Autogenes Training

Autogenic training

In our everyday life and the world of work, it is increasingly about higher ... faster ... further ... and people rush from one appointment to the next. However, this usually remains Important counterpart: the Relaxation, on the route. Maybe you know that from your everyday life and know how drained you feel in the evening when you are rushed from one appointment to the next. Short -term stress or a full day is not that bad. Persistent stress However, it can be different in the long term Physical and mental complaints to lead. Therefore it is for them Health To find small islands of relaxation in good time, and if it is only 5 minutes in between are. You will notice that short breaks yours Productivity and performance can improve, but what is much more important, you will be your work with More lightness and joy can do. The range of relaxation exercises is large and we want to devote ourselves to autogenic training in this article. But what is autogenic training anyway?

Autogenic training is relaxation therapy in which Formula sentences can be used on the Vegetative nervous system work and involuntarily running processes in the body such as Breathing, heartbeat or hormone release, can regulate. The exercises are easy to learn, only take a few minutes and improve your well -being. We'll show you how!

The story behind autogenic training

The German psychotherapist Prof. Johannes Heinrich Schultz developed autogenic training in the 1920s and became world -famous. Schultz worked with patients who had psychosomatic symptoms. In the hypnosis sessions, he noticed that people very often from Heavy and heat sensations languages. Since he had not addressed this in his instructions, it was clear to him that this was Automatically happens. He led this reaction to the Relaxation of the muscles return. So he asked himself whether physical relaxation could also cause psychological relaxation.

He developed a method that his patients in A kind of self -hypnosis led. So they were able to learn the technology, themselves Targeted in a deep state of relaxation and were so independent. Schultz called these exercises "autogenic training" or "Concentrated self -voltage".

In 1924 he carried out his first course in Berlin.

Goals of autogenic training

The aim of the exercises in autogenic training is to promote your health by:

  • Quiet and relaxation manufactured
  • One Sinking into one's own consciousness made possible
  • Body functions influenced
  • Pain and fears relieved
  • The spiritual Performance increased
  • the Self -perception promotes

This makes autogenic training ideal to fall asleep suitable, but also as an accompaniment of a Juice cure.

When and for whom is autogenic training suitable?

Autogenic training is as Prophylaxis with inner tension and nervousness, but also with Physical and mental stress and pain, very suitable. in the Sports it will be for the optimization of Recreation and rest breaks used. With a Juice cure For 3.5 or 7 days you also treat your body a break and can combine it perfectly with autogenic training.

Who is not suitable for autogenic training for?

In principle, autogenic training is suitable for everyone. However, people with mental illnesses how depressions Practice this together with an experienced therapist. at Heavy depression and acute psychoses Are these exercises not suitable. In addition, consultation with the doctor should be kept with migraines or cardiovascular disorders.

Effectiveness of autogenic training

In autogenic training, the attention From everyday thoughts on the Listed body sensation. When practicing, with the help of different formulas Experience relaxation with the Side symptoms such as warmth, heavy, calm and pleasant coolness on the forehead perceived. The success of the exercise depends on the extent to which the relaxing -promoting inner pictures to visualize and maintain attention to it. Until finally the Relaxation as a reflex set.

Various studies were carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of autogenic training. Autogenic training shows an improvement of around 40-50 % of the symptoms after only 2 weeks:

  • irritability
  • nervousness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Muscle tension
  • Rising heat
  • Dizziness
  • Shaminess
  • languor
  • Difficulties of concentration
  • To care
  • Anxiety
  • Indigestion
  • Breathing difficulties

After 4 months, the symptoms could be reduced by 70-80 %. While a reduction was reduced to 80-90% after one year. So an optimal addition if you give your body a break the next time and one Juice cure do.

Which variants of autogenic training are there and how do you work?

There are different variants in autogenic training. Especially at the beginning and the start, they are suitable Heavy or heat exercises. These can be carried out while sitting or lying down.

