Keto pancake - recipe with cream cheese

We have a delicious keto pancake recipe for you that you will definitely taste! The best thing about it? With just a few ingredients you can conjure up a healthy and nutritious breakfast, which is also great for oneJuice cure Preparation or follow-up. You only need 2 ingredients for the pancakes. At the bottom of the post you will find the right recipe video. Have fun and let it taste good!

Ingredients for 4 pancakes (approx. 2 portions):

2 eggs

3-4 tablespoon of cream cheese

some coconut oil or butter

Fresh raspberries

Fresh blueberries


Mix the eggs and cream cheese with a mixer until the dough no longer contains pieces and is nice and liquid. Let the dough rest for 2-3 minutes so that the blisters can settle. Scoop approx. 1/4 of the dough into a heated pan and greased with coconut oil. Schwenke the dough so that it gets a nice round shape. Fry the dough on both sides for about 2 minutes until it is golden brown. Attention: Don't let the pan get too hot! Repeat the process with the rest of the dough. Finally, you can garnish the finished pancakes with raspberries and blueberries. Enjoy your meal!

Nutritional values ​​(per serving):

400 kcal

10g of carbohydrates

13g protein

28g fat

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Recipe video: