Wie gesund lebt die LiveFresh Community?

How healthy does the LiveFresh community live?

On the occasion of the World Health Day on April 7, 2019, we asked: How healthy does the LiveFresh community live? And what are the biggest challenges to hold out healthy habits?

Since we have founded LiveFresh with the mission to carry a healthy lifestyle out into the world with our natural juices, we now want to support our customers specifically with helpful tips and tricks. On in a healthy life with pleasure! Every day.

How healthy does the LiveFresh community live?

Survey in March 2019  100% natural juices without additives 

conscious nutrition

This quiz also shows that our customers either already live a healthy lifestyle with conscious diet or are full of motivation to become healthier. Together, we will do it! With our 100% natural Juice Revolution for natural energy.

How does the LiveFresh Community keep itself healthy?

Our customers currently indicate 46% to keep themselves healthy with both healthy nutrition and movement (multiple reputation possible):

How does the LiveFresh Community keep itself healthy?

Another 28% stated to keep fit with healthy diet, while a similarly large percentage (30%) admitted not to be as healthy as they would like to be. This is also not a problem - together we now start the challenge of healthy lifestyle and take the step into a healthier life together! That is why LiveFresh was finally founded.

live healthy

Only 1% stated not to be interested in a healthy life.

What are the biggest challenges for a healthy lifestyle?

Stress as a challenge number 1

Who would have thought? As the biggest challenge for a healthier lifestyle, most participants stated "stress or other reasons" - an alarm bell for all of us to look at health holistically.

Sports and nutrition simply cannot be enforced in isolation and are difficult to persevere without the right support. As many other studies prove, health must be tackled holistically: living conditions, stress and lack of regeneration, motivation and wellness often make it difficult to put a healthy life into practice.

What is the biggest challenge for a healthier lifestyle?

After stress as the greatest obstacle, unhealthy nutrition followed, 3. Too little motivation for sport and 4. Sport and nutrition as a common challenge.

That is why we will now tackle these topics holistically: with tips and tricks for healthier habits for a healthy lifestyle with pleasure and without waiver. Healthy is the new sexy :)

On the Juice Revolution

No fear - even if it is difficult: From now on we will help live with live juices and tips to manage the challenges of a healthy lifestyle. So that you can integrate a moving, healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition into your life in the long term!

Be there live juicerevolution

Be there: Become part of the Juice Revolution! Because a healthy life and enjoyment with good nutrition no longer have to be a compromise.

Live healthy. With pleasure. Every day.


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