Gesunde Ernährung - 10 Tipps in Kürze

Healthy eating - 10 tips in brief

Would you like to finally get started with a long -term healthy lifestyle? You want your diet after yours Juice cure Change sustainable? Then we have the most important basic tips for a healthy diet for you, which you can simply incorporate and implement into your everyday life:

1. Eat protein for every meal (1g protein per kilogram of body weight

2. Reduce bread, pasta, rice and potatoes And combine more protein and fat-rich foods with vegetables

3. Avoid snacks

4. Better eat for that 3 larger meals

5. Reduce sugar -rich snacks and drinks heavily - The increase in blood sugar levels prevents fat burning

6. If snacks, then careful -If you return to snacks, take those who do not let the blood sugar levels rise strongly and saturate well, such as nuts

7. Use good oils and fats - Fry coconut oil or ghee (butter wax) and for the cold kitchen olive oil or linseed oil

8. Plan your purchases and meals - Never go shopping hungry!

9. Do your home and work for a healthy diet suitable - What is not at home or the desk drawer cannot be eaten

10. Avoid Light products - In dairy products, the Light variants often contain additives or sugar as a fat set. So always reach for the full fat variant. Other light products are usually full of additives and flavors, which in turn have a negative impact on your feeling of hunger and satiety

Our juice cure supports you to get started with a long -term healthier diet. Place your body on reset with a juice cure, start a more conscious lifestyle and feel better in the long term.➤ 3.5 or 7 days of juice cure

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