Summer dishes: delicious recipes for light enjoyment

Not only the clothes become lighter in summer, but also the meals. We have less appetite for heavy and fatty dishes like roasts or burgers, but much more Desire for refreshing summer dishes, which quickly prepared are. After all, especially in really hot weather you want as much as possible little time in front of the hot stove as possible. Therefore we have Recipes for light and simple summer dishes collected as well as healthy Snack ideas for a quick cooling.

How to eat right in the heat

In winter our body is busy keeping its core temperature warm enough to protect the most important organs. In addition, the metabolism slows down. When temperatures are hot, especially those that exceed our core temperature, it has to actively cool and try, dissipate excess heat to the outside. We sweat and thus lose a lot of water. In particular for the cardiovascular system is the strenuous.

So if it is particularly hot, you must definitely make sure you drink enough fluids. Take Foods with as high a water content as possible as possible. You also support your body if you tend to stay in cool places and avoid fatty foods that are difficult to digest.

More tips for nutrition on heat days:

  • Eat more often, but smaller portions.
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and co. contain a lot of water and cool from the inside.
  • Fruits with a high water content also cool from the inside, including melons or strawberries.
  • Lukewarm drinks do not have to bring your body to the right core temperature. Peppermint also cools. Try a lukewarm peppermint tea.
  • Summer dishes such as cold soups, for example gazpacho, provide you with additional liquid.
  • Pay attention to recipes with a sufficiently high salt intake, as much of it is excreted through sweat.
  • Fatty and smoked sausages and meat are particularly hard on the stomach in summer.
  • With foods such as mayonnaise, fresh meat, fish or dairy products, make absolutely sure that the cold chain has not been interrupted - if possible, do not leave them in a hot car.

In a nutshell: Pay attention to a sufficiently high fluid intakesupported by foods with a high water content. Refrain from recipes with hard-to-digest and highly fatty foods and take Dishes and drinks to you, that your body does not have to bring up to temperature. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can never eat a grill plate or ice cream sundae again: The quantity makes the difference.

10 light summer dishes for hot days: quick recipe ideas

In our Blog you will find many light, low calorie recipeswhich are suitable not only for Lose weight suitable, but also for heat days. We have for you collected our most popular summer dishes:

  1. Vegan low carb fries from kohlrabi: kohlrabi has a water content of 91% and contains particularly high levels of vitamin C.
  2. Vegan summer rolls with turmeric curry, cucumbers and carrots: Rice paper is very filling and low in calories.
  3. Spinach wraps with arugula: Spinach and arugula contain a lot of potassium as well as vitamin C and consist of 92% water.
  4. Vegetarian cauliflower steak with low-fat curd dip: Lower in calories and easier to digest than an animal steak is definitely the recipe variant made from cauliflower.
  5. Vegan low carb wraps With couscous: Instead of wraps made from grains, crunchy green lettuce is used here. Instead of yogurt topping, you can also use vegan or classic cream cheese.
  6. Vegan chickpea and carrot salad: Chickpeas are filling and low in fat, while carrots have a high content of water and beta carotene. Beta carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A, which is important for vision.
  7. Vegan glass noodle salad With sugar snap peas: Sugar snap peas are a very tender type of pea, contain a lot of protein and are also low in fat.
  8. Vegan tomato gazpacho: This cold soup is a great summer dish and rich in antioxidants.
  9. Vegan black lentil salad with tomatoes and cucumbers : High in protein, low in calories and low in fat - a tasty salad on hot days.
  10. Vegan summer salad with roasted peaches and vegetable feta alternative: this combination is an absolute highlight in terms of taste. Peaches are also rich in water and provide important minerals - the ideal recipe for hot days.

As you can see, there are numerous other recipe ideas apart from the classic green salad that taste exciting, add variety to your nutrition plan and are prepared in just a few minutes. In early summer during the asparagus season you can, for example, make a delicious Asparagus Strawberry Salad prepare. Watermelon Feta is also a great combination. Try also Zoodlespasta made from zucchini! Zucchini is also perfect on the grill. With couscous or quinoa stuffed tomatoesbaked with a little feta, are a delicious side dish.

FishSalmon or local trout are a good alternative to the fatty cutlet, especially when it comes to grilling. Shrimp contain a lot of vitamin E and are suitable as a topping for fresh salad or light pasta dishes.

Our light summer dishes are not heavy on the stomach and supply your body in the heat with additional liquid and valuable vitamins and minerals. Have you little time to cook or want to lose some weight before the bathing season, you can rely on the LiveFresh Food cure to fall back on. It is Low carb and high protein, Low calorie and varied designed. The vegan bowls are also ready in just a few minutes. All meals of the day are includedas well as shakes and snacks. You lose fat sustainably and will be through the enclosed, detailed diet plan accompanied throughout the diet.

Quick snacks to cool down in the summer

Whether you're heading to the outdoor pool or prefer to chill out in the garden or on the balcony: a few light snacks belong off the from classic summer dishes for lunch and Dinner simply with it.

Here you will find recipes and ideas for light snacks on hot days:

  • High Protein Cookies made with bananas and sesame seeds
  • Oatmeal Cups with raspberries
  • Apple oatmeal cookies with agave syrup
  • Vegan melon ice cream with yogurt
  • Mango sorbet with coconut topping
  • Vegetable sticks with dip of hummus or cream cheese
  • Homemade crispy vegetable chips with guacamole
  • Puff pastry buns with spinach filling
  • Oven baked chickpeas with paprika-chili marinade

Generally speaking, the more liquid, the better in summer. With vegetables or fruit such as melon, berries, peaches or mango, you can do practically nothing wrong. Guests will also be happy to help themselves, especially if you serve them with light summer dips. Now and then, of course, a chocolate sauce made of dark chocolate is also in order.

When it's particularly hot, it's better to stay inside the cool indoors or in shady places.. This way you can protect your circulation and survive possible heat waves much easier.


Frequently asked questions about summer dishes:

Is soup good in summer?

Yes, soup is good even in summer. Unlike hearty and warming soups that are popular in the cool season, on hot days, you should on cold soups such as Gazpacho fall back. Cucumber soup also tastes wonderfully refreshing.

What summer dishes can you eat at 40 degrees?

Classic summer dishes for absolute heat days are, besides cold soupsThe most popular snacks for hot days are, besides cold soups, various salads, zucchini noodles, vegetable skewers with tofu, summer rolls, steamed chicken or salmon fillet. As snacks are suitable both Vegetables with dip or fresh Fruit perfect.

What not to eat in the heat?

In the heat you should avoid fatty dishes that are heavy on the stomach. Rather eat smaller portions, but a little more often. Definitely not light summer dishes are for example roasts, stews, dumplings, cream goulash or cheese spaetzle.

Why do I gain weight in summer?

In summer you gain under certain circumstances gain weight, because your body then tends to water retention. Especially the legs are often affected. Your blood vessels dilate so that the body can better release the heat to the outside. That's why fluid is pressed into the surrounding tissue - you swell up. You can do something counteract this by drinking enough fluids. and eating summer meals with a high water content, because then the body is stimulated to excrete the fluid. However, if you tend to permanently to water retention, you should you should have a consult a doctorbecause there may be a disease behind it.