Juice diet: reset for your body

Schwor Supermodel Naomi Campbell on the juice diet to lose weight quickly To treat the body and intestine a break and create the foundation for a long -term conscious diet. In this post, we will tell you why the juice diet is still as popular as it works and what it really brings.

This is how a juice diet works

The juice diet is a mono diet:  Juices from fruit and vegetables Celery  Pomegranate juice cure.

The juice cure can be easily integrated into everyday life and takes little time.  Sufficient vitamin and nutrient supply guarantees  Juice cure 

The rules of a juice diet

  • Three to seven days.
  • dispensed with solid food.
  • Drunk nutrient fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Drink two to three liters of water every day.
  • Unsweetened teas and vegetable broths are allowed, to ensure some variety and to compensate for the electrolyte balance.

You should definitely consider that

Preparation as well as the follow -up  do without greasy dishes, rich food, sugar and alcohol in order to make it easier for you to change.

Sports units  However, moderate effort through easy movement can have a positive effect on your juice diet and optimally support the reset. 

After -processing is super important in order to benefit from the advantages of juice diet in the long term. In order to create the switch to a generally healthier and more conscious way of life, you should introduce your body to a normal diet step by step. So your metabolism can slowly change. Do not try to fall into old habits again.

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Frequently asked questions about juice diet

Is a juice diet healthy?

Juice cure offers the ideal way for a restart Storage your body with important vitamins and nutrients better feeling for hunger, saturation and your body to keep healthy habits and to start a generally more conscious way of lifestyle.

Can you lose weight through a juice diet?

clear calorie deficit Many people lose some weight during the diet at short notice holistic healthier lifestyle 

How long should a juice diet take?

want to do, is  more conscious way of life Always listen to your body and your well -being.

Which juice diet is best to reset the body in the long term?

In contrast to conventional juices, the live juices for the juice cure are pressed cold1   Receive important nutrients & vitamins