Veganer Feta-Salat (Meal Prep)

Vegan feta salad (Meal Prep)

Forget all those bowls of bland, stale lettuce - this delicious salad will change the way you eat a meal. Meal Prep the way you do meal prep. Prepared with lots of fresh ingredients that have different textures and result in phenomenal flavor combinations. By the way, this vegan feta salad excellent as a light meal to prepare for a juice cleanse to prepare for a

Preparation: 5 min.

Preparation: 10 min.

Total time: 15 min.

Cuisine/Origin: Regional

Ingredients (2 portions):

75ml olive oil

30ml white wine vinegar

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tin of chickpeas

1 cucumber

1 red onion

1 red bell bell pepper

200g Kalamata olives

150g vegan feta

1 avocado

Fresh parsley

Salt and pepper


  1. For the dressing, place the oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley in a small bowl and mix well
  2. Now wash the peppers, onion and cucumber and chop together with the olives & feta
  3. Then place all the ingredients in a large bowl, pour over the dressing and mix together well
  4. Finally, serve the salad or place in portions in Tupperware bowls and chill

Nutritional values (per portion):

332 kcal

11g carbohydrates

12g protein

26g fat

Recipe video:

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