1-Tages-Saftkur: Was bringt das kurze Saftfasten wirklich?

1-day juice cure: What does the short juice fast really bring?

Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Klum live it before and more and more people do it: Juice fasting. Hardly any trend has gained as much attention in recent years Detox for the body using juice cures. But what does a juice cure actually do and a juice cure makes sense for a day? In this blog post, you will find out why it does nothing to fast for a day and how you should do instead.

What is a juice cure and how does it work?

One Juice cure usually goes over a period of several days when you Body treats a break. These days you relieve your own body and intestine with the help of Juices from rich fruit and vegetables as well as additional water and unsweetened teas. Meanwhile, solid food is dispensed with. In this way the body can regenerate and find new strength. At best, the juice juices contain all vitamins and nutrients that the body needs during this time.

Why a 1-day juice cure does not make sense

A juice cure should be one Time of change, mindfulness and awareness be. During this time you can Yours Reflect your own eating habits and your lifestyle, to start after the cure with a more conscious form of nutrition and more movement. It is probably not surprising that this is not possible within a day. One 1-day juice cure Is not bad for the body, but then you return to old habits, the positive effect is still absent. A reset is not possible for the body within a day. In this short time, you also do not have the chance to get to know your feeling of hunger and satiety so well to to benefit from sustainable.

The first physical changes are noticeable after a day, but only through a longer one Juice cure of at least 3 days can You too achieve long -term effects. The longer the juice cure lasts, the easier it will be Then to start a conscious and fitter way of life.

What does a juice cure do?

Unfortunately, making a juice cure for a day is not enough to be able to cause a positive effect on physical and mental health. In order to enable your body and intestine the deserved time and relief, you should at least to the 3-day juice cure to grab. But what should a juice cure actually do?

  • During the juice cure Do you come to rest physically and mentally.
  • Your body is relieved and has relieved and has Time for a real reset.
  • With this inserted break you get a better feeling for hunger, saturation and your body.
  • Creates a juice cure Awareness of a balanced diet. This could be your start in a more conscious diet or even lifestyle to feel fitter and more comfortable in the long term.
  • This makes it easier for you to take off bad eating habits and To acquire healthier habits.

LiveFresh juice cures - who really make sense

Conventional juices that can be bought are usually pasteurized and thus lose important vitamins & nutrients. In contrast to conventional juice, the ingredients are of our juices cold pressed and therefore at no time exposed to harmful heat - Many precious vitamins & nutrients and the full taste are preserved.

Every day of the live juice cure there are 7 juices and 3 shots available that perfectly matched to the reset of the body are. Our juices and shots are 100 % natural And are made from cold -pressed fruit and vegetables. This means that important Receive secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals, which means that they become a true one Superfood will. They supply the body with all important nutrients in an interval of two hours.

We currently offer our classic juice cure for different lengths of time in our Online shop on:

When you first do a juice cure and are still unsure how you are doing-please try our 3-day juice cure. This time can already help you to achieve your healthier and more conscious self. If you are braver or more experienced with juice cures, then like to grab juice cures for our 5 or 7 days. Basically it should be said The longer you get into this experience, the more you can learn about your body And the more you choose too Then for a healthier diet and way of life.

We offer you high quality juice cures at a fair price. Never heated, 100 % natural and without additives. Here you will find more information about our various juices of our juice cure: LiveFresh juices in focus

Frequently asked Questions:

How long should a juice cure last?

A juice cure for a day is not enough to cause a permanent effect on you and your body. Only after Overcoming the challenging first daysin most cases, positive effects can be seen. But: whether you are the juice cure now 3, 5 or 7 days want to do, is entirely with you. The body can finally relax and is completely set to zero. The longer the juice cure, the more consciousness you create for a balanced diet and the sooner you decide for one after that Healthier lifestyle. Important is: Listen to your body and your well -being. If you are limited in health, i.e. in front of the juice cure with a doctor.

What does a juice cure bring?

Why you should do a juice cure: A juice cure can Start in a healthier and fitter life be. The juice cure can make it easier for you to take bad eating habits and put your body on reset. You not only relieve your intestine, but also place it The foundation stone for a long -term change in diet. Through the break that you treat yourself and your body, Can you get to know your feeling of hunger and satiety again and start test with Full of energy in a more conscious life.

What do I have to consider with a juice cure?

Either Preparation as well as follow -up are very important for a successful juice cure:

  • On the days before the juice cure you should have yours Slowly adjust the body to the change in diet.
  • In the days before, you should do without greasy dishes, rich food, sugar and alcohol. It is best to use recipes from our 30-page brochure for light food. You get this brochure for every live juice cure and it also contains valuable tips To behavior before, during and after the cure. For more information and healthy recipe ideas, please see our Instagram Profile or at our News & Juice Blog Gone- there you will regularly find simple and light recipes for the preparation and follow-up of a juice cure.
  • Additionally It is important to the juice cure juices & shots 2.5-3 l liquid to take you.
  • Also the postprocessing is super important: if you don't make sure you stay on the ball, you will long -term switch to a healthier lifestyle do not create. So try not to fall back into old habits immediately.

What should I do without during the juice cure?

Fixed food is dispensed with during the juice cure. It will Only the juice cure juices & shots as well as a lot of water and, if necessary, unsweetened tea and vegetable broth drunk. The cold -pressed juices supply the body with all important nutrients & vitamins and are perfectly tailored to the body's reset. But it is also essential In addition to the juice cure, a lot to drink. We recommend a liquid intake of 2.5-3 l a day. Vegetable broth Can also help the To compensate for the electrolyte balance.

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