Classic juice cleanse - 3 daysClassic juice cleanse - 3 days

Classic juice cleanse - 3 days

79.95 €
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1.54€ / 100 ml
Classic juice cleanse - 5 daysClassic juice cleanse - 5 days

Classic juice cleanse - 5 days

132.95 €
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1.41€ / 100 ml
Classic juice cleanse - 7 daysClassic juice cleanse - 7 days

Classic juice cleanse - 7 days

179.95 €
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1.33€ / 100 ml
Organic Celery Cleanse - 2 or 4 weeksOrganic Celery Cleanse - 2 or 4 weeks

Organic Celery Cleanse - 2 or 4 weeks

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Organic Celery Cleanse - 4 weeksOrganic Celery Cleanse - 4 weeks

Organic Celery Cleanse - 4 weeks

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1.07€ / 100 ml
30 Day Juice Cleanse - Cold Pressed¹ Pomegranate Juice30 Day Juice Cleanse - Cold Pressed¹ Pomegranate Juice
You save 21%

30 Day Juice Cleanse - Cold Pressed¹ Pomegranate Juice

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Choose your cure according to your personal goal.

Which cure suits you?

Classic juice cleanse

For beginners & juice fans.

Per day you drink 7 juices & 3 shots. The cure is ideal to reset your old eating habits and to start a more conscious lifestyle. It also relieves your intestines.

Organic celery cure

For your healthy morning routine.

The recipe for success of many Hollywood stars & models when it comes to skin and body. Start your day with 500ml of cold-pressed¹ celery juice every day for up to 4 weeks and cover your need for vitamin K, potassium & calcium.

This is your daily routine during the juice cleanse look like this.

This is what awaits you.

8:00am: Happy Lemon* & Vitamin D

For your start into the day you put on with a light
lemon orange water the perfectbasis for your metabolism. As an addition you get a vitamin D shot, which covers your daily requirement of vitamin D to 100%.

The combination is the optimal way that you are supplied with energy.
and motivation through the day.

*Organic Happy Lemon according to DE-ÖKO-006

10:00A.M.: Energy supplier & vitamin C

As 2nd breakfast our Hey Wach with freshly squeezed orange juice & guarana makes you fit for the day in a natural way. It contains a high amount of vitamin C as well as natural caffeine from the guarana fruit.

12:00PM: Refreshment at noon

Green love ashealthy refreshment at noon.
Supply your body at the same time with the trace element zinc for your well-being in the summer.

Turmeric Shot as a healthy desert. Our Ginger Shot Turmeric Power helps you over the midday slump.

14:00: Red booster for the afternoon

The Red Rocket gives you energy for the afternoon!

Beet helps you through the day as a local superfood and gives you extra energy. The light, natural sweetness gives you an extra kick.

4:00 p.m.: Green feelings in an after-work mood

Awaken the green feelings in you.

No chance of an afternoon slump: our gentle green juice Green Feelings helps you get going with fruit-based kale and spinach.

6:00PM: Your fresh evening drink.

Something special for the evening: our exotic multi-juice Goldrausch provides you with biotin.

As an additive, the invigorating shot of ginger storm supports you, which supplies your body with vitamin C.

20:00Hour: Your healthy nightcap

Keep Calm for your nightly regeneration.

A gentle tropical juice to prepare you and your body for the next day. Alternatively or additionally we also recommend
a vegetable or chicken broth to keep your electrolyte balance.

Try it?

Start a more conscious diet now with a classic 3-day cure.

Classic juice cleanse - 3 days
Feel more comfortable in your own body with the juice cure for beginners.
79.95 €
/ Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.  & deposit
, 1.54€ / 100 ml

Do you want to change your life?

Take a juice cleanse to start your fitter, healthier life! It is very easy with our 3-day juice cleanse for beginners, with whom you treat your body a break.

This is how the cure runs:

3 days - 7 juices & 3 shots per day
Do not have fixed food for 3 days
Relief of your intestine & body

Happy Lemon to DE-ÖKO-006

You want to change something? Optimize yourself?

That brings you a juice cleanse:

✔ Resete your body & diet
✔ Start a healthier sustainable lifestyle
✔ Drop your old eating habits
✔ Find your fit self

We guarantee:

Not heated. Pressed daily. Unique.

Our juices are pressed daily from fresh ingredients and then never pasteurized like other products. This guarantees 100% full flavor and vitamin content.

100% startup from the country!

Who is behind LiveFresh?

Hi, we are Simon & Benedikt. Since 2016, we have been producing functional cold-pressed¹ juices & shots as self-proclaimed juice engineers to make the world a bit healthier and more conscious. Since we built our own production from the beginning, we both stand 100% behind the quality and freshness of our products.

- Simon & Benedict

Unterschied zwischen einer normalen PET Flasche und einer recycelten rPET Flasche. Die PET Flasche ist deutlich heller als die rPET Flasche

Made from 100% old PET bottles.

Sustainably packaged.

Our new rPET bottles have already had a long life and are made from recycled PET bottles. You can easily return the bottles to any deposit machine and get your deposit back. Another step for a better environment! :-)

We are proud!

30,000 satisfied participants.

There is no large corporation behind LiveFresh. We are a juice manufacturer from Lake Constance and cold press all our juices. Since we hold the entire production process in our hands, we can achieve lower prices & better quality than comparable manufacturers.

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