Was halten unsere Kunden von LiveFresh?

What do our LIVEFRESH customers think?

We asked at the beginning of March 2019*: Almost 300 LiveFresh customers have rated our quality anonymously ** and help and support us in our Juice Revolution: healthy juices for every day.

Our claim bears fruit: Our juices not only taste our customers, many drink them very consciously to live sustainably healthy lifestyle with pleasure. And we also transparently take up every critical feedback as an incentive to improve - and show our solutions here.

But read it yourself and don't forget our live stories at the bottom!

The taste test - what are we doing well?

It is always exciting to give your own project out of your hand and have strangers evaluated. Do we do justice to our own claim?

How good taste live juices?

How do live juices taste?

Our cold -pressed juices from 100% fruit taste - 79.8% of our customers give us 5 out of 5 stars, closely followed by 4 stars. In our survey, no individual juices were assessed, but the LiveFresh quality as a whole.

Would you buy our juices again?

Buy live hustle and bustle juices

A large part of our customers would buy LiveFresh again or consider to do this: 69.3% stated that it was most likely to buy again (5 out of 5 stars), followed by 19.1% with great probability (4 out of 5 stars ).

We look forward to the positive feedback - please recommend us!

Where do we stand now and where does LiveFresh want to go?

How are we perceived? Almost even more exciting than looking at your own product is the foreign look at yourself: What do others actually think about us?

LiveFresh founder Simon and Benedikt

What is LiveFresh for you?

Thanks for the appreciation: 100% natural juices without additives and our special HPP manufacturing procedure are the most important reason for most of our customers to buy our juices.

Reasons for LiveFresh

Almost 90%of our customers combine us with natural ingredients without any additives or added sugar (88.7%), followed by the gentle HPP press procedure (67.2%), Own production and personality (42.6%) as well as superfoods and innovation (23.8%).

Own added value with HPP procedure

In fact, in LiveFresh products there is really only what it says: 100% fruit or vegetables. Then nothing. From cold pressing instead of pasteurization. And that will always stay that way.

Why did you become aware of LiveFresh?

What motivation our customers lead to us? What is important to our customers? Two things combine our customers: health awareness combined with the natural live fresh taste.

Reasons for live fresh juices

Healthy lifestyle and outstanding freshness are at the top of the list of reasons why our customers come to us.Topics that we want to push forward with high -quality products and helpful content in order to carry a sustainable, healthy lifestyle out into the world with pleasure.

Feedback and criticism: What can we do better?

Not everything is gold that shines - of course we were also shown potential for improvement. We asked and show solutions here that have already been implemented or are already being developed.

Feedback 1: Why are there no green juices at LIVEFResh?

Some customers asked whether there were no green juices or - with a wink - whether we would not have juices with little carbohydrates. Don't panic, we are quick and immediately find a solution for both.

Our new live fresh wellness juices

Our new ones are currently going Wellness juices On sale: including green juices with fewer carbohydrates than pure fruit juices.

green juices

We recommendGreen love on kale based with ginger, apple and lime or Green feelingE With spinach base and apple and Moringa. Just try it!

Our other fruit-based wellness juices with special micronutrients thanks to superfoods also offer numerous health benefits with the usual natural taste without additives.

Feedback 2: Service and delivery

Whether submitted to the neighbor or other service problems: In order to prevent delivery and service difficulties, we enlarge our service and logistics team and have also engaged DHL in addition to DPD. AB April can now choose which delivery service should deliver our live refresh juicesOf course, we apologize for any inconvenience and strive to personally respond to individual feedback during this week **.

DHL or DPF delivery service

Unfortunately, we cannot personally supply all of Germany - but we hope that with the new selection you will get the best service and the best messengers in your region!

The plastic question: Why don't you take glass bottles?

Some customers interfere with our plastic bottles and propose glass bottles for environmental protection. Unfortunately, however, we cannot use glass bottles. Due to the large pressure that HPP procedure the glass would be blown up.

Our solution: We are already working on a solution in the development department, because a healthy lifestyle and sustainability are also going hand in hand for us. This year we are highlighting a more environmentally friendly packaging. We look forward to relevant information and experience!

Environmentally friendly solutions

We have already improved the juice boxes: they have become more stable and more environmentally friendly.

What stories our customers lead to us?

We already knew in advance that some of our customers lead very special stories and therefore asked.

Because behind LiveFresh there are cold -pressed juices due to the health benefits, especially from Pomegranate juice, numerous recovery stories. But also the company's history itself or the personal background of some investors - behind LiveFresh juices there is a lot more passion, fates and dreams than you think ...

The stories of our customers

We will soon share our company history into color and sound - we already let our customers have their say *** and will soon follow with more detailed stories:

Axel about his change in diet with live fresh:

“I am Asia and ginger fan. At the beginning of 2018 I changed my diet, worked on the quality of my sleep, started again with sports and decreased 18 kg. In search of great food, fresh and with a lot of power I ended up with you and now have a shot subscription. ”

LiveFresh change in diet sport

Anja about her daily scramble around live refresh juices & shots;)

“I found out about LiveFresh from my neighbor, who gave me a few shots and a juice when I was terribly cold, and what can I say after 2-3 shots that I had drunk in one day immediately much better! I have already ordered shots and the delicious orange juice twice with you and it was really good for me! I love the shots and the orange juice! I would like to order more often, unfortunately my friend drinks half away and that's a little bit expensive;) ”

Stephanie about her live discovery:

I was shocked when I realized that pretty much no "juice" is actually juice in the supermarket shelves and went to search and therefore also researched on the Internet. That's how I came to you. 😀“

Do you have a live story?

How do you like livefresh? What story has you led you to us? Tell us more and write to us. We appreciate your feedback!

* The present survey expressly is neither a scientific study nor a product assessment, but a survey for internal purposes. We put them open transparently because we want to develop together with our customers.

** The survey was anonymous. Only participants who expressly agreed to contact us and have left their email address could and could contact us.

*** Of course we obtain the express written consent to publish the quotes.

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