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Diet plan for losing weight

When it comes to losing weight, a balanced diet is an important factor for long-term success. A individually created nutrition plan can help you to bring the necessary structure to your diet and promote healthy eating habits. After all, successful weight loss requires not only a reduction in calorie intake, but also a a sufficient supply of nutrients and an adaptation to your individual calorie requirement.

In this article you will find out which factors you need to consider when create a diet plan for losing weight and which foods can be helpful. With a good plan, you can achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

Why a diet plan makes sense for losing weight

Most diets fail because of unstructured meal planning, a too large calorie deficitdeficiency symptoms and food cravings. Without a concrete plan, it is easy to fall back into old eating habits: A sweet muesli for breakfast today, perhaps a glass of lemonade for refreshment as an exception and the small unhealthy snacks in between don't really count. Or do they? It is precisely these behaviors that cause a lot of excess calories in your diet and keep you from losing weight.

If, on the other hand, you have a nutrition plan drawn up, this can help you to lose weight in a healthy way. Through a targeted selection of foods and a balanced distribution of meals your body is supplied with all the important nutrients without consuming too many calories. In addition Avoid cravings cravings can be avoided, as regular and sufficient meals constant feeling of satiety provide. A nutrition plan can therefore not only positive contribution to losing weight but also improve your well-being and health.

Lose 10 kilos - nutrition plan

You will often find such offers in magazines or online advertising posts that promise quick results within 14 days. However, it is important that your goal is realistic and not just based on short-term success. It is also helpful to set yourself other goals that go beyond losing weight, such as a a healthier diet or more exercise in your everyday life into your everyday life.

But always remember this: Short-term and big weight loss goals in a few weeks are neither realistic nor good for your health and can even have the opposite effect.

A permanent change in diet is clearly the better choice here. A weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kg per week is a realistic range. We'll give you some tips on how you can lose weight in a healthy way and get the most out of your diet - effectively, quickly and without hunger.

In the implementation - nutrition plan for losing weight

Step 1: Calculate your energy requirements

  • Basal metabolic rate: Your basal metabolic rate describes the energy your body needs to function at rest. It depends on your age, gender, height and weight. To calculate your basal metabolic rate, you can use a formula or a online calculator online calculator.

  • Performance turnover: Your energy expenditure describes the energy you need for physical activities. This includes sport, for example, but also everyday activities such as climbing stairs or shopping. Here, too, you can use a formula or calculate a online calculator to calculate your energy expenditure.

  • Total energy requirement: Your total energy requirement results from the Sum of basal metabolic rate and power metabolic rate. If you want to lose weight, you should reduce your total energy requirement by eating fewer calories. It is important that you do not lose weight too quickly and give your body enough time to get used to the changes.

If you know your energy requirements, you can better plan how many calories you should consume and how you need to adjust your diet and exercise to achieve your goal. A calorie deficit of around 500 kcal per day is ideal for a sustainable and healthy diet.

Step 2: Change your diet

One healthy diet is the basis for a successful weight loss plan. This includes a balanced diet that provides sufficient nutrients and fiber and fiber. Avoid highly processed convenience products and fast food and instead choose natural foods. For weight loss, a low carb diet has proven to be ideal, as you can eat your fill without going hungry and still lose weight. It works very simply and according to plan with the food cleanse. All low carb, high protein meals are included and can be prepared in less than 9 minutes. Through the optimal composition of the meals and accompanied by light exercise and yoga, a yo-yo effect is prevented so that you can enjoy your feel-good weight.

Plan your meals in advanceto ensure that you enough and balanced meals meals. Use an app or a diary to keep track of your calories and nutrients at a glance and nutrients. For many, the easiest way to do this is to plan the recipes for the coming week at the weekend and go shopping accordingly. We have some super tasty ones for you here low carb recipe ideas for your everyday life, so that you can easily create your own nutrition plan plan. More recipes you can also find on our blog and on our Instagram channel. 

