Diätplan: In 7, 14 oder 21 Tagen mit LiveFresh effektiv abnehmen

Diet plan: In 7, 14 or 21 days with LiveFresh lose weight effectively

Do you want to lose weight but don't know how? Then try our LiveFresh food cleanse - with included diet plan for your permanent feel-good weight. No more counting calories and hours of fiddling and cooking. The food cleanse contains all the meals you need throughout the day and won't leave you hungry. The enclosed guide is free of charge and accompanies you before, during and after the diet with helpful tips, delicious recipes, workouts and yoga sessions to help you achieve a a sustainable change in diet and achieve long-term success.

LiveFresh food cleanse for your feel-good weight

Nutrition is a science in its own right for a reason. If you want to get to grips with it in detail, you need one thing above all: a lot of time. For all those who prefer a time-saving and simpler method of losing weight prefer, has LiveFresh the perfect solution. Our food cleanse with different vegan meals, juices, vegan snacks and protein shakes provides variety. The focus is on low carb & high protein. The free diet plan prepares you ideally for the diet and then ensures that you have the transition to a long-term healthy diet in the long term. Our weight loss plan doesn't give you that classic diet feeling. You continue to eat normally - only healthy, low in calories and high in protein. This will help you lose weight sustainably - without the yo-yo effect.

Includes a nutrition plan for long-term success

The included nutrition plan for losing weight prepares you ideally for the diet. In it you will find tasty and above all healthy recipes and important tipshow you can best prepare for the food cleanse can prepare. You will receive a all-round carefree package for maximum success - the free diet plan guides you through your day and doesn't leave you alone before and after the cure. You save valuable time and don't have to worry about what to buy or cook today. The LiveFresh food cleanse contains all your daily meals, which, thanks to the well thought-out concept for a long-lasting feeling of satiety provide.

Our diet plan for your feel-good figure

Every day you will find a selection of different quick and, above all, healthy dishes on your daily menu. With the LiveFresh diet plan you feed yourself with a a significant calorie deficitwhich allows you to save up to 7000 kcal per week and lose 1 kg of fat.

  • Breakfast: You start your day at around 8 a.m. with a Happy Lemon juice and a High Protein Porridge in your favorite flavor.
  • Lunch: At about 12 o'clock there will be a vegan protein shake and a low carb high protein snack.
  • DinnerIn the evening at around 6 p.m., a different vegan main meal (7 different flavors) awaits you every week. You can also enjoy the delicious Sunshine Berry shot
  • In between: One more protein shake per day at any time you like.

The rations for lunch and dinner can of course also be swapped, depending on how it suits you. better in your everyday life fits better into your daily routine. The important thing is that you also drink enough water - at least 2.5-3 liters of liquid. Unsweetened tea is a good alternative if you don't like drinking tap water.

User Diet Plan is much more than just a companion during your diet. Our free guide prepares you before the food cleanse with balanced recipes with few calories ideal for the cure and accompanies you even after the cure with helpful tips for healthy eating in everyday life. You can find more vegan and healthy recipes and delicious ideas on our blog: >> News & Juice Blog <<

Advantages of a food cleanse with diet plan at a glance

  • "No classic diet feeling"The LiveFresh food cleanse does not feel like a classic diet. You continue to eat normally and lose weight naturally.
  • Time saving: In the LiveFresh food cleanse includes all the meals you need every day and can be prepared in less than 9 minutes. After the cure, thanks to our recipe ideas on our blog will also save you time searching for healthy recipes.
  • Completely guided & accompaniedUnlike other diets, you will be guided by LiveFresh will guide you through the entire diet plan and provide you with optimal support both before and after. The all-round carefree package ensures that you can food cleanse easily integrated into your everyday life.
  • Delicious & variedWhether breakfast, lunch or dinner - there are always different flavors to choose from. The food cleanse is not only functional, but also delicious. The different solid meals also ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety.
  • Weight-reducingThe food cleanse in combination with the diet plan provided ensures optimum conditions for losing weight. You eat with a significant calorie deficit and the blood sugar and insulin concentration is lowered. This results in weight reduction and improved fat loss.
  • Coordinated with each otherThe composition and ingredients of the dishes are ideally matched to each other, so that you can enjoy a balanced diet during the food cleanse with many important vitamins and nutrients.

Sport & exercise to help you lose weight

In addition, our included guide offers you interesting tips on how to lose more weight. integrate more exercise into your everyday life everyday life. Exercise not only tones the body, but also stimulates the metabolism, burns calories and helps you lose weight. This information relieves you of a lot of planning stress and ensures that you stick with it even after the diet and make the transition to a healthy lifestyle. permanently healthy lifestyle healthy lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions about diet plans:

What makes a good diet plan?

A good diet plan doesn't just help you lose weight during your diet. Rather, it should be a holistic concept that makes it easier for you to switch to a long-term balanced diet. Useful tips and healthy recipes support you optimally in your weight reduction.

What do you eat in the morning to lose weight?

The following is suitable for breakfast LiveFresh High Protein Porridge in various flavors is perfect for an optimal start to the day. You can also enjoy it in the morning with fresh fruit and vegetables in the morning - not only are they healthy, they also contain important vitamins. Also protein-rich foods such as eggs, low-fat quark or cheese in the morning.

What should you eat in the evening to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight sustainably, you should only eat light food with little or hardly any carbohydrates eat. Steamed vegetables, high-protein and low-fat meat or fish and soups are ideal for this.

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