Saft vs. Smoothies – Vergleich zweier Bodyguards deiner Gesundheit

Juice vs. smoothies - comparison of two bodyguards of your health

Both pressed juices and smoothies are popular and are offered in more and more cafes and supermarkets due to their many vitamins and nutrients. In this blog we want to bring you closer to what the similarities and differences of these "Healthy Drinks" are.

Whether juice or smoothie - both are healthy

Both smoothies and juices are healthy vitamin bombs, taste delicious with the correct preparation and deliver highly concentrated vital and nutrients in their purest form.

Smoothies and juices hardly differ when it comes to ingredients. In both, the preparation is made with different types of fruit and vegetables. Herbs or syrup can also be used for refinement in both “Healthy Drinks”.
However, smoothies are also prepared with water, coconut water, nut milk, yogurt or milk, since the consistency is much more viscous than with pressed juices.

Differences in consistency and preparation

And here we are already with one of the main differences between smoothies and pressed juices: the consistency. While smoothies can quickly resemble a baby porridge if there are too large quantities of fruits and vegetables, the liquid in the glass ends up when juicing. This is due to the plant fibers, which are separated from the juice as a so -called pomace during juic presses. The plant fibers are processed in the smoothie and are responsible for the corresponding consistency.

There are also differences in the preparation. While pressed juices are pressed in a juicer or cloth, a high -speed mixer is used for smoothies. Compared to the pressed juice, there is much less waste in the production of a smoothies, since for example, significantly more material is processed on fruits. Overall, it is faster than pressing a juice.

Juice or smoothie - what is better?

As far as the nutrients are concerned, the ghosts differ among the two "Healthy Drinks". The advocates of smoothies are of the opinion that the nutrient density of a green smoothies strikes the juices pressed by pressed juices, since puree the important vital substances are only split up.
In addition, the fiber in smoothies has a positive effect on digestion and blood sugar levels and also significantly higher saturation.

On the other hand, there is a conviction that the nutrient density is greater than that of a smoothies with a pressed glass of juice, since much more fruit and vegetables are used for the same amount when juicing. As a result, the body receives the concentrated load of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. In addition, it is thanks to the low fiber content in juices that the digestive apparatus of the human organism is not strained.

The mix makes ́s

Whether juice or smoothie, that's your decision again. What is certain is that both variants are extremely healthy and tasty. Maybe you choose a mix of both drinks. In matters Juice you can draw from the full in our online shop. As far as smoothies are concerned, you still have to Lend a hand. But here too we are working on a solution for the future.

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