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To durability our juices & shots - 5 tests for review

We are very often asked whether our juices & shots can still be enjoyed after the minimum preservation date (MHD) or whether you can still drink our juices if they were not cooled for 2-3 days because they are given to the neighbor or the post office, for example became. In both cases you can usually drink our juices & shots. With the helpful tests of our nutritionist Dr. You can play Ulrike Fischer safely. She tells you some tests that show whether your juices & shots can still be edible or drinkable. Have fun reading and/or explanatory video!

A brief explanation of the best -before date itself: The minimum preservation date is the time to which we, as a manufacturer, guarantee that our juices & shots retain their specific properties, such as smell, taste and nutritional values. In very frequent cases, foods can still be edited beyond their best before date. We therefore advise you - use your senses well and trust them. In this way you can prevent food waste and save a lot of money.

If the best before date has been exceeded, each food should be checked in detail. We will explain to you using our pomegranate juice how this works exactly how this works and how you can find out whether your juice is still drinkable:


The color is no Indication of whether a food is still edible or not. For example, pomegranate juice tends to get a slight brown stitch during the warehouse. The reason for this lies in the very valuable polyphenols that are included. In addition, the color can sometimes vary due to the raw goods. So don't be fooled by the color. she is no Criterion for whether you can still drink a juice or not.

Test 1:

Check whether the ring on the top of the bottle is still intact, i.e. whether the packaging was actually closed all the time. The durability can only be guaranteed if the bottle was tightly closed.

Test 2:

Check whether the packaging or the bottle is bloated or whether it is still nice and slim. Floating indicates a fermentation in the bottle. If your juice is still nicely slim and not bloated, this is a good sign.

Test 3:

If the juice looks okay from the outside, you can continue with the next tests. Shake the juice, hold the bottle on your ear and slowly open it. This allows you to test whether “hissing” is perceptible when opening. This would also indicate fermentation.

Test 4:

After opening slowly, keep the juice or bottle directly on your nose and smell whether you can perceive anything fermented or lively. If, as in our example, the pomegranate juice only smells fruity, sweet, it is typical and normal for this juice - everything is fine!

Test 5:

Only when the smell is okay do you take a very small sip of the juice. If a product had been spoiled, it would taste lively or musty or would be sparkling on the tongue. If a fruity fresh taste is noticeable in pomegranate juice, everything is fine. In this case, the juice can still be drunk very well and does not have to be thrown away - cheers!



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