Vegane gesunde Apfel-Donuts mit Toppings

Vegan healthy apple donuts with toppings

Do you fancy a quick snack in between but not many ingredients at home? No problem, we have a super fast and healthy snack for you. In addition, this recipe can be ideal in yourJuice cure Install the preparation and follow-up and into a healthy everyday life. Delicious vegan and healthy apple donuts with toppings of your choice. With only 3 ingredients you can easily prepare this snack. Have fun!


1 apple

peanut butter

Toppings (for example: oatmeal, nuts, coconut flakes)


Remove the cores of the apple with the help of a gutor. Cut the apple into slices so that you get apple rings. Spread the apple rings with peanut butter and sprinkle them with the toppings of your choice. Arrange and enjoy!

Nutritional values:

360 kcal

27.4g carbohydrates

12g protein

21g fat

Recipe video:


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