Zucchini Feta Päckchen

Zucchini feta parcels

As a tasty side dish or a healthy snack for in between meals, the spicy zucchini feta parcels are not only delicious, but also versatile! They are also perfect for preparation and post-processing of your juice cleanse.

Preparation: 5 min.

Preparation: 15 min.

Total time: 20 min.

Cuisine/Origin: Greek 

Ingredients (4 portions):

1 zucchini

Feta cheese

cherry tomatoes

1 shallot

olive oil

Fresh basil


Paprika powder

curry powder


  1. Wash the zucchinis and cut or slice lengthwise into thin slices. Wash and halve the tomatoes too

  2. Now cut the feta cheese into approx. 4 cm pieces and marinate with a little olive oil and the spices

  3. Then lay 2 zucchini slices crosswise on top of each other, place a piece of feta cheese and a fresh basil leaf in the middle, wrap the ends and secure with a toothpick

  4. Now fry the finely chopped shallots in parallel in a pan and fry the zucchini parcels on both sides in another pan until golden brown

  5. Finally, arrange the sautéed tomatoes on a plate, top with the zucchini parcels and garnish with some fresh basil

Nutritional values (per portion):


12g carbohydrates

16g protein

22g fat

Recipe video:

@daskochduolivefresh Zucchini feta rolls 🥹 so nice! #zucchini #zucchinifetarolls #zucchinirecipes ♬ origineel geluid - Techno Holland


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