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Lose weight healthily: Lose weight permanently with these tips

Being overweight is and remains a risk to your health and can severely affect your well-being. For this reason, losing weight is at the top of many people's to-do list. Weight reduction should preferably quickly and effectively and effective. Many diets with a high calorie deficit are successful in this respect, but the real challenge lies in keeping the weight off. maintaining your feel-good weight in the long term. The so-called yo-yo effect unfortunately intervenes far too often. A flash diet therefore does not bring lasting success. We therefore reveal a few tips for healthy weight loss for permanent weight reduction. In most cases, small changes to your eating habits are enough, which can then be incorporated into your regular diet. diet plan should be integrated.

Healthy weight loss vs. crash diet

Do you want to lose weight healthily in the long term? Then you should definitely avoid quick crash diets to avoid the infamous yo-yo effect. Here is an overview, what constitutes healthy weight loss and why crash diets are less healthy and sustainable.

Lose weight healthily

Crash diet

Healthy alternatives

Focus on renunciation and strict prohibitions

At least 1200 kcal per day

Too large a calorie deficit

Long-term change in diet

No long-term learning success

Balanced diet

Nutrient deficiency

Sport & exercise in everyday life

No sport / No exercise

Protein-rich meals


Lasting success

yo-yo effect


Why you should avoid quick flash diets

Flash diets, shake diets and the like - they all have one thing in common. They promise lightning-fast weight loss in the shortest possible time. These diets often go hand in hand with harsh restrictions, constant weight control and hardly any long-term effects. The few calories and constant hunger are very tedious. A short time later, the kilos are back again, which is correspondingly demotivating. In addition, an ill-conceived crash diet can even lead to even lead to health problems and deficiency symptoms. The immune system is severely weakened during this time and you become more susceptible to illness. We'll tell you how you can lose weight healthily - without starving yourself.

You can find more information here: >> 7 typical mistakes when losing weight <<

Healthy weight loss without starvation: What really matters

The big task is to make a permanent change to your diet - the switch to a long-term balanced and healthy diet. This requires a lot of patience and a large portion of self-acceptance. Your own well-being and health should always come first.

In the following tips, we will show you how you can eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and so lose weight sustainably in the long term. Once you have internalized these behaviours, nothing will stand in the way of you and your feel-good weight. without giving up, cravings or the yo-yo effect.

Tips for losing weight

  1. Hunger and satiety: When you lose weight you learn your hunger and satiety anew - pay attention to your body's signals. Eat slowly and enjoy your food so that your feeling of satiety can kick in.
  2. Increase proteinEat enough protein. It boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. It also keeps you full for longer. As a rule, you need around 1g of protein per kilogram of body weight. To help you, you can weigh your favorite protein-containing foods so that you know how much you should eat.
  3. Use healthy fats: When cooking, reach for healthy oils such as olive oil, linseed oil, algae oil or coconut oil. These contain essential fatty acids.
  4. Avoid carbohydratesEliminate carbohydrate-containing side dishes such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes from your diet as far as possible. Some foods contain sugar without you realizing it at first glance. Therefore, pay particular attention to the list of ingredients and look out for sugar names such as glucose, fructose, malt extract, lactose, sucrose, etc. Instead, you can look for healthy alternatives such as colorful vegetables. These provide you with vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  5. Reduce snacksTry to plan 3 solid meals a day if possible and take 4 to 5-hour breaks between them. The right composition of proteins and fats in your main meals is crucial so that you are well satiated and don't need snacks. In an emergency, you can choose healthy alternatives to potato chips, chocolate and the like and eat nuts, vegetable sticks with hummus or guacamole and olives.
  6. Thirst and drinkingDon't confuse hunger and thirst. We therefore recommend that you drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea - at least 2.5-3 liters a day. You should avoid sugary drinks such as soft drinks and energy drinks as far as possible.
  7. Get enough sleep: A lack of sleep and stress cause the hormone cortisol to be released. This stimulates the appetite and inhibits digestion.
  8. Integrate exercise into everyday lifeExercise is not only healthy, it also boosts the metabolism and helps you lose weight. From now on, take the bike more often or walk short distances. You should also take the stairs more often instead of taking the elevator. With regular sport you can also burn extra calories and lose weight faster.

A healthy diet to lose weight: LiveFresh food cleanse

Do you want to lose weight healthily? We have the solution: The LiveFresh food cleanse with a diet plan to lose weight. This weight loss cure is aimed at a long-term change in diet. Choose between a 7, 14 or 21-day cure and enjoy an all-round carefree package. The package contains delicious meals for every day - 100% vegan and sustainable. From the porridgeover protein shakes and juices through to vegan snacks and one skin dish per day, everything is included in the package. Perfectly tailored to your body, the vegan meals with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The focus is on Low carb and high protein - the ideal conditions for successful weight loss.

Healthy recipes in the enclosed guide will prepare you optimally for the diet and our useful tips and tricks will support you even after the cure so that you can continue to lose weight. maintain your feel-good weight permanently permanently. The food cleanse is completely guided and accompanied! There is no classic diet feeling, as you continue to eat normally - just healthy and low in calories. This is the natural way to lose weight. We attach great importance to the optimum combination of high protein content and low carbohydrate content.

With an average of 1200 calories per day you are eating with a significant calorie deficit but without starving yourself. You can save up to 7000 calories per week and lose up to 1 kg of fat.

For more inspiration, browse through our healthy recipes on our blog or on our Instagram-page.


Frequently asked questions about healthy weight loss:

Is losing weight healthy?

Losing weight too quickly can be bad for your health. If, on the other hand, the weight is reduced slowly, this can be have a positive effect on health and well-being. Your body will give you a healthy and balanced diet will thank you.

Why lose weight healthily?

Losing weight quickly is not good for your health and is also not particularly sustainable. You can only lose unwanted kilos in the long term with a healthy diet. Every kilo lost can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, depression, osteoarthritis and many other diseases. So losing weight healthily is definitely worthwhile.

What causes obesity?

The cause of obesity is often due to too high a calorie intake and too little exercise. But also poor diet also plays a decisive role here. We often eat too many carbohydrates, sugar and salt. Vegetables, salad and fruit are then regularly neglected. Caution is also advised with Stress and too little sleep These factors also contribute to obesity.

At what body weight should you start losing weight?

How much body weight is too much depends, among other things, on your height. The calculation is therefore often based on the body mass index (BMI) is often used to calculate this. In our online BMI calculator you can calculate your value free of charge with just a few clicks. It is often calculated from a BMI of over 25 it is considered sensible to lose weight. However, the BMI is only a rough guidethat does not apply to all people. For athletes, for example, this calculation method is not meaningful.

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