Sport während der Saftkur? Das solltest Du wissen

Sport during the juice cure? You should know that

Can I do sports during the juice cure? This question reaches us very often. That is why we would like to give you the most important information about sports during the juice cure in this blog article. You will find out what we recommend during the juice cure and why. We also provide you with helpful tips and 3 workouts directly to participate.

Sufficient exercise & sport, like nutrition, belong to a healthy lifestyle. If you do a juice cure, the body has to adjust to a new situation & get used to the changeover. We therefore recommend that you turn back a gear during the juice cure and let it go gently. Avoid intensive training sessions and do not overwhelm your body with excessive stress. The body has fewer calories available during the juice cure, so it is in a calorie deficit. As a result, the energy level has been shut down and your performance is reduced as a whole. So give your body the calm that he needs during the changeover during the juice cure.

In principle, we recommend a moderate effort through easy movement or light workouts. This can even have a positive effect on your juice cure experience, since moderate sports units are activated and stimulated by moderate sports units and the metabolic processes. Light workouts can optimally support your reset. In addition, you can counteract muscle breakdown through mild sport. Important: The breakdown of muscles is hardly noticeable even with the 7 -day juice cure! Nevertheless, easy movement is good overall for the preservation of the muscles. All in all, sport can cause a good mood and raise the mood because it appears invigorating on the entire body. So use the positive effects of sport during your juice cure - with reduced intensity.

In any case, important for you: listen to your body and the signals that he sends to you. Everyone is individual and every body reacts differently to the juice cure. Therefore, carefully test for yourself which and how much sport is good for you during the juice cure. For example, your personal fitness state is also decisive for which exercises and training sessions are suitable for you during the juice cure. Some also feel very good with a little more strenuous training, others only feel fit enough to go for a walk. Under no circumstances should you drink enough water - this is basically a very important point during the juice cure.

Now we have given you the most important information as to whether sport can be done during the juice cure and what you should consider. But what exactly can be done during the juice cure? We can, for example, mobility training, yoga sessions (find out here Basic knowledge, tips & yoga exercises from our expert Lisa), recommend light workouts with moderate exercises or extensive walks. Especially walks enable you to snap fresh air and get out into nature. But you can also carry out the training sessions or yoga sessions in good weather. Use the fresh air, tank energy and you will see that you will do it very well!

For everyone who has wanted light workouts, we have 3 workout videos with our dear brand ambassador Tahnee. The workouts are ideal to plan them during your juice cure. Have fun!

Juice cure workout 1:


Juice cure workout 2:


Juice cure workout 3:


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