Vegane gesunde Fruchtgummischlangen

Vegan healthy fruit gum lengths

Are you looking for a healthy, fruity snack? This vegan fruit leather is super simple with 2 ingredients and a great change. In addition, this snack is ideal for yours during your preparation and follow-up3, 5 or 7 days of juice cure. You can find out in this post which ingredients you need and how you can prepare this snack yourself. You can find the recipe video at the bottom of the post.

Ingredients (1 sheet):

400g berries

2 tablespoons of date syrup


  1. Put the berries and the date syrup in a mixer and mix until you get a creamy mass
  2. Pour the mass through a sieve into a new bowl to filter out fixed components
  3. Put the mass on a baking sheet without baking paper
  4. Spread the mixture thinly on the tray
  5. Put the sheet in the oven at 50 ° C for 4 hours
  6. Let the mixture cool and cut it into strips on the sheet metal
  7. Separate the strips from the baking sheet
  8. Enjoy your meal!

Nutritional values ​​(1 sheet):

294 kcal

51.6g carbohydrates

5G protein

1.9g fat

Recipe video:


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