organic
agriculture from Lake Constance let your blood sugar level only slowly
rise - the promotes digestion, reduces food cravings and you
stay full for a long time
. The large amount of protein also prevents it during
during your diet to a muscle loss. So you lose mainly fat and
water - perfect to achieve your weight loss goals.

Advantages of LiveFresh Porridge based on soy flakes, chia seeds & hemp seeds

Not only low in calories, but also
High protein
- our porridge offers both. Protein
is not only important for muscle building, but also a excellent
. With our High Protein Porridge you can give your hunger
for a long time and lose weight effectively

We have here for you the top advantages
of LiveFresh Porridge for weight loss:

This is how easy it is to prepare: Pour warm water over the porridge mixture, stir and
and let it stand for 3-5 minutes. Done! And by preparing with water instead of
milk you save additional calories.

On the LiveFresh News & Juice Blog you will find delicious
and low calorie
Recipe ideas
as well as other tips for losing weight. So you can with healthy eating and
regular exercise and sport become fitter and healthier in the long run.

Can you lose weight with porridge?

Conventional porridge consists of
oatmeal and therefore contains a lot of carbohydrates. This inhibits
the metabolism and is not much help in losing weight. With our
LiveFresh Porridge based on soy flakes, however, weight loss is successful.
very easy.
The mixture was developed on a scientific basis and
with care low in carbohydrates and high in protein composed. That leads
a quick feeling of satiety, so you do not have to eat large amounts of porridge.
until you are full.

How many kilos you can lose with our porridge
actually lose weight with our porridge depends, among other things, on your Calorie requirement
and your calorie consumption. For a successful and long-term
weight loss
it is only important that you keep yourself with a calorie deficit

Here you can find more information about the
topic: Helps
Porridge to lose weight?