Saftkur Test: Die LiveFresh Saftkuren im Vergleich

Juice cure test: the live fresh juice cures in comparison

There are always days when we don't feel completely comfortable in our bodies. There can be many reasons for this. Usually we have been eating an unhealthy diet for a long period of time, have slept too little or are constantly battling recurring infections. Then comes the time when we completely reset our body and supply it with a concentrated load of valuable nutrients and vitamins and vitamins. The most common solution for this: A juice cleanse start. For this reason juice fasting is also particularly popular outside the traditional fasting period. We explain what a juice cleanse actually brings and test which LiveFresh juice cleanse is the best and compare the juices with each other. Find out which juice cleanse is our test winner.

The LiveFresh Juice cures in the test: what to expect

Would you like to take a juice cure for a few days soon? juice cleanse start one? Then we have one for you here overview of what you can expect from the classic juice cures of LiveFresh awaits you.

This is included in the package - enjoyment from natural superfoods

Depending on the duration of the juice cleanse you can expect 7 different juices and 3 fruit and vegetable shots per day. Accompanied by the LiveFresh cure is accompanied by a 30-page guidewhich is included. In it you will find a wealth of information on the subject of juice cleansehow you can prepare yourself properly and how you can make the days after the juice cleanse are best organized. The package also contains many inspiring recipes for the start into a more conscious life.

How the juice is made - cold-pressed and 100% natural

Juices from other manufacturers on the market are often pasteurized. As a result, the fruit juices lose their important vitamins and also some of their taste. In contrast, the LiveFresh juices are cold-pressed1 - i.e. they are not exposed to harmful heat. This way all nutrients & vitamins are preserved.

How juice cures work - juice fasting made easy

As already mentioned 7 different juices and 3 shots per day made from delicious fruit and vegetables. The juices of 250 ml each are drunk at two-hour intervals. In the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening there is an additional 60 ml shot. Solid food is avoided during this time. However, it is important, drink enough water in addition - preferably 2.5 to 3 liters a day. You are also welcome to unsweetened teas and vegetable broth to provide some variety.

The composition of the juices has been developed by a nutritionist and is therefore Perfectly matched to the reset of the body. The sequence is also well thought out - depending on the time of day, the juice either provides energy through natural caffeine or ensures regeneration in the evening.

juice cleanse Comparison: Which is the best juice cleanse?

Which is the best juice cleanse is the best and most suitable for you cannot be answered in general terms. It depends entirely on the situation, what goals you have set yourself and what expectations you have of the juice cleanse have. Here you will find a comparison of our juice cures for 3, 5 and 7 days.

The classic 3 days juice cleanse - Juice fasting for beginners

Want to start a fitter and healthier life? It's easy with our 3-dayjuice cleanse for beginnerswith which you give your body a break. This cure is ideal if you are still unsure whether a juice cleanse is right for you. You can relax and find out, how the juices taste to you and how you feel with this change in diet. Nevertheless, you can do it in this short period of time, reset your body - perfect for beginners.

ConclusionThe 3 days juice cleanse is perfect for beginners who want to juice cleanse and want to find out how the body reacts to the cure or for all those who want to take a longer cure. juice cleanse is not compatible with everyday life.

The classic 5 days juice cleanse - Time to recharge your batteries

Do you want to make lasting changes to your life? Then the 5-dayjuice cleanse for the brave just made for you. During these 5 days, you give your body a well-deserved break and take the pressure off. During this time you will Awareness of a balanced diet and you will easier to get rid of bad eating habits. The important thing is to prepare yourself well for this challenge. Therefore, a few days before the juice cleanse fatty foods, rich foods and alcohol in order to make the changeover easier for your body.

ConclusionThe 5 days juice cleanse is best suited if you want to develop a better feeling for your body and your digestion. This cure will give you a well-deserved break.

The classic 7 days juice cleanse - One week break from stress and strain in everyday life

The LiveFresh 7-dayjuice cleanse is suitable for courageous beginners as well as for connoisseurs and advanced riders. This cure is the optimal possibility for a new start. This could prove to be start to a healthier diet or even a more holistically conscious lifestyle. more conscious lifestyle. These challenging days can help you to feel fitter and better in the long term. But the juice cleanse can also help you to recover from everyday stress and strain.

ConclusionThe 7 days juice cleanse offers the best opportunity for a new start and facilitates the start of a generally healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Conclusion of the juice cleanse test: Our juice cleanse test winner

Whether you use the juice cleanse 3, 5 or 7 days is entirely up to you. Depending on your own motivation and willpower another one is suitable juice cleanse better for you. If you want to, you can juice cleanse in any case. Basically: The longer you embark on this experience, the more you can learn about your body and the more likely you are to benefit from a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Our juice cleanse test winner: The 5-day juice cleanse. This is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Of course, it takes willpower and stamina, but then you and your body will benefit from the reset. In these 5 days you have the opportunity to get to know your hunger and satiety in a completely new way and to draw conclusions for your future diet.

The LiveFresh Juices & shots in comparison

Juices and shots exist 100% natural fruit and vegetables and are available with every juice cleanse the same - no matter whether 3, 5 or 7 days. Every day 7 different juices and 3 different shots are available. Here you can find all the juice cleanse juices and shots in comparison.

The 7 LiveFresh Juices made from fruit and vegetables

  1. Happy LemonThe refreshing lemon-orange water forms the ideal basis for your metabolism.
  2. Hey WachThis juice serves as a second breakfast and gets you going naturally with orange juice and guarana. The juice contains plenty of vitamin C and natural caffeine.
  3. Sommer GefühleThis juice is a real all-round package. It supports your well-being with zinc, copper and manganese.
  4. Rote RaketeThis juice consists of the local superfood beet with vitamin B12. It keeps you on track and provides extra energy. The natural sweetness provides a refreshing energy boost.
  5. Grüne GefühleWith this juice, the afternoon slump doesn't stand a chance. The gentle green juice with kale and spinach will get you going again.
  6. Gold RauschIn the evening, an exotic multi-juice that provides you with biotin awaits you.
  7. Keep Calm: Relaxation and night-time regeneration: the gentle, tropical juice prepares you for the day ahead.

The 3 LiveFresh shots for an extra portion of vitamins

  1. Sunshine BerryThis vitamin D shot covers your daily requirement and gives you energy and motivation for the day.
  2. Kurkuma PowerThe turmeric shot serves as a healthy dessert and covers the daily requirement of vitamin C in a natural way. The perfect way to round off your lunch.
  3. Ingwer Sturm or Red PowerDepending on the season, the juice cleanse contains a Rote Kraft Shot with magnesium or the Ingwer Sturm shot with vitamin C.


Frequently asked questions about the juice cleanse test:

What does a juice cleanse?

Why you need a juice cleanse should do? With one juice cleanse you set your body to zero and thus also relieve your intestines. Depending on the chosen cure, you will abstain from solid food for three to seven days. During this period, the juices provide you with all the necessary nutrients & vitamins. One juice cleanse is often the start to a healthier and fitter life - because with it you set the foundation for a better diet in the long term.

6 reasons why you should juice cleanse should start:

  • Get rid of bad eating habits
  • Reset your body
  • Get to know your feeling of hunger & satiety
  • Challenge yourself
  • Relieve your body and gut
  • Take the opportunity for a long-term change in diet

Who should think about a juice cleanse think about it?

One juice cleanse is basically suitable for anyone who wants to improve their diet, give their body a break or make a fresh start. People who have recently been ill or are suffering from health problems should definitely try the consult a doctor beforehand. Children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women should also refrain from juice cleanse refrain from breastfeeding.

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