Clean eating - the healthy nutritional trend

Among other things, we tell you what is hidden behind this diet, which foods are allowed and for whom Clean Eating is suitable.

What is Clean Eating? 

The English name "Clean Eating" literally means "clean nutrition". Clean is not meant in the sense of sterile, but the food that you consume in this form of nutrition should be as natural as possible. At the clean eating, the focus is on unprocessed, natural food and fresh cooking. The goal of a natural diet is not at short notice as with a diet, but in the long term in the sense of a long -term change in diet. 

What does this form of nutrition bring you? 

Through the concept Clean Eating, which acts according to the motto of the "natural food", you deal more intensively with your diet and the preparation of dishes. You take food in the most natural, full-fledged form. This means that you automatically do without synthetic additives, sweeteners, sugar, color and aroma substances, flavor enhancers, unhealthy trans fats and other mostly harmful fabrics in processed foods. Because you do without unhealthy or processed foods, you eat healthier and save many calories a day. This can lead to weight loss. Losing weight should not be the basic idea with this diet. 

Which foods are allowed? 

The clean eating allows everything that tastes as long as it is clean. So you take as natural products as possible that are not or are hardly processed. 

examples forallowed one Food: 

  • Fruit and vegetables - all varieties are allowed
  • Legumes: lentils, chickpeas
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts, seeds, kernels
  • Healthy fats - e.g. linseed, linseed oil, walnuts, avocado, olive oil, high -fat fish species such as salmon
  • Dairy products-natural yogurt, curd cheese, fresh milk (no H-milk)
  • Eggs, fish, meat-best organic quality
  • Whole grain products -e.g. wholemeal rice or pasta
  • Amaranth, quinoa
  • Superfoods, e.g. chia seeds, acai, hemp seeds andCranberries

As you can see, you can fall back on many delicious foods in clean eating and it does not automatically mean eating low carb, because whole grain rice, potatoes, legumes or oatmeal are allowed and rich in complex carbohydrates. 

examples fornot allowed Food: 

  • Finished products (clue: products with more than 5 ingredients)
  • Chips, salt rods, nibbles
  • Cookies, cakes, sweets
  • White flour products
  • Protein bar or cereal bar with sweeteners or sugar substitutes
  • Meat substitute products - e.g. Seitan, tofu
  • Pre-finished/dosing soups, finished pasta sauces
  • Ketchup, grill saucen, finished dressing
  • Fruit yogurt, pudding
  • Nut nougat creams, jam
  • Packed or heavily processed cheese with color and aroma substances
  • Sausage
  • Sugary lemonades, energy drinks, isotonic sports drinks
  • Fast food - e.g. burgers, fries, pizza
  • alcohol

6 basic rules in clean eating

With clean eating, as with many other types of nutrition, there is no uniform definition and there are stricter and more relaxed procedures. The followingBasic rules But can you remember for the clean eating: 

1. Avoid sugar, white flour and additives - everything that has been processed industrially

2. Avoid finished products with more than 5 ingredients

3. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables

4. You don't have to do without dairy products, meat and fish, pay attention to good quality

5. Pay attention to regular meals and avoid constant snacks.

6. Drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea

    Of course, you can easily use our fresh juices or our vegan organic protein drinks during clean eating. These are 100% natural, only consist of fresh cold -pressed fruit and vegetables, contain no additives and are therefore ideal for clean eating. Yammi! 

    Who is this diet suitable for? 

    Basically, everyone can become a Clean Eater. Especially if you want to eat healthier, this diet could be the right one for you. In addition, clean eating is also suitable for people with gluten intolerance, since white flour products are prohibited in clean eating. Cereals containing gluten, such as spelled, can also be dispensed with. Meat, fish and dairy products are allowed, but the clean eating is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans. 

    As we showed you, Clean Eating does not only mean foregoing and you can eat a lot of great food. Fresh cooking with unprocessed, natural foods is the be -all and end -all. Therefore you should feel like cooking and take some time for it. However, there are enough ideas and opportunities for Meal Prep, if the work becomes stressful during the week. 

    Contrary to many assumptions, Clean Eating does not necessarily have to be expensive. For example, you can buy fruit and vegetables seasonally and save money. In addition, seasonal fruit and vegetable varieties often contain more nutrients than bred in the greenhouse. Even the weekly changing offers of many supermarkets can help you to make shopping cheaper. 

    Would you like to try a first clean eating recipe directly?

    We have a delicious clean eating recipe for you - a berries smoothie that you can prepare super quickly. Try it!

    Here you come directly to our recipe:Clean eating recipe - berries smoothie

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