Fitness food: Keep fit with delicious dishes

Whether you like to do yoga, attend sports classes or work out on the ergometer at home: To train properlyit is important that your body has enough energy. For this you can for example with sensibly composed fitness food provide.

Delicious fitness dishes are rich in protein and thus also support muscle building in a natural way. Tofu, for example, provides the extra portion of protein, while crunchy vegetables can bring your vitamin balance up to speed. We give you Tips, how balanced fitness food usually is composed of and inspire you moreover with tasty recipe ideas. If you often no time to cook have, we have also a solution for you.

These nutrients should be included in fitness food

If you exercise regularly, you should be looking for a balanced diet pay attention, that supports you in achieving your training goals. Therefore, a well thought-out composition of your fitness food is necessary.

The following nutrients are typical components of fitness meals:

  • Proteins: Protein is one of the most important components of muscles. Through their stress in sports, the nuclei of the cells produce protein, which is then stored in the body. In simple terms, this is how the muscle grows. So if you put your focus on muscle building, you must pay attention to a sufficiently high protein intake.
  • CarbohydratesCarbohydrates provide your body with sufficient energy. For example, if you have strenuous training sessions ahead of you, it can be advantageous if your fitness food contains accordingly. Do you want lose weightyou should make sure that the proportion of carbohydrates is not too high.
  • FatsFats: They not only ensure that your body can utilize the important fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), they are also, just like carbohydrates, an important energy supplier. A distinction is made between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Balanced fitness dishes usually contain mainly the latter, as they play an essential role in vitamin absorption.
  • Minerals: They perform important functions in the body. These include, for example, calcium, magnesium, zinc or iron. Calcium is especially known for its influence on bone density, while magnesium is important for muscle contraction. Zinc is involved in muscle building and ensures an optimal oxygen supply within the muscles. Inhaled oxygen is transported to them by the fastest route thanks to iron. This mineral is in fact an essential component of our red blood cells.

We understand that it may be difficult, especially in the beginning difficult to create your own healthy fitness meal for yourself. To make it easier for you, we have therefore great recipes for you, which you can cook them directly or use them as inspiration inspiration. If you don't have time or don't feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time, you can healthy fitness food also simply order. The vegan bowls from LiveFresh, for example, are low carb and high protein and prepared in less than 9 minutes.

Recipe Inspo: Delicious Fitness Dishes

Balanced fitness meals should have a High percentage of proteins and contain healthy fats. This way you will not only lose weight, but still have enough energy to complete your workout.

Tips and recipes for delicious fitness dishes for lunch and dinner

All of these meals for lunch and dinner contain healthy fats and are low in calories. Feel free to swap out individual ingredients and change the Recipes according to your preferences. Quinoa, vegetables and legumes such as chickpeas, for example, are always a good addition to the menu. The Sweet potato is suitable as substitute for the white potatoIt contains a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins and does not raise the blood sugar level so quickly. Prepare for example a delicious Oven sweet potato with vegetables and yogurt sauce!

Do you still at the beginning of your fitness journeyyou can with our Calorie calculator Your Calculate your personal calorie requirementto take this into account when preparing your meals.

Recipe ideas for a delicious breakfast and great fitness snacks

Basically suitable breakfast and snack recipes with a high proportion of protein are suitable very well to support your training. Foods such as eggs, salmon, low-fat curd cheese, nuts, seeds, seeds or avocados contain protein and healthy fats. This makes them super ingredients of delicious fitness dishes.

Did you know that you can with avocados also conjure up delicious desserts with avocados? For a vegan Avocado Chocolate Mousse you only need pitted and briefly soaked dates, a ripe avocado and two heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder. Blend everything for a few seconds on the highest setting until the mixture is creamy and then enjoy with fresh fruit and nut topping.

Stressful everyday life? Order fitness food and still eat a balanced diet

Meetings, appointments or family activities: There is not always enough time to take care of a healthy diet to take care of. At LiveFresh you can easily order delicious fitness foodthat prepared in no time in no time at all:

  • Food cureOur Foodkur supports you in losing weight and consists of various meals for the breakfast, lunch and dinnersupplemented by snacks. It is Low Carb and High Protein and provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety. As all-round carefree package a comprehensive guide is enclosed, which leads and accompanies you. During the food cure you can do sports without further ado. It is possible that you will have to stop exercising due to the calorie deficityou will have to adjust your training accordingly due to the calorie deficit you will experience during the food cure.
  • Juice cure: Especially if you are still at the beginning of your fitness training it is good if you deal with your nutrition in advance. With the LiveFresh juice cure you can reset your body and Your Get to know your feeling of hunger & satiety. Also here is a comprehensive guide which accompanies you through the cure. The individual juices replace solid food during this time. But of course you can also use them without a cure and incorporate them into your day every now and then.
  • Vegan BowlsThe vegan bowls from LiveFresh are healthy dishesthat you can easily integrate into your stressful everyday life. One bowl contains only about 400kcal and is in under 9 minutes ready prepared. Choose between delicious varieties such as Exotic, Fajita or Ras El Hanout and feed yourself Low Carb - High Protein.

Both the food cure and the juice cure and our bowls are 100% vegan and rich in protein. Use for example our Exotic Bowl as filling for wraps or bell pepper halves. On our blog you will find a simple and quick recipe: Healthy stuffed bell bell pepper halves.

Whether you prepare tasty fitness dishes yourself or prefer to order your fitness food: With our tips you now know, What is important in the composition and the ingredients. Get inspired by our recipe ideas and create wonderful dishes that support you in your fitness training and provide your body with important nutrients at the same time.


Frequently asked questions about fitness food:

What do I need to eat when I do fitness?

To be able to train properlyyou should make sure that your meals contain a sufficient amount of sufficiently high protein content so that you can build up muscles, for example. The more frequently and intensively you train, the higher your need. You can meet this through the by eating eggs, fish, lean meat, tofu or legumes. cover.

Carbohydrates are also part of a healthy diet and provide your body with energy. Take here best Whole grain products, rice or pasta to you. If you want to lose weight, however, the proportion of carbohydrates should not be too high.

Healthy fats round off a balanced fitness meal. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are for example in avocados, nuts, rapeseed or linseed oil contained. Also Fishincluding salmon, contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

What substances are important for muscle building?

If you want to build muscle, your meals should include Proteins and carbohydrates include. Protein for example, is a Component of your muscles and ensures that the muscle grows. Carbohydrates can boost your Increase performance and endurance and provide your muscles with the energy they need for growth. Minerals such as iron, calcium or zinc also fulfill important tasks during muscle building. All this is rounded off by adding healthy fats.

Can I build muscles despite low carb fitness food?

Sure, you can build muscles despite low carb diet. For example, LiveFresh's low carb food diet is designed to help you lose weight without losing muscle. The well thought out composition of the dishes makes it possible. It is enough fat and protein that is essential for muscle building. So you have guaranteed enough energy for your workout.

What should I eat directly after the fitness training?

An ideal post-workout meal includes Both Protein and carbohydrates. Look for foods that are as fresh and easy to digest as possible.

After a strenuous training session, for example, the following dishes are suitable:

  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Sweet potatoes with a filling of vegetables and low-fat curd cheese
  • Protein shakes
  • Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peas
  • Tempeh skewers with peanut butter dip
  • Quinoa salad

Basically, the idea is that you after sports Your replenish your energy supply. Fruits and vegetables, for example, as sticks with a hummus dip, are very good for this.