Whether you're looking for ideas for your vegan breakfast or are looking for savory dishes we have the recipe ideas for you 

Step 3: Drinking regime

One sufficient fluid intake is important for health and the weight loss process. Water supports the metabolism and helps to flush toxins out of the body. Sufficient water also plays an important role in burning fat. An effect that you certainly don't want to miss out on.

The recommendations for The recommended amount to drink varies depending on age, gender, body weight and physical activity. However, as a rule of thumb, you should drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day preferably in the form of water or unsweetened tea. If you exercise or sweat a lot, you may need to drink more.

Step 4: Keep a food log

A food log can help you to overview of your eating habits and find out which foods and meals help you lose weight or have the opposite effect. A food log can also motivate you by tracking your progress.

To keep a food log, you should note down all meals and snacks you eat, including the time and quantity. Also make a note of drinks and any feelings of hunger or cravings. You can make a notebook or an app to keep your food log. Find out what makes you feel full or what triggers cravings.

When evaluating your food log, you should look for trends, for example whether you eat more or less at certain times of the day, or which foods you eat more often. Use the findings from your food log to make changes to your diet that will help you achieve your goals.

Healthy eating for weight loss: The LiveFresh food cleanse makes it possible

For all those who do not want to spend a lot of time creating their own nutrition plan, the LiveFresh offers the perfect solution. The Low Carb & High Protein food cleanse with different vegan bowlslow carb porridge, juices, healthy snacks and protein shakes ensures variety in your nutrition plan. The focus of the weight loss program is on low carb & high protein - the cure is also 100% vegan.

The advantage is not only that the food tastes delicious, but that you can also lose weight easily. The enclosed free of charge diet plan will help you lose weight and make sure that you follow the transition to a long-term healthy diet in the long term. You can choose whether you want to follow the diet for 7, 14 or 21 days. You will see: The food cleanse does not feel like a classic diet. You will feel like you are eating normally: Without starving yourself, but with fewer calories and fewer carbohydrates - but with all the more protein and fiber.

Free diet plan for long-term success included

The included diet plan for losing weight prepares you perfectly for the diet. It includes, among other things Tasty and healthy recipes and important tipshow you can best prepare for the food cleanse prepare for the

The food cleanse includes a all-round carefree package for maximum success in losing weight - the free nutrition plan accompanies you through every day. Both before and after the cure you will not be left alone. There are all meals are included, you need every day. The concept is very well thought out so that the food for a a long-lasting feeling of satiety feeling. The additional tips and tricks in the guide ensure that you achieve your goals in the long term.

Your nutrition plan could look like this: What you can expect

Every day of the week you have the choice between various quick and above all healthy dishesthat you can prepare and eat. With the well thought-out diet plan from LiveFresh you can save up to 7000kcal per week and lose 1kg of fat.

  • Breakfast: At around 8:00 am you start your day with a Happy Lemon juice and a high protein porridge in your favorite flavor, which you can prepare and vary according to your mood. The day starts low in calories but high in fiber and valuable vitamins.
  • LunchLunch: At around 12:00 you can eat a vegan protein shake and a low carb & high protein snack made from soy flakes to fill you up again.
  • DinnerAt around 18:00, you will then have a different vegan bowl every day of the week (7 different flavors). We recommend the healthy Sunshine Berry shot.
  • In between: You can drink another protein shake at any time of the day to satisfy your hunger in between meals.

Important to know: The order of the meals can of course be varied. Do you prefer to eat a main meal at lunchtime? No problem, then simply swap the order of the vegan bowl with the protein shake.

Frequently asked questions about the diet plan for losing weight:

How do I create a weight loss plan?

There are a few steps you can follow to create a weight loss plan:

  1. Determine your energy requirements: Calculate your basal metabolic rate and power metabolic rate to determine your total energy requirements.
  2. Set realistic goals: Think about how much weight you want to lose and in what time frame this is realistic.
  3. Create a meal plan: Plan your meals and recipes for the week in advance to ensure you eat balanced and healthy meals that meet your energy needs each day.
  4. Choose healthy food: Make sure you include enough vegetables, protein and healthy fat in your diet.
  5. Reduce saturated fat and carbohydrates: Limit your consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates as well as saturated fats.
  6. Increase your protein intake: Protein-rich foods can help increase satiety and support muscle maintenance during weight loss.
  7. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption: Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories and can interfere with the weight loss process.
  8. Keep a food log: Keep track of what you eat to motivate yourself and to determine which foods fill you up well throughout the day and which ones trigger cravings.
  9. Stay motivated: Find a strategy to keep you motivated, such as sharing your progress with friends or rewarding small successes.

