Zuckerfasten - Trenderscheinung oder nützlicher Reset?

Sugar fasting - trend appearance or useful reset?

Lent is a time of waiver and it offers us an infinite number of options. Sugar fasting is most widespread, mostly fasting on industrial sugar. This means that you do without any kind of sweets and sweet drinks. It can become a real challenge if the midday snack is no longer a chocolate bar and the aggresser no longer no energy drink at noon. Together with our nutrition expert Dr. In this article we clarify Ulrike Fischer which effects and influences have fasting on industrial sugar.

What function does this have sugar fasting?

On the one hand, the absence of industrial sugar creates awareness of your own consumption behavior. It shows you what you consume during the day and what habits you have developed. This includes, for example, the sugar in coffee or in tea. Small habits that sneak into your everyday life, but become aware of you during Lent.

What do you have to pay attention to during sugar fasting?

It is important that you do not replace the sugar with sweeteners, because the sweet taste can trigger your sweet hunger, which makes fasting further difficult. Our nutrition expert Dr. Ulrike Fischer explains why this also suffers less about cravings. “Your body gets used to sugar as an energy supplier, but if you do without it, your body switches to a supplier of energy other than the sugar after a while. You automatically feel like healthy alternatives because your body learns to attract the necessary energy from other nutrients. For example, if you drink a glass of water first during cravings and then eat some vegetables, you can handle this attack with a healthy alternative. ”

Our nutrition expert also points out that your taste is also changing during Lent, because after fasting the taste of sugar seems much more intense.

What happens in your body during sugar fasting?

Dr. Ulrike Fischer explains four positive influences of sugar fasting on your body.

1) Stabilization of your bluk sugar level

If we take sugar with us, our blood sugar level increases, but then falls off after a while. Then we feel limp and tired, suffer from bad concentration and get headaches. This headache also occurs more frequently when it comes to sugar fasting, because they are a withdrawal of your body on the missing sugar. However, this reaction lies after a few days and you feel more alert and fitter afterwards.

2) influence on your intestinal flora

The intestine is the second brain of our body, explains Dr. Fischer. The intestine also gets used to the food we recorded and demands accordingly for it. He sends signals to our brain and demands the usual food. So if you take a lot of sugar with your diet, your intestine demands. However, if you do without sugar, your eating behavior is normalizing, since the sugar -addicted “intestinal bacteria” leave your body during the time of fasting.

3) Healthy teeth

The third positive effect called our nutritionist is the positive influence on our teeth. She explains: "During sugar fasting, the harmful bacteria in our mouth get less nutrients and die."

4) Losing of excess body fat

After all, you can lose excess body fat during the sugar fasting, because by giving up sugar you do not consume any empty carbohydrates. With high -quality foods, your body also consumes higher quality proteins, fats and fiber. In contrast to the sugar, these high -quality nutrients saturate longer and so there is also stopped meals.

A good start to Lent

Such a change in diet is often very difficult from one day to the next. Use theLiveFresh juice cure As a perfect start for Lent, for example if you want to start the sugar fasting. the Detox juice cure Also suitable as support during Lent or offers you the possibility of short -term fasting.

Video contribution on the subject of sugar fasting

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