8 facts that make ginger and turmeric superfoods, and rightly so.

Anyone who has been a little concerned with healthy eating and health boosters in recent years, has most likely not come past ginger and turmeric. These two super tubers are the talk of the town when it comes to illness and its prevention, especially during the cold season. If you want to know what they are all about, why turmeric and coffee have something to do with each other and why ginger can be a handy travel companion, you should definitely read on now!

#1 Ginger is a cold killer

Especially during the cold season, when colds, sore throats and aching limbs are just waiting to become active, ginger is an incredible home remedy. Due to its antibacterial effect, it's no wonder. Ginger can also inhibit the multiplication of viruses. In addition to calcium, magnesium and iron, the little tuber contains a lot of important vitamin C, sodium and phosphorus. Combine it with lemon and you get the perfect vitamin C bomb, helping your body get through the winter in good health.

#2 Ginger stimulates the mind

Due to the effect of the numerous polyphenols, ginger has a supportive effect on the ability to think and learn. Its anti-inflammatory effect can prevent the formation of plaques in the brain, maintaining the connection between brain and nerve cells. For this reason, the tuber is especially popular among the elderly to prevent Alzheimer's disease or those who tend to have problems with concentration or memory.

#3 Ginger contains essential oils

The main ingredient in ginger sesquiterpenes contributes to mental balance and has a stabilizing effect on the mind. To preserve the essential oils contained in the tuber, it is recommended to consume it as fresh as possible. But ginger not only contains essential oils, it can also be used as such. Due to its warming, circulation-enhancing and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger oil can be used very well for muscle tension.

#4 Ginger works against radicals

The antioxidant effect of ginger neutralizes free radicals, which can be formed as a dangerous metabolic product by environmental influences, such as alcohol or nicotine. Free radicals are harmful to the cells of a body and play a major role in the development of cancer, rheumatism or the calcification of arteries. The human body can only filter out these free radicals to a certain extent. You can support your body with a healthy diet.

#5 Ginger helps with travel sickness

Ginger is already a true all-rounder due to its many vitamins and minerals. However, its pungent substances, which come from the substance gingerol and give ginger its notoriously pungent taste, are particularly outstanding. These pungent substances have an anti-inflammatory and stomach-calming effect, which is why ginger is also a popular natural remedy for travel sickness.

#6 Turmeric helps with cancer

Numerous studies have looked at the effects of turmeric against cancer. The result is that the use of the tuber as an accompaniment to cancer therapy can promise great success. This is due, among other things, to the emergence of sharper cells due to its antioxidant effect, the general strengthening of the immune system and the possible prevention of mutated cells. In addition, turmeric is a good support for radiation therapies.

#7 Turmeric stimulates the metabolism

The active ingredients contained in the orange root can stimulate the formation of gastric and bile juices, resulting in a digestive effect. The curcumins can also stimulate specific cells of the stomach lining and pancreas, allowing the body to produce more digestive enzymes. Bloating and flatulence can be treated in this way, but also the metabolism and fat digestion are stimulated, which makes turmeric a great weight loss aid. Positive for this are also the bitter substances contained, which can satisfy the craving for sweets.

#8 Turmeric makes beautiful

When taken regularly, turmeric also has a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails. Due to its antibacterial and antioxidant effects, it can promote blood circulation in the skin and effectively counteract skin aging and wrinkles. Even problem skin and skin prone to redness can benefit sustainably from taking the magic root. Those who regularly include turmeric in their diet can also achieve fuller and thicker hair. People with scalp prone to dandruff can find relief with a hair mask: simply mix turmeric with a high-quality oil and massage directly into the scalp and hair.