Saftkur Erfahrung: 3 Tage Saftfasten mit LiveFresh

Juice cure experience: 3 days juice fasting with livefresh

Let's be honest: there are always phases in which we do not feel 100%in our skin. The reasons for this can be very different. Usually we sleep too little, rarely eat fruit and vegetables and plan too little movement in our everyday life. Then we wish one Uncomplicated solution to consume important nutrients and vitamins And to treat our body the necessary time -out.

Detox, cleaning, detoxify - that sounds good, but what does a juice cure really bring? The goal: the Supply body with cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices And with it the Basis for a more conscious way of life create. You can find out here whether this will happen and what happens in your body when you do a juice cure for three days. Laura Krüger, 28 years old, has one three -day juice cure From livefresh Started and reports on their experiences.

Why do you do a juice cure?

My research has shown: Juice cures offer numerous advantages. In these few days, the body is supplied with all important nutrients and vitamins using juices and can take a deep breath by avoiding solid food.

  • The body and intestine is granted a break
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Physical and emotional reset
  • Hunger and satiety is better met
  • Restart with new energy and more power is possible
  • Basis for a long -term more conscious diet

That sounds promising! but Which juice cure is the best? Although there are many juice spa providers, the choice has been relatively easy: one LiveFresh juice cure Should it be. You will find out why in the next paragraph.

Why LiveFresh?

Behind LiveFresh is a small start-up from Lake Constance, which is 100 % behind the quality and freshness of its products. Conventional juices are often pasteurized and thus lose valuable vitamins & taste. In contrast, the LiveFresh juices cold-pressed, so not exposed to harmful heat. Stay like that Receive important nutrients & vitamins - and that with full taste. Also lays Live great emphasis on sustainability:

  • The entire company is climate -neutral
  • They support regional climate protection projects
  • You use green electricity from your own photovoltaic system
  • Waste is used in the regional biogas plant to green energy
  • They plant trees in Germany
  • Bottles are made of recycled PET and sent in sustainable thermobox

Juice cure preparation: the relief days

To make the changeover easier for my body, I have Even before the juice cure three Relief Objected in which I Fats and heavy meals, coffee and alcohol forego have. I primarily used full -fledged carbohydrates, lots of fruits and vegetables, salad and soups. The good thing: You get one for the live juice cure 30-page guide with useful tips & tricks for the time before and after the cure as well Delicious recipes for light food. This change of your own habits turned out to be the first exciting challenge in which initial withdrawal symptoms have to be expected. Nevertheless, this phase is very important to prepare the body for the reset.

My advice: Concentrate on the positive and do not deal too much with what you will be missing, but what you can gain good through the juice cure. Good preparation is the first step into a new, more conscious and healthier way of life.

LiveFresh 3-day juice cure

In this short period of three days, only juices, water, unsweetened tea and vegetable broth can be drunk to relieve the body and intestine. LiveFresh provides 7 juices and 3 shots for every day, the perfectly matched to the reset of the body are.

These 7 different juices are included in the package:

  • 3x 250 ml Happy Lemon (lemon & orange)
  • 3x 250 ml hey awake (Orange & Guarana)
  • 3x 250 ml of summer feelings (strawberry, mango & lime)
  • 3x 250 ml red rocket (beetroot, carrot & orange)
  • 3x 250 ml of green feelings (kale, apple & spinach)
  • 3x 250 ml Keep Calm (pineapple, Ashwagandha & Acerola)
  • 3x 250 ml of gold frenzy (orange, pineapple & passion fruit)

These 3 different shots were there:

  • 3x 60 ml shots red power
  • 3x 60 ml shots turmeric power
  • 3x 60 ml shots Sunshine Berry

One thing in advance: All juices tasted great. Nobody tastes like the other. One tastes "healthier", the other "sweet". You could look forward to the next juice every time and there were no problems getting the juice down.

End of the juice cure - experience report

There are 7 juices and 3 shots available every day, which I drunk in an interval of two hours have to supply the body with all important nutrients & vitamins.

  • The day started around 8:00 a.m. with the Happy lemon juice and one Sunshine Berry Shot For the daily requirement of vitamin D.
  • It continued 10:00 watch with the Hey awake juice With natural caffeine and a high proportion of vitamin C. This helped over the first day of the day.
  • Then around 12:00 o'clock Was there that Summer juice feelings As a healthy refreshment for lunch and the Turmeric Power Shot as dessert.
  • Around 14:00 clock finally delivers the Juice red rocket The required energy for the afternoon.
  • It continued 4:00 p.m. With the green feelings juice that helped well over the afternoon depth.
  • Then around 6:00 p.m. the Gold intoxication juice With extra biotin and the Red strength shot With natural magnesium.
  • Around 8:00 p.m. The day ended with the healthy Schlummer Drink Keep Calm for the nightly regeneration of the body.

I could find one thing: one Juice cure not only demands mentally, but also physically. Especially on the first day, the thoughts still revolve around the food and my body showed slight withdrawal symptoms such as headache or fatigue. However, this is quite normal and gets better over time.

My advice: Keep up! From the beginning, take the juice cure from the beginning and to distinguish attempts between hunger and appetite. Usually we only eat out of habit or out of boredom. The thoughts often come out of their heads and not from the stomach.

Already on the second day I could slowly determine physical changes. My body adjusted to the changeover. At the latest on the last day you feel much easier and fitter. The pride and the feeling of pulling through the juice cure without exceptions were indescribable. Even if there were repeated phases over the day, in which I would like to have gripped to solid food.

My advice: Planning employment! We often eat out of boredom. Therefore, try to design your days during the juice cure so that you are much busy and distracted. It is also helpful to prepare the refrigerator in front of the juice cure so that there are no necessities your favorite dishes in it.

My conclusion-is a 3-day juice cure worth it?

When you make a juice cure for the first time, then it is 3-day juice cure The ideal possibility Find out how you are during a juice cure and how you taste and get the juices. After your first experience, you can best assess whether a longer juice cure is suitable for you. Because one thing is clear: The longer the juice cure, the greater and long -lasting the effect.

In my experience, however, were also Already after the three -day juice cure positive effects record. You know your own body better afterwards and you can again distinguish much better between hunger and appetite. In addition, you are faster afterwards than before the juice cure - Stomach and hunger seem to have regulated themselves in this short time.

Important is: Do not let influencers and marketing strategies blind - what matters is the content of the juices, which ideally should be produced as natural and cold as possible.

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