Juice cure side effect: headache when fasting

Have you decided to make a juice cure? the LiveFresh juice cure is ordered, you have that Preparation Considered and are ready for a new experience? You dream of fasting high, of which everyone tells where you feel fit and light and light Suddenly unpleasant side effects such as headaches, circulatory problems and discomfort occur? In these moments, many people begin to doubt whether a juice cure is actually right for them. We'll tell you What the side effects are all about and what you can do about itto successfully survive your juice cure.

Possible side effects in juice fasting

It is not unusual that negative side effects occur during a fasting cure. Above all At the beginning of the fasting days If symptoms occur more and more that quickly reveal doubts.

Possible side effects of a juice cure are:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • Blemishes
  • Calculation sensation
  • Mood swings
  • Body ache
  • fatigue
  • Lack of concentration

You should know one thing in advance: You are not alone with these symptoms. These side effects are definitely not a reason that LiveFresh juice cure To stop and simply give up. Rather, you should Perceive signals as a change in your body, which is currently adjusting to the change in diet.

Now that you know the possible side effects of a fasting cure, you can Prepare for it accordingly And you know what can happen to you. The following tips and tricks will help you easier to deal with the symptoms and react correctly. Once you have overcome your personal low, you can On the long-awaited fasting high and the Positive effects after the juice cure be happy.

Why are headaches a common side effect when fasting?

Headache is one of the most common symptoms during a juice cure that Especially at the beginning there is increasing. It cannot generally be answered whether the headache will arise and how strong the throbbing is.

The headache is a sign that Your body is currently changing its metabolism. the Uric acid values ​​in your circulation rise for a short time And can be a reason for your unpleasant headache.

Another The reason for your complaints can be a withdrawal symptom. The absence of certain foods and stimulants such as coffee, sweets or alcohol can trigger withdrawal symptoms. Your body is in a way dependent on caffeine and short -chain carbohydrates And the absence of these substances can lead to headache, uncomfortable and difficulties of concentration in the early days. Realizes your body that your metabolism will also change.

What can I do for headaches when fasting?

In order not to create the headache, you should A lot of value on the right one preparation lay. It is best to avoid caffeine and sweets a few days before the juice cure. Try your Body slowly getting used to the changeover.

If the pain is already there, you should make sure to drink enough water. Because the previously mentioned uric acid is broken down via the kidneys. We therefore recommend that you support your organs In addition to the juice cure juices & shots 2.5-3 l liquid to take you. For more variety you are welcome to unsweetened tea and vegetable broth to grab. It can also help a Slow salt in a large glass of water To give and drink - this compensates for the electrolytes.

Depending on your well -being moderate movement have a positive effect on your juice cure experience. You should do without intensive training sessions so as not to overwhelm your body. Note: Each body is individual and reacts differently to a fasting cure. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to the signals of your body and respond to its needs.

In general we recommend you while the juice cure to turn back a gear, so that your body can get used to the new situation. So try best to avoid any type of stress source.

Here are our tips for headaches when fasting for you:

  • Body weaning the body before fasting coffee and sweets
  • Drink enough water
  • The right measure of movement
  • Avoid stress sources

Frequently asked questions about headaches when fasting:

Why do you have a headache when fasting?

Headaches often occur at the beginning of fasting because the Köper changes the metabolism And increase the uric acid values ​​in the circulation at short notice. Another reason for the headache is often one Withdrawal symptomthat can arise from the absence of caffeine, sweets and alcohol.

What to do for headaches when fasting?

To avoid headaches when fasting, the Body can be used to changing your diet at an early stage and slowly. Therefore one should Do without coffee and sweets a few days before the juice cure. Also important: Drink a lot of water, unsweetened tea and vegetable brothto supply the body with sufficient fluid and to support the organs. It should also be tried, stress to avoid and integrate the right level of movement into everyday fasting life.

What side effects can fast?

Common side effects when fasting are headaches, among other things, Local pain, dizziness, blemishes, feeling of cold, mood swings, fatigue and lack of concentration. However, if you know what can happen to you and you are preparing for this, you can deal with these symptoms more easily.