Autogenic training - instructions for serious exercise

In the so -called severe exercise, physical relaxation is brought about by a pleasant feeling of heavy. The dominant side begins here, i.e. in the right -handed man of the right, in left -handed people of the left.

The formula set is:"My right/ left arm is pleasantly difficult".

The concentration is directed onto the corresponding arm. It can be observed that the part of the body feels heavier and heavier, with every repetition of the "heavy formula".

The feeling of difficulty is generated by the relaxing muscles of the part of the body. This sentence should be repeated 4 to 6 times. As soon as a pleasant heavy arm can be felt in the chosen arm, the resting form is repeated and then passed over to the next desired body part, for example the other side or one of the legs. Here you turn the "heavy formel" again according to the previously described process.

The last step of the "heavy formel" includes the whole body:

"My whole body is pleasantly difficult".

It is important to bring the body back to normal after carrying out the exercise in order to To avoid fatigue and drowsiness. This is done by stretch the limb, breathe And finally that Open the eyes. If the "severe exercise" is used to support sleep, the subsequent activation of the body is of course not necessary.

Autogenic training - instructions heat exercise

The process of the so -called Heat exercise is identical to that of the severe exercise. This only changes the suggestion. Instead of "my right/ left arm is pleasantly difficult"

"My right/ left arm is pleasantly warm" used.

Here, too, a repetition of 4-6 times is recommended until a pleasant feeling of warmth has arisen. This process continues until the formula reads:

"My whole body is pleasantly warm".

Here, too, it is important if the exercise is not used while falling asleep, to discharge the suggestion correctly and attribute the body to its normal waking state.

Other variants in autogenic training

There are further opportunities to concentrate on the heartbeat or breathing and to imagine the relevant sentences:

"My heart beats calmly and evenly" or"I am comfortably warm around my heart".


"I breathe calmly and evenly"or"Every breath continues to relax".

For a Physical or mental refreshment Can you too cool forehead Introduce with the following sentence:

"My head feels pleasantly cool and light", "My head is free and clear", "on my forehead it is pleasantly cool", "my head is relaxed and solved".


Frequently asked questions about autogenic training

What do you do with autogenic training?

Autogenic training is one Relaxation therapy, in the Formula sentences can be used that act on the vegetative nervous system and involuntarily expiring processes in the body such as breathing, heartbeat or hormone release, regulate be able.

Who is autogenic training for?

Autogenic training is as Prophylaxis with inner tension and nervousness, but also with physical and mental stress and pain, very well suited. In sports it is used to optimize relaxation and rest breaks. But you can also use it perfectly to do yours Juice cure Accompanying and thus giving your body the optimal rest break and resetting your eating habits. For a healthy eating Following your juice cure, you can find suitable ones hereRecipes as well as other helpfulinformation.

How often should you do autogenic training a day?

In autogenic training, each is sufficient 5 min from that you 2-3 times incorporate into your day. For example, it is suitable the lunch break Very good to start energetic in the second half of the day. The second unit is happy after work take to leave the stress of work behind you. For a deep and relaxed sleep you can still have a third unit Shortly before going to bed use.

Is autogenic training suitable for falling asleep?

Yes, the exercises are very well suited for falling asleep. You will find a quiet and relaxed state, which makes it easier to sleep, but can also improve your sleep quality. You will of course leave out the conclusion with routes and deep breathing, which you would otherwise be awake.

Can you lose weight with autogenic training?

at stress climb the Stress hormones in your body, which in turn Prevent the fat dismantled becomes, but on the other hand too increased hunger, especially on sweets and fat, generate. Stress reduction, for example through Autogenic training can therefore support you when you lose weight Act. As an introduction to a change in diet and to take old eating habits, one is oneJuice cure best for. For a healthy eating You can also find many delicious and healthy ones here Recipe

Is autogenic training self -hypnosis?

Yes, autogenic training is one Form of self -hypnosis.

Is autogenic training paid for by the health insurance?

Many sick breeds subsidize autogenic training. The best thing to do is ask your health insurance if and in what amount you subsidize autogenic training.

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