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Slimming your stomach: the best tips & exercises

Belly fat is unfortunately not just an aesthetic problembut can also dangerous for your health health. Depending on where the fat is stored in the body, it may be harmless, for example on the bottom and thighs, or it may be a cause for concern, such as on the stomach. We from LiveFresh therefore tell you how you can lose belly fat effectively and quickly quickly. Read our best tips for losing belly fat and do something good for yourself and your health.

Get rid of love handles - for a flat stomach and your health

Belly fat not only makes for an unflattering figure, but can also help to increase blood pressure and have a negative impact on blood lipid levels and blood sugar levels. As a result, the larger the abdomen, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So if you want to lose weight on your stomach, not only promotes a firm stomach, but also your health.

Reduce belly fat with just a few tipsthat you should integrate into your everyday life on a permanent basis. The two most important things are a healthy diet and more exercise. However, you should know one thing in advance: Targeted weight loss on the stomach alone does not workeven if many products and diets promise to do so. This is because energy is obtained from all fat deposits, which means that fat is not only broken down in one specific area. The good thing is that you lose belly fat quickly if you reduce your intake of sugar, carbohydrates and calories and incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.

You can find more information on this in our blog on the topic "Lose weight healthily“.

Tips for losing weight on your stomach - it all depends on your diet

Do you want to lose belly fatit depends above all on the right diet is important. A simple solution is the LiveFresh food cleanse. This provides you with all the meals you need for a healthy everyday life for 7, 14 or 21 days. From delicious porridge for breakfast over healthy snacks for in-between meals to shakes and vegan bowls until you supplied with many important nutrients and vitamins every day. The cure is also fully guided and accompanied. The focus is on high-protein and low carb - the ideal conditions for losing belly fat.

Would you rather do it yourself Recipete and try you out, we have put together our Top 4 diet tips for losing weight on the stomach for you.

1. achieve a calorie deficit

To lose weight on your stomach you must eat with a calorie deficit. This means that you should eat fewer calories than you consume. If you do this over a longer period of time, your body will start to Energy from the stored belly fat from stored belly fat. So you will lose belly fat over time.

Here you can find our free Basal metabolic rate and calorie requirement calculatorwhich you can use to calculate how many calories you should consume each day with just a few clicks.

2. no calorie-containing drinks

Sweetened drinks such as cola, lemonade, soft drinks and juices contain a lot of calories. The sugar they contain causes your insulin levels to rise and then fall again quickly. The inevitable consequence: cravings.

To lose weight on the stomach it is therefore better to avoid these unnecessary calories and rather unsweetened tea or water to quench your thirst.

3. foods that keep you full for a long time

To make it easier for you, reduce your waist sizeyou should Eat foods that keep you full for a long time. This will also make you less tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks in between meals. With the right approach, you not go hungry when losing weight. Above all, rely on Dishes with lots of protein. Protein provides energy and acts as a natural appetite suppressant - perfect for losing weight.

We recommend eat lots of vegetables every day - they are filling, have few calories, but provide important vitamins and fiber. Do you generally want to lose weight vegan and avoid animal products? Here you can find our Tips for a vegan diet.

4. avoid carbohydrates

Depending on when you eat and what you do afterwards, food affects the body differently. If you go out into the fresh air after eating, it is digested better and less fat is stored than in the evening before going to bed. To avoid insulin spikes, especially in the evening, you should avoid carbohydrates.

Exercises against belly fat - 3 training methods

Yes, you can also Lose weight without sport. With a little training or exercise in everyday life, however, it is quicker and healthier. Because in addition to nutrition sport also plays a decisive role in losing weight on the stomach. With the combination of sport and a healthy diet you can quickly get rid of hip fat and improve your health. However, it's not just about training your abdominal muscles. We'll tell you 3 forms of exercise that work best.

Here you will find helpful tips on how to fitness and sport into your everyday life can: Tips for sport in everyday life.

1. endurance sports

Endurance training is a proven method to lose weight permanently. This includes sports such as running, cycling and swimming. They are particularly suitable for beginners, as the intensity is relatively low and the duration is individually adapted depending on the can be individually adjusted. The inhibition threshold for starting endurance sports is therefore correspondingly low and no special equipment is required. However, as the intensity is rather low at the beginning, so is the calorie consumption. That's why we say: Keep at it to get into the fat-burning zone quickly.

2nd HIIT workout

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. This is about, repeating various sports exercises as often as possible in a short time intervalto get your heart rate up. You usually only train with your own body weight or relatively light weights. Depending on the workout, these units usually last no longer than 15 minutes - but are nevertheless very effective and above all intensive. As your circulation is really revved up, you continue to burn calories for a certain amount of time after the workout until your body has regulated itself back to its normal level - this is the so-called afterburn effect, which makes losing weight child's play.

3. weight training

Another way to reduce belly fat is weight training. The reason is simple: when you increase your muscle mass, you consume more calories. Also for beginners weight training is also ideal for beginners, as the weight is individually adapted to the training level can be adapted to your training level.

Please note: Muscle is heavier than fat. This means that your scales may not show any change even though you are losing belly fat. To determine your success in losing weight, you can measure your abdominal circumference instead.

Frequently asked questions about losing weight around the belly:

Can belly fat be dangerous?

Yes, Fat deposits on the abdomen can be dangerous. This is because abdominal fat can accumulate under the muscles and thus accumulate around the organs. This organ fat stimulates the release of messenger substances, which can increase and negatively affect blood pressure and blood lipid levels. This increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Losing weight on the stomach is therefore not only a good idea to achieve a flat stomach, but also to promote your health.

How much belly fat is too much?

You should know one thing: Even slim people can have too much belly fat. The easiest way to do this as part of a blood test to check blood lipid levels. For even more certainty, you should have a comprehensive health check should be done. The abdominal girth can also give an indication of too much abdominal fatFor women this should be less than 80 cm and for men less than 94 cm.

How can I measure my waist circumference correctly?

To measure your waist circumference correctly, you should note the following:

  1. Clear your upper body & stand upright
  2. Run the tape measure once around your body in a straight line between the lower ribcage and the belly button
  3. Always measure at the same time for comparable results

Why does fat like to accumulate on the stomach?

Where fat is deposited in the body, depends on several factors. One of the biggest influencing factors is clearly the genetic predisposition. But also lack of exercise, unhealthy diet with too many calories, carbohydrates, sugar and fat and diseases such as an underactive thyroid affect whether fat is deposited on the stomach.

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