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Vegan lunch

The vegan diet has become an increasingly popular diet in recent years. diet established in recent years. This form of nutrition avoids animal products such as meat, dairy products and eggs and instead relies on a wide range of plant-based foods. Various reasons such as a healthy diet, sustainability or ethical considerations play an important role in the decision to go vegan.

In this article, you will find out what benefits you can benefit from when you go vegan and how you can best implement a plant-based diet. We also show you our favorite vegan recipes for lunchthat you can easily cook at home.

Why eat vegan?

A vegan lifestyle has various advantages that benefit your own health and the environment - you can find out exactly which advantages you can benefit from here:

Health benefits

A vegan lunch can have a positive effect on your health and well-being. The choice of food plays an important role in this. A vegan lunch can provide you with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These nutrients help to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, among other things. At the same time, vegan meals are often lower in calories and contain less saturated fat, which can help with weight control.


In contrast to the production of vegan food, the production of animal-based food requires more resources such as water and energy. Avoiding animal products and eating vegan food therefore helps to reduce the ecological footprint. A vegan lunch therefore not only promotes your health, but also that of our planet.

Ethical reasons

To promote animal welfare and prevent the exploitation of animals, many people choose to go vegan. Increased awareness of the conditions in animal husbandry and the resulting consequences for the animals promotes veganism. In this way, vegans contribute to the animal rights movement.

Well-being and weight control

A vegan lifestyle can help you to control your weight and increase your energy levels. Plant-based foods are easier to digest and lead to fewer energy dips after meals, which can also help you feel better.

Getting started with a vegan diet

There are various points that can make it easier to start a vegan diet. Here you can find out how to get started easily and healthily:

  • Varied recipes: The vegan kitchen has many different, delicious and balanced recipes for you! Create a colorful and varied menu to keep you healthy, fit and happy throughout the day.

  • Balanced and healthy foods: To follow a healthy lifestyle, you need to make sure you are taking in important nutrients and fiber. Plenty of vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and pumpkin, pulses such as beans and lentils and fruit will provide you with all the nutrients you need. Many vegans prefer tofu as a meat substitute, as it can be prepared in a similar way to meat and contains a lot of protein.

  • Use vegan alternatives: The vegan diet has developed enormously in recent years, so you can easily cover your dietary requirements with vegan alternatives. Simply replace the cow's milk in your coffee with an oat or almond drink, eat a delicious soy yoghurt with plenty of fruit and nut butter for breakfast, or grill some delicious marinated tofu in the oven.

  • Be aware of your reasons: If things do become more difficult, you can always remind yourself of the reasons FOR veganism. Regardless of whether it's ethical or environmental reasons, you should always know the background to your decision.

  • Don't be too strict: You don't have to completely change your diet from one day to the next. Start step by step and give yourself and your body time to get used to the change.

To make it easier for you to start veganism and prevent you from resorting to fast food in stressful situations, for example, the vegan bowls from LiveFresh. The bowls are available in different flavors, are 100% vegan, super tasty, high protein and can be prepared in less than 9 minutes - a quick and vegan solution without a lot of stress!

Vegan recipe ideas for lunch

Contrary to the assumption that a vegan diet is one-sided and boring, here we show you our favorite recipes for a vegan, healthy and delicious feast! The recipes feature a balanced variety of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates such as pasta or rice. Here are quick, vegan and delicious recipes that you can cook for lunch:

Vegan potato salad
Vegan spring rolls
Vegan asia pan
Vegan one pot pasta 
Vegan summer rolls

On our blog you will find more delicious and vegan recipes to try out. You'll also always find the latest articles about nutrition and health!

Frequently asked questions about vegan lunches:

Do veganism and sport go together?

With a balanced and varied diet, you can do sport without any problems. Especially if you do a lot of sport, you should make sure you get enough vegan protein sources sources of protein. These include beans, lentils and tofu. Nutrient-rich vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce and pumpkin should also be included in your diet.

Is it possible to eat a balanced diet with a purely plant-based diet?

If the vegan diet is carefully planned, it can be balanced and healthy. However, there are some important aspects to consider to ensure that all nutritional needs are met.

Despite the fact that a vegan diet offers health benefits, there are some potential challenges. Above all protein supplywhich is usually provided by meat and dairy products, must be replaced with a variety of plant sources such as pulses, nuts, seeds and soy in a vegan diet. If not all nutrients can be covered by the diet, vegan nutrition experts recommend taking supplements such as vitamin B12. 

Is vegan food expensive?

No, quite the opposite. Compared to meat products, vegan alternatives, vegetables, fruit and pulses are often cheaper. Try to cook for yourself as often as possible and avoid processed substitute products to avoid spending unnecessary money on a healthy diet.

On our blog and also on our TikTok channel you'll find lots of great vegan recipes that you can easily try out at home! The recipes range from pastato modified dishes such as vegan curry up to summer salads - there is something for everyone here!

What foods can I eat as a vegan?

Especially with a vegan lifestyle, you should pay attention to a balanced and nutritious diet. Here are some foods that you can easily integrate into your vegan diet:


It is often assumed that there are only a few sources of protein in a plant-based diet, as meat, fish, milk and eggs are not consumed. But even as a vegan, you can supplement your meals with tasty and protein-rich foods. Easily prepared and served with rice, transformed into a vegan curry or deliciously integrated into a salad - we have listed the best vegan protein sources for you here:

  • Lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas

  • Tofu and tempeh

  • Soy milk, soy yogurt

  • Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts

  • Chia seeds, linseed, hemp seeds

  • Quinoa, bulgur, millet


Healthy fats are an important part of a healthy diet and should not be neglected in a vegan diet. Vegan sources of fat include, among others:

  • Avocado

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Olive oil, coconut oil

  • Coconut milk


You're in luck here! Only plant-based foods contain fiber, which is why you are well supplied with it. Here are the best vegan sources of fiber:

  • Wholemeal products

  • Vegetables: tomatoes, pumpkin, lettuce, broccoli, carrots

  • Fruit: apples, berries, oranges

  • Legumes: peas, beans, chickpeas

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Dried fruit


In addition to familiar foods such as rice, pasta and potatoes, you should also choose more pulses when it comes to carbohydrates, as these also serve as a source of protein.

  • Cereals: rice, pasta, couscous

  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes

  • Bread and cereal products

  • Maize

  • Pulses: lentils, beans, peas

Can I find vegan lunches in restaurants?

Yes, you can definitely find a vegan lunch in restaurants. As the demand for vegan options has increased significantly in many restaurants, many restaurants have added vegan dishes to their menus.

When looking for suitable restaurants, you can search online for vegan restaurants in your area. There are many websites and apps that list vegan-friendly restaurants and even offer reviews from other diners. Before you visit a new restaurant, you can always check the menu online or call the restaurant directly and ask for vegan options.

Even if a restaurant doesn't have explicitly vegan dishes on the menu, they can often adapt existing dishes to make them vegan. For example, many vegetables or carbohydrate side dishes such as pasta, rice or potatoes are vegan from the ground up and can be eaten without any problems. Salads are also usually prepared vegan - pay attention to your choice of salad dressing.

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