Veganes Snickers-Bananeneis

Vegan's Snickers banana ice cream

On these hot days there is nothing about a refreshing ice! We have a super fast ice recipe with fresh fruit for you. It is not only super tasty, but also healthy. So it can be ideal in yours Juice cure Install the preparation and follow-up and into a healthy everyday life. Try it out. You can find the ingredients and the preparation in this article. At the bottom of the blog post you will find the recipe video with our Jessi. Enjoy your meal!

Ingredients (4 portions):

1 banana

Nussmus of your choice


½ Tafel vegan delicateal chocolate


    4 ice cream stalers


      1. First peel the bananas, halve them and cut them back lengthways
      2. Distribute the nutmus of your choice on the flat side of the banana with a knife
      3. Put the peanuts on the nutm
      4. Put the ice cream stick into the banana from below
      5. Melt the dark chocolate in a small bowl and put the liquid chocolate on the peanuts as a topping
      6. Put the bananas in the fridge for 2 hours

      Already knew?: Faring chocolate is mostly vegan, from a cocoa content of 70%.

        Nutritional values ​​(per ice):

        169 kcal

        13.8g carbohydrates

        4G proteins

        10g fat

        Recipe video:


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