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Order healthy food

Sometimes you can't motivate yourself to cook, but don't want to constantly eat unhealthy convenience foods from the delivery service? That doesn't have to be the case! Because with LiveFresh you can order healthy food that is ready in just a few minutes, extremely tasty and 100% vegan. We'll tell you how you can keep yourself healthy despite ordering food eat a healthy and balanced diet and what the vegan dishes from LiveFresh makes them so special.

With LiveFresh order healthy food: Low carb & high protein

Low calories, low carbohydrates, but all the more protein and valuable nutrients: This is what makes the vegan meals from LiveFresh vegan meals. Only selected ingredients make it into the finished dishes, which prepared in less than 9 minutes in less than 9 minutes. With LiveFresh you will find a selection of diverse dishes - from Indian to Mexican to Asian, there is something to suit every taste. High quality vegetables and plenty of protein will keep you full for a long time.

You can choose the meals simply order online. The ingredients are gently shock-frozen and cooled with dry ice on the way so that your order fresh and frozen stays fresh and frozen. If you don't feel like cooking and want to eat something healthy, simply reach into the freezer compartment and help yourself to your stock of Healthy Meals.

Mexican, Indian, Italian, Asian & Oriental - varied and balanced

Ordering healthy food is easy with the vegan dishes from LiveFresh is child's play. We prove that Italian doesn't always mean unhealthy pizza and Mexican doesn't always mean lots of cheese and high-calorie sauces. Every cuisine offers healthy alternatives and at LiveFresh you can easily order them online.

  • OrientalDo you like the taste of oriental food? Then try our vegan Ras El Hanout Bowl with oriental spiced sliced meat based on wheat and pea protein. Naturally 100% vegan.
  • MexicanWe also have the right dishes in our range for fans of Mexican cuisine. How about a vegan fajita bowl with sliced meat made from 100% plant-based ingredients and an irresistible combination of vegetables? Or would you prefer a vegan chili sin carne? The vegetable chili with vegan mince is particularly healthy.

  • AsianIf you like Asian-inspired dishes, then our vegan exotic bowl is the best choice. The Asian-spiced vegetables give the vegan mince that certain something. Alternatively, you can also try our creamy turmeric curry. The crunchy beans provide you with plenty of fiber and plant-based protein.
  • ItalianOf course, a delicious pasta dish should not be missing from the menu. Our vegan Tuscan-style fusilli bowl impresses with pasta made from chickpeas, vegan mince and a selection of crunchy vegetables.

  • IndianOur vegan tikka masala is a new interpretation of the Indian classic - 100% vegan, healthy and sustainable. Vegan minced meat in a creamy coconut milk sauce with oriental spices and crunchy vegetables - this combination is very promising.

Order healthy food todayin just a few minutes in the comfort of your own home and get started on a healthy and balanced diet! The dishes support you thanks to low-calorie recipe and lots of protein also help you lose weight. The exquisite selection of different types of vegetables provides you with important nutrients and keeps you full for a long time. Would you like an all-round carefree package with all meals for the whole day? Then our food cleanse could be just the thing for you.

Order healthy food online: The advantages

Fortunately, pizzas and burgers are no longer the only things you can order online. have delivered you can have delivered. The advantages of healthy food from LiveFresh we'll tell you now:

  • You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking every day. The dishes are prepared in a maximum of 9 minutes and are ready to eat. This can save your make your everyday life much easier.
  • You might not buy certain foods or combinations of ingredients yourself. Thanks to our well thought-out meals you eat more variety and try new dishes.
  • All meals from LiveFresh are low in calories. The high protein content provides your muscles with energy and the low-carbohydrate ingredients allow you to lose weight naturally.


Frequently asked questions about ordering healthy food:

What can you order that is low in calories?

LiveFresh offers with its Healthy Meals delicious vegan dishes with few calories to order and have delivered. With every meal you only consume around 400kcal and thus save a lot of calories every day. The varied vegetables in the dishes will still keep you full for a long time and provide you with important nutrients.

Can you have healthy food delivered?

Yes, you can have healthy food delivered! The ingredients are gently shock-frozen and cooled with dry ice during transportation so that your order arrives fresh and frozen at your home.

Which vegan dishes are low carb?

The vegan dishes from LiveFresh are all Low carb and high protein. Low carbohydrates and high protein help you to lose weight sustainably.

Can you lose weight with frozen meals?

Frozen food is better than its reputation. The healthy food from LiveFresh arrives frozen. The gentle freezing process ensures that important vitamins and micronutrients are preserved and that you are optimally healthy diet are supported.

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