Rotwein gibt’s überall, Granatapfel nicht.

There are red wine everywhere, no pomegranate.

Do you think we overdo it? Pumped up with helpful nutrients, blessed with an incredibly good taste, the pomegranate is a real pleasure. It is not for nothing that the miracle fruit is also called "food of the gods". Legends even claim that it falls from heaven.

The number of positive effects of the red grenade is simply too high - we still tried to describe briefly and cancularly why we absolutely focus on the fruit and its effect.

The French do it!

Our neighbors from France lead the list with the fewest heart diseases in Europe. One reason for this is said to be the high red wine consumption of people. Through the classic glass of wine in the evening, they provide their bodies with important antioxidants, which in turn are supposed to prevent heart diseases. Many are known that grapes, red wine or green tea is rich in antioxidants. However, when it comes to the actual content of natural antioxidants, the pomegranate leaves every fruit behind without exception. So why drink the classic glass of red wine in the evening? A fresh pomegranate juice does it too!

Kerne Pfui? No!

The pomegranate is one of the few fruits in which the “kernels” can also be eaten. In particular, there are many vitamins, fiber and secondary plant contents that are nowhere else in such a high concentration. But we also know from the best experience: How do I get the kernels without the kitchen then resembles a slaughterhouse? Read the next section or are eagerly waiting for our next video bar!

Fruit or juice? Really does not matter!

Did you know that the pomegranate is one of the few fruits in which the juice has as many containers as the fruit itself? This is mainly due to the fact that kernels and membrane are also pressed in the special type of pressing, which are also super rich in antioxodants! And three times you can advise how we press our juice ...

Superfood - Superjuice with taste

Hardly any of us have passed the health bearer No. 1 in the past: the superfood. But why do there have always been dried fruits or countless seeds from all over the world? We are convinced that fresh pomegranate juice is the best liquid superfood that is currently available on the market! But there is the problem, it only exists with us!

Convince yourself.

Try our cold -pressed pomegranate juice "red grenade". 


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