By following these steps, you can achieve a create a sound weight loss planthat will help you achieve your goals. If you are looking for vegan recipes with few calories, you will surely find what you are looking for on our blog and on our Instagram channel find what you are looking for. Be it for Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between. So you have almost everything you need to lose weight. If you don't want to plan, shop or cook, then the food cleanse is just right.

Do I really need a diet plan to lose weight?

A diet plan can be very helpful for people who want to lose weight. By planning what you eat in advance, you can ensure that you get enough nutrients and that you do not consume too many calories. A nutrition plan can also help you to avoid unhealthy foods and reduce uncontrolled eating. Only with the right plan can you succeed introduction of a balanced and calorie-reduced diet in everyday life very easily.

In our blog you will find numerous healthy and vegan recipes for losing weightthat you should definitely try out and incorporate into your diet. In addition to a healthy diet, it is also recommended, moderate sport to practiceto stay fit and accelerate fat burning.

How many meals should I plan per day?

The number of meals you should plan for when losing weight depends on various factors, such as your individual calorie requirements and your personal eating habits. As a rule, however, we recommend three main meals and possibly two small snacks in between to maintain the metabolism and prevent cravings. As healthy snacks are for example Fruit and vegetable juices and various nuts. Our delicious organic protein snacks - Low carb and high protein. A main meal can also be replaced by a protein shake in order to save additional calories

Which foods should I avoid when losing weight?

There are some foods that should be avoided when losing weight. These include, for example highly processed foods such as potato chips, ready meals and sweets that high in sugar, salt and fat and fat. Also Alcohol and sugary drinks such as soft drinks should also be avoided, as they contain a lot of calories and cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly. You should also Foods with a high carbohydrate content such as white bread and pasta should only be eaten in moderation.

Healthy recipes with few calories can also be found on our blog and on our Instagram channel

Which foods should I definitely include in my diet?

There are some foods that are particularly good for losing weight. These include, for example Vegetables and fruitas they are low in calories and at the same time many important nutrients at the same time. Also protein-rich foods such as pulses, lean meat or fish are also useful, as they fill you up for a long time and counteract the breakdown of your muscles. When eating fatty foods, make sure you choose healthy fats such as nuts or avocados. Make sure that your nutrition plan is based on a a balanced diet that high in protein, nutrients and fiber to lose weight in the long term without going hungry or losing muscle mass.

  1. Fruit: Apples, bananas, berries, oranges, grapefruits and other fruits provide important nutrients and fiber, but should be eaten in moderation as they contain a lot of fructose
  2. Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, broccoli, zucchinis and other vegetables
  3. Whole grain products: Wholemeal bread, oatmeal, wholegrain rice, quinoa and other wholegrain products
  4. Proteins:Chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, tempeh, tofu, beans and lentils are good sources of protein
  5. Healthy fat: Nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil contain healthy fats that are important for a healthy diet

If you prefer to rely on experts, you are better off with the LiveFresh food cleanse is the best advice: Low carb, high protein, low calorie and 100% vegan this slimming diet provides you with all the nutrients you need. And best of all: the cure is completely guided and accompanied and ensures with the enclosed nutrition plan for an all-round carefree package.

Why should protein be part of the diet plan for losing weight?

Protein is a important component of a balanced dietespecially when it comes to losing weight. Protein-rich foods ensure that you feel feel fuller for longer longer and therefore consume fewer calories. Protein is also important for building and maintaining musclewhich is particularly beneficial when losing weight to keep the body toned. Sources of protein such as lean meat, fish, pulses, nuts and dairy products should therefore be included in your diet. regularly integrated into the diet plan be regularly integrated into the diet.

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