Paleo – Die Steinzeiternährung

Paleo - the Stone Age nutrition

Among other things, we tell you what is behind this diet, what it can bring you and which foods are allowed.

What is Paleo?

The Paleo nutrition is based on the nutrition of the original hunters and collectors of the Paleolithic Age and is therefore also referred to as a stone age nutrition. Paleo comes from the English term "Paleolithic Diet" and means Paleo nutrition/diet or stone age nutrition/diet. With this type of nutrition, it is assumed that the metabolism of people today matches our ancestors from the Paleolithic. According to this view, eating habits from today are not good for the body and make us fat and sick, while the Stone Age diet can promote health and lead to weight loss. The Paleo nutrition therefore relies on all foods that were also available to our ancestors and that are thus optimally adapted to our metabolism and our genetics.

What does this form of nutrition bring you?

Since our ancestors in the Stone Age, for example, have not yet been able to produce food from grain, the Paleo nutrition usually takes fewer carbohydrates than the average "normal" eater. This can change the intestinal flora for example and the diet can lead to a reduction in body weight. However, the focus should not be on weight loss or diet in the Stone Age diet. Rather, it should be about consciously and intensively dealing with your own food or nutrition. Since this nutritional form only has foods from the Stone Age, you automatically avoid unhealthy foods and only eat natural food. These promote your health and body feeling so that you feel fitter and more comfortable. The nutritional form is also used for autoimmune and metabolic diseases, for example, since it contains less inflammatory substances. Natural foods in the Paleo Nutrition also help to relieve or even prevent cravings, as they fill you up for a long time and keep your blood sugar level at a constant level. Other effects, which are often associated with Paleo, are less digestive difficulties, more stable immune system, better sleep, less inflammation or better concentration.

Which foods are allowed?

If you choose the Paleo diet, you will find a lot of vegetables, animal protein, fruit and nuts on your plate - all food that our ancestors from the Stone Age could collect or hunt. In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of the food and at best use regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables or eggs, fish and meat in organic quality.

A pizza in the Paleo diet? Yes, that is possible! At the bottom of the blog post you will find the link to our Paleo Pizza recipe.

examples for allowed one Food:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • Nuts - e.g. hazelnut, macadamiaus, walnut
  • Eggs-preferably in organic quality
  • Fish and meat-best in organic quality
  • honey
  • Seeds-e.g. linseed, sesame seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

examples for not allowed Food:

  • Grain
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes - e.g. peanuts, lentils, chickpeas
  • Sweets and chips
  • Fast food and finished products
  • All artificial additives
  • sugar
  • Soft drinks
  • alcohol

In principle, the permitted or unpassed foods are not difficult to understand in the Paleo diet, right? It should still be mentioned that there is still no stone age nutrition. In any case, one can state that our ancestors have only fed from natural and unprocessed foods. But depending on the habitat and the region, the diet has differed or food has differed. The residents of colder regions were able to collect and hunt different foods than those in Africa. That means it was crucial what nature had just offered.

Who is this diet suitable for?

Our ancestors from the Stone Age moved a lot because they were nomads and collected and hunted their daily food. That means they moved significantly more than we did today. Therefore, it is advisable not only to implement Paleo in nutrition, but also to apply it to the entire lifestyle. Also make sure that you are in the fresh air outside, move or do sports.

The Stone Age diet is very suitable for people who like to eat fresh and naturally eat and enjoy movement. The people in the Stone Age were mixed foodists, which means they ate everything, including meat and fish. Certainly the new interpretation of the Paleo nutrition can also be implemented vegetarian or vegan. However, the protein requirement must be kept in mind very precisely and covered by nuts and seeds alone, which should not be very easy.

As with any other nutritional form, you should deal with it sufficiently and put together your meals varied in order to adequately supply your body with all important nutrients. The examination of the Paleo nutrition can be super interesting and exciting, because on the one hand you work with fresh, natural and high -quality foods and on the other hand you also travel into the past of our humanity and deal with life at that time. For this reason, since Paleo includes our evolutionary origin, it is a meaningful type of nutrition for many people to become or stay fit in the long term.

Do you fancy a first paleo recipe?

Pizza variants are also possible with the Paleo diet, e.g. by a pizza base made of cauliflower. Would you have thought that? A great alternative that you should definitely try!

Here you come directly to our recipe: Paleo recipe - cauliflower pizza

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