Lent is juice cure time

Lent is just around the corner and many use this time to break away from bad habits. Some give up alcohol, others sweets. But what is Lent all about? And how can a juice cure help me?

What is fasting?

But let's start from the beginning. Many people are familiar with the term "fasting" but don't really know what it means. Fasting involves abstaining from a food or stimulant partially or completely for a certain period of time. Traditionally, this fasting period lasts 7 weeks - from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday. This Christian tradition commemorates the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert after his baptism, fasting to draw strength from his renunciation. These days, many cut back on sweets, alcohol or meat during Lent. Hard-core fasters even skip solid foods altogether and consume only liquids. Although weight is lost in the process, losing weight is not the main focus for most when fasting. They would like to come to the peace, bring body and spirit in agreement and times again in itself "clean up". No matter what the personal motives are, fasting means a change for the body, because it has to get used to a lower calorie intake for a certain time.

What is a juice fast?

During Lent, many different people resort to many different methods of fasting. One of them is the juice fast. During this time, only fresh juices, water, tea, and vegetable broth are consumed to relieve the body and digestive system. Solid food, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are avoided during the cure. The promise: fit and full of energy through everyday life.

The juice cure means a change, of awareness and mindfulness. During this time you have the opportunity to reflect on your own lifestyle and become aware of your eating habits. It is an intensive time in which you can come to terms with yourself and your body and your digestion is brought up to speed. After the cure, you can start your everyday life with a suitable diet and more exercise. The juice cure offers you a great basis for a fresh lifestyle ;)

Because let's be honest: we put our bodies through a lot. We sleep less than the recommended 8 hours, rarely eat enough fruits and vegetables and probably don't exercise 20 minutes a day. Many find it difficult to incorporate a healthy and fit lifestyle into their daily routine. As a result, our bodies become sluggish and our performance levels drop

Use Lent for a fresh start

Time fora fresh start: Lent is a wonderful time to change your diet and lifestyle. With a juice cleanse, you'll rebalance your insides and give your body the rest it so richly deserves. Hit the reset button, understand your body and your digestion better and start with a healthier and more confident you.

What juice cures are available?

We currently offer four different juice cures:

The advantages of a juice cure are now clear. So that the precious vitamins of the juices can be preserved and absorbed by the body as well as possible, the juices should be drunk freshly squeezed. But instead of putting yourself in front of the expensive juicer every two hours, we offer you a simpler solution: a high-quality juice cure with fresh juices, at a fair price and easy to-go. Our juices are never heated, are 100% natural, without additives and taste like freshly squeezed.

Who can do a juice cure?

Basically, a juice cure is suitable for every healthy person who wants to eat more consciously and maybe even aims at a change of diet. We strongly advise people with health challenges to consult a doctor beforehand, as a period of fasting is a challenge for the body due to the unaccustomed abstention from solid food.

We would like to specifically advise the following people not to go on a juice fast:

  • Persons under 18 years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • People with diabetes - the high fructose content is dangerous.
  • People with an eating disorder
  • People with chronic diseases

But: a juice cure cannot do everything

As a small startup, we aim to sell honest and 100% natural products. That's why we don't want to become with false promises. Our claim is a sustainable healthy diet - not a crash diet.

A juice cure can't do that - or at least not alone:

  • Crash diet: the juice diet is not meant to be a short diet that will get you to your summer figure in the short term. True, you'll get a flatter belly from the temporary low calorie intake. But in order to achieve this result in the long term, we would like to recommend that you use the juice cure as a foundation stone for a long-term change in diet.
  • Holistic Detox: While a juicecleanse will help you leave bad eating habits in the past, the detox is not 100% scientifically proven. While holistic medicine swears by it, mainstream medicine disagrees. And so do we: a detox is not done in a day or three. You have to do a bit more yourself - preferably by making a sustainable change after the juice cure.
  • Kick yourself into a better life automatically - because that's what you need to do. With the juice cure you can find out what makes your body tick and understand it better. Do you feel well with the cure? Are you really hungry or is it all in your head? Take time to figure out which healthy habits fit you and your life and which habits you want to replace with healthier ones. Remember: what works for others is not necessarily right for you.