Vegane Low Sugar Cookies

Vegan Low Sugar Cookies

Do you fancy cookies without sugar? Then this recipe is perfect for you. These vegan cookies not only have no sugar, they are also super tasty. They can be perfectly integrated into a healthy diet and give you in yours Juice cure Preparation and follow-up the possibility of a delicious snack. Try it out!

Ingredients (12 cookies):

300g oatmeal

2 bananas


Cashew nut


  1. Press the bananas into a creamy porridge with the help of a fork
  2. Add the nutmus of your choice, as well as the oatmeal
  3. Chop the cashew nuts and add them to the other ingredients
  4. Mix all the ingredients carefully
  5. Put 12 dough portions on a baking sheet and form cookies
  6. Bake bake at 150 ° C for 15 minutes
  7. Topping with liquid chocolate

Nutritional values ​​(per cookie):

113 kcal

18g of carbohydrates

3.75g protein

2.4g fat

Recipe video:


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