Original Christmas gift ideas for men & wife

Which gifts should you only give away for Christmas this year? Whether for men or women, friends or girlfriend, grandma or grandma, brother or sister - the decision for a Christmas present is usually not easy. The gifts should be as original as possible and give joy. We will tell you how this succeeds in this article. Let yourself be inspired by our gift ideas And enjoy the pre-Christmas Advent time thanks to our tips without any Christmas stress.

Find the perfect Christmas present for men and women

Christmas presents are one Nice gesture that can be used to show that you have thought about what the other could enjoy at Christmas. The best gift doesn't always have to be big or expensive. Often a little attention or something homemade is enough to put a smile on the face of men and women.

With the following 4 steps you will definitely find the perfect gift for Christmas:

  1. Customize the budget: First think about how much you want to spend on the gift.
  2. Address interests: What hobbies or interests does the recipient have and with which gift could you make the person happy?
  3. Personalize: Especially with material gifts, there is often the opportunity to personalize them - this ensures the personal touch.
  4. Wrap up: Not only the gifts themselves play a role. A lot says how the gifts are packed. Christmas wrapping paper, grinding, ligaments and personal pendants or stickers make the gifts particularly special.

Adjust gift ideas to the interests

We have a few helpful tips for you to find out Which gift best suits the person presented. Because no matter whether man or woman, everyone has any interests.

How is the recipient or what makes it or she?

  • romantic: In this case you score with personal gifts with your friend. Be creative and make a loving photo book with your common memories or a voucher for time together. With a self-designed voucher calendar, your counterpart has something of your gift for a whole year.
  • comfortable: Give something that is useful and makes everyday life even more convenient. How about a coffee mug to-go, a cuddly blanket or warm slippers? Gifts such as a bubble bath and scented candles can also ensure relaxation.
  • athletic: Practical objects such as a drinking bottle, headphones or sports clothes could be the right choice. Funny sports gadgets such as indoor mini-golf, or Air hockey usually arrive well and cause a good mood even in bad weather.
  • nutritional: For friends or family members who pay attention to a balanced diet and attach great importance to your own well -being or just like to try something new LiveFresh juice cure An interesting gift idea. With the cold -pressed1 Juices and shots can be relieved of the body and intestine - perfect for a reset after the holidays.
  • interested in culinary: Keep an eye out for interesting spices or special drinks such as wine or whiskey. In addition, a suitable cookbook or a engraved wine glass and your original Christmas gifts are ready.
  • inquisitive: A gift that hardly anyone thinks of for Christmas: a magazines subscription. The recipient has a whole year of this and can train topics such as technology, business, sports and Co. Gifts such as funny puzzles, where you have to make the brain, are usually well received.
  • technology -savvy: Give away practical computers gadgets that make life easier or get a iconic computer game for real nerds. A personalized mouse pad gives your gift a personal touch.

Buy stress -free Christmas gifts

To avoid Christmas stress is Early planning important. Write down in time for whom you need gifts and make your first notes with gift ideas for the respective person. The best time to buy Christmas presents is November. So you are guaranteed to have enough time. In today's online age, of course, you no longer have to push yourself through the crowds to get a creative and original Christmas present.

If you choose LiveFresh Christmas gifts, you can Order conveniently online And the gift comes to your home in time - that saves time. So you can enjoy Advent stress -free.

Pack the Christmas gifts creatively

If the Christmas gifts are nicely packaged, you can put a smile in the face at first sight. On the Internet, an infinite number of ideas are circulating on how you can create a feast for the eyes from a gift - we have summarized the best tips for you here:

  • Paint wrapping paper yourself: All you need is to have single -color wrapping paper and a nice pen. Calculate or describe the paper, your gifts look particularly individual.
  • Personalized trailers or stickers: With personalized supporters or stickers, you not only make sure that the gifts arrive at the right person, you can also write very personal sayings or congratulations on it.
  • Details: With colored gift straps, cinnamon sticks, Christmas balls, stars or dried oranges, you ensure that certain something. These details make gifts particularly Christmas.

Our top gift idea for Christmas

A gift that makes a lot of pleasure and is also useful? The Christmas present from LiveFresh. It is suitable for everyone and with just 1 click you have the perfect gift for your loved ones. the Juices and shots from delicious fruits and vegetables ensure a soothing vitamin kick. Porride in different flavors, tea and a muesli shell round off the gift. The perfect mix for starting in a more conscious diet.

So you not only give away delicious fruit and vegetable juices with the Christmas present from LiveFresh, but also the possibility for a more balanced way of life.

By the way: Do you already know that LiveFresh Advent calendar - The delicious and soothing alternative for the advent time? With this you shorten the time before Christmas.

Frequently asked questions about Christmas gift ideas:

When is it best to buy Christmas presents?

In the best case you take care Already in November around the Christmas gifts. So you get away from the worst Christmas stress and are guaranteed to have enough time. Also ordered online Gifts then arrive in time until Christmas. In addition, there are mostly in November Actions like the Black Friday, where You can really save. If you buy the gifts online shortly before Christmas, there is a great risk that they will not arrive on time.

What are useful gift ideas for Christmas?

Christmas gifts are really useful when the recipient can need it. That can of course be very different depending on age, gender and interests. Here you will find a few ideas for useful gifts for Christmas:

  • Time together: Give away a voucher for joint activities-be it a cozy coffee in the city, a hike at sunrise, a picnic in the vineyard or a film evening with popcorn.
  • Homemade: Depending on the interests, you can easily do many useful things yourself. Create your own baking mix or try yourself on your own jam. Care products such as a lip balm can also be made at home with just a few ingredients. Your homemade gifts are ready in no time.
  • Theme box: Depending on the hobby of the recipient, you can put together an individual theme box. Filled with various spices, a cookbook and a wooden spoon, it is the perfect gift for all hobby chefs. Equipped with different seeds, garden gloves and a beautiful watering can, all hobby gardeners are happy about the gift. Be creative!
  • Help in everyday life: If you know that a friend or a friend often fights with the same problem, you can try to offer help and thus facilitate everyday life. How about borrowing a voucher for babysitting or car? Add the gifts to the needs of the recipient!

Which Christmas gifts for adults?

The target group of this gift category is very large. This includes adults who have only become 18 years old, but also people at 40-60 years or older. In addition, it usually depends on whether you are looking for Christmas presents for men or women.

Everyone has one thing in common: The gift ideas should be special and well thought out. Here are a few ideas:

  • Personalized gifts with engraving: Adults are usually happy about personalized gifts. Glasses or jewelry with engraving signal appreciation and are particularly personal.
  • Gift vouchers: If you have no other idea, a gift voucher is the best choice. This can make sure that you don't give away anything wrong. A voucher for shared experiences is particularly well received in most cases.
  • Gadgets: Funny gadgets are particularly good for people who do not want to grow up. Whether for at home, office or outdoor - the selection of technical players, gimmicks and joke items is huge.