Juice cure advantages: That's why you should take a juice cure

What is a juice cure?

Energy and fit through everyday life - this is the promise of a juice cure. During this Time of reflection If you treat your body one Break of toxic environmental influences. In this way he can regenerate and find new strength. During the juice cure you drink over a period of a few days Only juices from rich fruit and vegetables, Water, tea and vegetable broth to relieve your body. Fixed foods, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are dispensed with during the cure.

In short, you will find the reasons for a juice cure at the end of the article.

How do you live now and what do you want to change?

A juice cure is above all one Time of change, mindfulness and awareness. You can Reflect your own lifestyle and your eating habitsthen start with a suitable nutritional form and more movement in everyday life.

Because we are honest: our body has to endure a lot.We sleep less than 7-8 hours, rarely eat fruit and vegetables five times every day and we probably don't do the recommended 20 minutes of sport a day. A healthy and fitter lifestyle is often difficult to integrate into everyday life. The result: our body becomes sluggish, our level of performance sinks. But also ours Health and our well -being suffer in the long term Under such a way of life.

What Are the advantages of a juice cure?

Time for a new beginning: With a LiveFresh juice cureDo you bring your inside back in shape. Set your body back, refuel new energy and start with one healthier and more self -confident me through.

You want to change something, challenge yourself or take a restart - then a juice cure starts. In order to you relieve both the body and intestine. The break that you treat yourself and your body enables you to To get to know your feeling of hunger and satiety. The juice cure is like a break and you make it easier Conversion to a long -term more conscious diet - even after the juice cure.

What kind of juice cures are there?

We currently offer four different juice cures in our Online shop on:

The advantages of a juice cure are obvious. To the Precious vitamins and nutrients of the juices To maintain, the juices should be pressed cold at such a fast time. Instead of putting yourself on the expensive juicers every two hours, we offer you one High quality juice cure at the fair price to-go on. Never heated, 100% natural and without additives. Here you will find more information about our various juice cure juices:LiveFresh juice cure juices in focus

Short and sweet

5 reasons why you should make a juice cure

  1. Healthier lifestyle- Use the juice cure as preparation for a sustainable change in diet. It supports you in breaking and restart with unhealthy eating behavior.
  2. More conscious nutrition  Get to know your own body better and to eat more consciously. When are I really hungry? When and what do I only eat out of appetite, habit or stress? Discover our delicious recipes for light food before and after the juice cure: Our recipes.
  3. Internal health- The intestinal flora can be improved by introducing natural food - an important basis for a long -term healthy body.
  4. More energy- Many convinced juice faster feel through oneCleanseSo revitalize that you take fasting several times a year to refuel again.
  5. The good feeling of having made it– You did your juice cure? Congratulations, now you can do everything! Also your first step in a healthier, fitter life. So that you feel good :)

But: a juice cure cannot do that

asSmall start-up With great demands we would like to be honest and 100% natural products to sell. Therefore, we don't want to promise false promises.sustainability is our claim-no crash diet or crash cleanse!

That can't be juice fasting at least not alone

  • Crash diet- A diet with which you can get the summer figure at short notice should not be the cure. Due to the short -term low calorie intake, you will inevitably get a flatter belly. But in order to achieve such a result in the long term, we would like to recommend that you prefer to use the juice cure to start a long -term change in diet.
  • Holistic detoxification- even if a juiceCleanseIt helps you to leave bad eating habits behind you, the detoxification has not been scientifically proven 100%. Holistic medicine swears on it, conventional medicine is disagree. And we also: Detoxification is of course not done on one or three days. You have to do that yourself - preferably through a slow but sustainable change after theCleanse. So you can really effectively get rid of slag and poisons and have a say in your health yourself.
  • Kicking you automatically into a better life– It's your turn! Find out with a juice cure how your body ticks. Do you feel with thatCleanse probably? How much hunger is "a matter of the head"? How much do you often only snack out of habit? And what goals do you set yourself for the time after the cure? During and after the cure, take the time to find out which healthy habits fit you personally and what habits you want to replace with healthier alternatives. Remember: what works for everyone does not necessarily have to work for you.

Common FAQs

What does a juice cure bring?

One Juice cure offers many advantages:

  • With a juice cure you put your body at zero and Treating body and intestine to take a break.
  • During the cure, the live fresh juices and shots provide you with all important nutrients & vitamins.
  • With this inserted break you get a better feeling for hunger, saturation and your body.
  • Juice cures are the ideals Possibility for a restart: It will be easier for you to take off bad eating habits and introduce healthier habits. So the juice cure can help you in one more conscious nutritional or even lifestyle to start.

Is a juice cure effective?

A juice cure supports the Natural cleaning of the bodyto eliminate pollutants. These days become Body and intestine With the help of juices from rich fruit and vegetables relieved. In this way he can regenerate and find new strength. A juice cure thus puts the start of a more conscious way of life and more balanced nutrition it. The longer you pull through a juice cure, the more you can learn about your own body and the more you decide to make a healthier lifestyle afterwards.

Who is a juice cure for?

Do you want to relieve your body and recover from stress in everyday life? Then a juice cure is just right for you! Basically, anyone who wants to change something, eat more consciously or want to start a restart can start a juice cure. However, we recommend pregnant or breastfeeding women from a juice cure. If you suffer from health impairments or severe allergies, you should definitely consult your doctor before starting your juice cure.

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