Wieso setzt sich Saft ab?

Why does juice settle?


Nutrients on the bottom of the bottle floor

If a fresh juice stops for a certain amount of time and is not shaken, part of the bottle floor settles. This part is referred to as a sediment or landlings. In the sediment there are all important vitamins, minerals and nutrients, while in the upper part only the water that is otherwise contained in the fruit or the vegetables. This is because the substances mentioned above are heavier than water and therefore accumulate in the lower part. A brief shaking of the bottle is enough to restore the original consistency in all parts of the vessel.

Emulgators and dyes - "helpers" of the large producers

The division into sediment and water does not harm the quality of the juices in any way. And yet the major producers strive to solve this "aesthetic problem". Emulgators - auxiliary substances that permanently mix and stabilize different liquids are added to the juices and eliminate this supposed problem. In addition, dyes sometimes serve as a flair. This simply means that the juices are completely unnecessarily added to chemicals.

Cold pressed, without additives & vegan

Why change nutrient and vitamin-rich products if this is not necessary? At LiveFresh we are fans of natural products. For this reason, we press our juices cold so that all important nutrients, vitamins and minerals remain. In addition, we do not use any additives or sweeteners, so that you will be supplied with a healthy product.

Our tip: Take a look at your next purchase in the supermarket whether you find juices with sediments and take a look at the labels of different juices. You will be amazed at the list of additives.
Therefore, as so often, we recommend our online shop for a unique juice experience. And should a "two -class society" form in our bottles: Shake it, baby!

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