Hilft Porridge beim Abnehmen?

Does porridge help you lose weight?

Although porridge in all its variations has been around for many years, it is still porridge is currently on everyone's lips again. The delicious breakfast porridge made from rolled oats, soy flakes, chia seeds and other ingredients is often served with fresh fruit and nuts. eaten to lose weight. But is it even possible to lose weight with porridge? The answer is yes, but it depends on how you do it. We'll tell you, what you should look out for with porridgeand give you helpful tips for your diet and delicious recipes - for a successful diet.

What exactly is porridge?

Due to the fact that porridge quite cheap and easy to prepare oatmeal has been part of the diet of many poor families for hundreds of years. Now the healthy breakfast is experiencing a new hype as porridge or oatmeal.

You can make porridge not only with milk, but also with water. This makes the porridge also for people with lactose intolerance and even vegans can enjoy the breakfast porridge safely. With different ingredients and toppings, you can ensure variety in your daily diet.

In our blog you will find many recipes to try out yourself. How about a vegan apple-cinnamon porridge? Or vegan strawberry rhubarb overnight oats? For more recipes follow us on our Instagram account.

Losing weight with porridge: is it possible?

Conventional porridge usually consists of oat flakes and therefore contains High in carbohydrates and low in protein. This slows down your metabolism and is not exactly conducive to losing weight. So if you lose weight permanently you should better reach for porridge made from soy flakes. LiveFresh offers a porridge based on soy flakes that has been developed on a scientific basis. The low-carbohydrate and protein-rich porridge ensures that you are well satiated and can start the day in the best possible way - the ideal support for losing weight.

Soy flakes instead of oat flakes: The healthy alternative for losing weight

What you can expect with the LiveFresh porridge based on soy flakes:

  • The basis are protein- and fiber-rich soy flakes from organic farming from Lake Constance. The fiber promotes digestion, contributes to a healthy intestine and can counteract an unpleasant bloated stomach.
  • With this low-calorie porridge the insulin level rises only slightly. This counteracts cravings in between meals. And as the soy flakes are digested slowly, you won't get hungry again so quickly.
  • It contains hemp seeds, linseed and chia seeds, which rich in nutrients and vital substances as well as high-quality omega 3 fatty acids
  • At least 16 g protein and less than 6 g of sugar are contained in one portion of porridge.
  • The porridge is vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

The preparation is quick and easyPour warm water over the porridge mixture, stir and leave to stand for 3-5 minutes. That's it! And by preparing it with water instead of milk, you also save calories. So with porridge - if you do it right - you can lose weight in the long term and lose weight healthily.

Want to lose weight naturally and without the yo-yo effect? Then try the LiveFresh food cleanse. In it you will find delicious porridge for your breakfast, healthy dishes for your everyday life, high protein shakes and vegan snacks for in-between meals. Our tried and tested LiveFresh functional juices are also included. Different flavors provide variety every day. The significant calorie deficit, low carbohydrates and high protein help your your body to lose weight in a healthy way.

The ideal breakfast for losing weight

With a porridge, you can have breakfast in the morning Get your metabolism going and stimulate digestion. Perfect conditions to start the day full of energy. Cravings are a thing of the past thanks to the slow rise in blood sugar levels. You are satiated for a long time and promote your digestion. The LiveFresh porridge in the food cleanse also prevents the large amount of proteinprevents you from losing muscle during your diet and losing mostly water and fat. This makes porridge the perfect companion for your diet.

How to make low-calorie porridge: simple recipe ideas

You are welcome to use porridge, oatmeal, oat flakes and co. with fresh fruit and nuts. Different types of fruit, such as berries, are not only healthy, but also provide plenty of variety during the diet and allow you to avoid additional sugar. You can also vary the spices. With the right spices, porridge is also the ideal lunch or dinner. The advantage: spices are calorie-free, but still give your porridge a unique taste. Browse through our recipes and try for yourself what you like.

What's more, you can eat porridge for more than just breakfast. As snack or dessert soy flakes are just as delicious. The porridge actually tastes delicious at any time of day.

Breakfast recipe with fresh fruit


  • LiveFresh Porridge made from soy flakes, chia seeds and hemp seeds
  • water
  • Toppings: berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)


The porridge mix from LiveFresh simply pour warm water over it and then stir well. By preparing with water instead of milk, you save additional calories. Then leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Now you can enjoy your decorate your porridge with your favorite toppings. Fresh berries provide a vitamin kick and chia seeds and hemp seeds contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids, protein and lots of minerals and trace elements that aid digestion.

Overnight oats recipe

Have you ever heard of Overnight Oats before? This is a slight variation on classic porridge. To make it, you simply leave oat flakes soak overnight in water or milk in the fridge. The next morning you can take your breakfast out of the fridge and enjoy it immediately - that's healthy and also saves time.

There are countless variations on how to make porridge prepare low-calorie and delicious can be made. Use water or a plant-based drink, you save even more calories in your diet.


Frequently asked questions about Does porridge help you lose weight?

How many calories does porridge have?

The soy flake-based porridge from LiveFresh is perfect suitable for losing weight. Because it is not only low in calories and carbohydratesbut also rich in proteins. This makes you feel full quickly, so you don't have to eat large quantities of porridge until you are full. Just 60g of porridge is enough to satisfy your hunger. How many calories porridge has also depends on how it is prepared. Milk is higher in calories than water. The other ingredients and toppings also play a role.

Can you eat porridge every day?

The porridge from LiveFresh you can safely eat every day. The soy flakes tidy up your stomach and call a pleasant feeling of satiety feeling. If you eat the breakfast porridge regularly, you stimulate your digestion and metabolism and ensure a healthy rhythm.

Is porridge good for losing weight in the evening?

Porridge made from soy flakes is not only healthy for breakfast, but can also also help you lose weight in the evening. This is partly due to the high fiber and protein content. With the right spices and toppings the porridge becomes a healthy dinner.

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