Veganes Vanilleeis (ohne Eismaschine)

Vegan vanilla ice cream (without ice machine)

Healthy eating without waiver? No problem with this ice cream. Find out from us how you can make this delicious, healthy and vegan vanilla ice cream without an ice machine. All ingredients and preparation can be found in this article. You can find the right recipe video with our Koch Michi at the bottom. Due to its healthy ingredients and the great nutritional values, the ice is also great after yours Juice cure Integrate into a healthy dietary life.

Ingredients (15 balls):

For the ice:

225g cashews

300ml of almond milk

400g coconut milk

75g agave syrup

1 teaspoon bourbon vanilla

1 tablespoon of guar nucleus

    Chocolate glaze (optional):

    1 table of dark chocolate (70%)

    Ice shapes with stems

    Toppings of your choice (e.g. pistachios, nuts)


      1. Siege the cashews for 1 hour in hot water
      2. Put all the ingredients in a high -performance mixer and process the ingredients into an even cream
      3. Give the cream into freezer -resistant ice shapes (ideal for topping) or a freezer -resistant bowl (you can eat the ice cream as bullets, but do not top with glaze)
      4. Freeze the ice in your freezer for at least 6 hours
      5. Melt the tender chocolate for the topping in a bowl and dip the frozen ice cream on the stem into the liquid chocolate
      6. Topping with e.g. nuts and pistachios
      7. Put the ice again in the freezer for about 1 hour so that the chocolate can harden

      Nutritional values ​​(per ball):

      314 kcal

      26g carbohydrates

      5G protein

      23g fat

      Recipe video:


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