Das Mond-Neujahr und der Start für eine Gewichtsabnahme

The Lunar New Year and the start of weight loss

The Lunar New Year is also Spring Festival or Chinese New Year and refers to the beginning of the year in some traditional calendar systems of Asia. The event is considered the most important traditional festival in China. Similar to Germany, celebrating the New Year is particularly important within the family.

Time and duration of the Spring Festival

The festival lasts for 16 days long. For the beginning there are actually no fixed date and the day of the New Year changes every year. However, it is always celebrated between January 21 and February 20. The New Year marked the change from one lunar year to the next. The exact date is based on the lunar calendar. This is because the Chinese New Year takes place always on second new moon after the winter solstice takes place. The winter solstice is on December 21, which is the longest night and the shortest day, after which the days slowly get longer again.

So this year the New Year celebrations begin on January 22, 2023as there is a new moon the day before.

Which countries celebrate Lunar New Year?

Especially the people in East Asiain Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam, celebrate the spring festival. But people in Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines also follow the Asian calendar, depending on the region. There are also deviations: In Tibet, for example, the New Year is usually celebrated one new moon later than is customary in China.

Spring festival customs

Traditionally, the entire festival is celebrated in the color red, as in Asia red is a lucky color color. It is said to give people ward off misfortune and keep away evil spirits. Red also stands for prosperity, growth and love.

During the Spring Festival, there are various customs that either bring good luck or bad luck. The following are believed to bring good luck:

  • Sweet food
  • New pair of slippers bought in the old year
  • Leaving the light on at night

Bad luck, on the other hand:

  • Cutting your hair
  • Buying new shoes every year
  • Talking about the deceased

Traditionally, the New Year ends with the Lantern Festival. 

Meaning of the animals and elements in the Chinese New Year

Based on the traditional Chinese calendarwhich dates back almost five millennia, each year is associated with an animal sign according to the zodiac cycle in connection. The twelve animal signs are (in order): Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. 2022 was the year of the tiger and 2023 is therefore the year of the rabbit.

The zodiac in our sky also includes five figures that are not animals: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. However, the zodiac in our sky corresponds to the constellations through which the sun moves in the course of a year. In contrast, the twelve signs of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar have no direct connection to the starry sky.

The fact that even in China twelve figures in the zodiac probably goes back to the scarce twelve-year orbital period of the bright planet Jupiter back.

Thanks to the role of the moon and sun, the calendar and seasons are never out of sync. New Year is always in winter. Many years are twelve months long - but some are thirteen.

In addition to the animal zodiac signs, which each rule for one year, the Tiger, Dog, Rabbit and others are associated with one of the five different elements: earth, metal, wood, fire or water. These elements in turn represent certain character traits.

2023 is in the element of water and, according to traditional belief, ensures that the new year is characterized by openness and flexibilitybut also rationality will be characterized by rationality.

Traditional Chinese medicine and weight loss

In traditional Chinese medicine, the year is also divided into further phases, during which the body various metabolic activities and also needs different support. For example, the body needs in winter cooked, easily digestible food in winter, as the metabolism slows down runs slowly. Weight loss is more difficult during this time, as the body needs everything it can get immune defense to maintain the immune defense. After the Chinese New Year, however, the active metabolic period begins at the beginning of February, when it becomes easier to lose weight. Ideally with a warm porridge and another warm meal during the day to keep the metabolism from hibernation to bring. The ideal time to start food cleanse easily into the new year. In addition to a porridge in the morning and a warm, vegan meal in the evening, you also have a protein shake and a snack with you, so that a weight loss without feeling hungry can work.

Using the phases of the moon for weight loss

Even after the New Year and the first good time to lose weight in the new year, you have according to Chinese traditions regularly have the opportunity to lose weight more easilyby participating in the moon rhythm rhythm. Weight loss is usually easier from the full moon onwards. Why not try the food cleanse as a regular routine for the full moon. For optimum results, you should eat after the food cleanse make sure you eat a balanced diet with few carbohydrates, sufficient protein and plenty of colorful vegetables. You should also incorporate sufficient exercise and sport into your daily routine.

Frequently asked questions:

Which country celebrates Lunar New Year?

The spring festival is mainly celebrated in East Asia, i.e. Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam. But it is also celebrated in Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.

What do people say on Chinese New Year?

As with the European New Year, people also wish each other a "Happy New Year" on Chinese New Year.

In which country is there no New Year's Eve?

In Asian countries, the New Year is not celebrated on New Year's Eve, but only from the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice, with the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.

How long does the Chinese New Year last?

The New Year lasts 16 days and the beginning is based on the phase of the new moon.

When is the best time to lose weight?

Weight loss works best after the Lunar New Year at the beginning of February, as this is when the metabolism wakes up from hibernation. However, any full moon is also a good time to start losing weight. With a little exercise and a conscious diet, it is much easier at this time. The food cleanse is ideal for losing weight sustainably - try it out for yourself! 

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