Schnelle vegane Quesadillas

Fast vegan quesadillas

Fast, uncomplicated, super tasty and healthy - these are all these vegan quesadillas. On top of that they are also a high protein court and you can safely for one Juice cure Use preparation and/or follow-up. There's nothing to complain about, right? We will show you which ingredients you need and how you can prepare the vegan quesadillas - let's go!

Ingredients (2 portions):

2 high protein tortillas

20g vegan creme fraiche

20g vegan scattered cheese

2 slices of vegan cheese

1 spring onion

30g chili sin carne - here is a recipe proposal for Vegan high protein chili sin carne

1/2 avocado


  1. Prefer the high protein tortilla and make a small cut from the middle to the edge of the tortilla. Now you can imagine 4 quarters of the tortilla and the filling can begin
  2. Brush half with the vegan creme fraiche
  3. Put the spring onions and a vegan slice of cheese on a quarter of this painted tortilla half
  4. Crush 1/4 avocado on another quarter of the tortilla
  5. Evidence of the last quarter with about 15g chili sin carne mass and 10g vegan scattered cheese
  6. Fold the tortilla together, starting with the quarter, where you initially did the cut (see recipe video)
  7. Put the folded tortilla in a contact grill or alternatively wrapped in a toaster with baking paper until it is crispy brown and the cheese runs

Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

293 Kcal

20.8g carbohydrates

9.25g protein

18.1g fat

Recipe video:


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