Welche Ernährungsformen gibt es & welche ist die richtige für Dich?

What are the nutritional forms & which is the right one for you?

Juice cure - and then?

To use a Juice cure Using the chance to start in a long -term healthier & more conscious diet, you should at best also deal with the topic of nutrition in general and find out for yourself which nutritional form is suitable for you. We help you to start a healthy diet and achieve your goals.

What are the nutritional forms?

In our daytime, nutrition is a central and almost omnipresent topic. Some meatless or purely vegetable feed. Again, others do without carbohydrates. Modern nutritional teaching knows many faces and thus different types of nutrition. It is hardly possible to list all nutritional forms completely. You can find some of the best known in the following list and they give you an overview so that you can find a healthy diet for yourself:

  • Nutrition according to the guidelines of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition)
  • Full -quality nutrition
  • Paleo diet
  • Clean eating
  • Carbohydrate -reduced nutrition (low carb)
  • Low carb-high fat nutrition
  • Reduced -fat nutrition (low fat)
  • Keto nutrition
  • Logi method (low glycemic index)
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Raw food
  • Macrobiotics
  • Dining
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Ayurvedic food
  • Anthroposophic nutrition

Our list contains just a few examples and this shows that the list of approaches is almost infinite today and it is easy to lose track. There is not one correct nutritional form and not every shape is suitable for everyone. That means you should find out for yourself which nutritional form suits you. For example, this depends on your living conditions, habits and your nutritional goals.

Our juice cure supports you to get started with a long -term healthier diet. Place your body on reset with a juice cure, start a more conscious lifestyle and feel better in the long term.➤ 3.5 or 7 days of juice cure

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