Saftdiät: Reset für Deinen Körper

Juice diet: reset for your body

Back in the 90s supermodel Naomi Campbell swore by the juice diet to lose weight quickly. However, fasting with juice is not only done for the desired weight loss, but mainly, to give the body and gut a break and lay the foundations for a more conscious diet in the long term. In this article, we reveal why the juice diet is still so popular today, how it works and what it really achieves.

How a juice diet works

The juice diet is a mono-diet: This means that you only eat one food or one food group during this time. In the case of the juice diet, these are Juices made from fruit and vegetables. Juice diets are therefore also available with just one type of fruit, such as the celery cure or the pomegranate juice cure.

The benefits of juice fasting are obvious: The juice cleanse can be easily integrated into everyday life and takes very little time. What's more, the ingredients of the juices are ideally matched to each other, so that a sufficient supply of vitamins and nutrients is guaranteed. is guaranteed. How it all works and what you need to know before starting a juice cleanse should consider here:

The rules of a juice diet

  • A juice diet usually lasts three to seven days.
  • During this time solid food is avoided.
  • Only only nutritious fruit and vegetable juices.
  • You should also drink two to three liters of water a day.
  • Unsweetened teas and vegetable broths are permittedto provide some variety and balance electrolytes.

You should definitely keep this in mind

Both the preparation as well as the follow-up are very important for a successful juice dietto slowly introduce the body to the change in diet. A prerequisite for fasting with juice is that you enjoy drinking fruit and vegetable juices. This will make it a lot easier for you to get through the period. A few days before the juice fast, you should also fatty foods, rich foods, sugar and alcohol to make the transition easier for you.

During the diet, you should definitely shift down a gear so that you can get used to the new situation. Avoid intensive sports units should be avoided so as not to overtax your body. However, moderate exertion through light exercise can have a positive effect on your juice diet and optimally support the reset. Always remember: every body reacts individually to a juice cleanse!

Also the Follow-up is super important to benefit from the advantages of the juice diet in the long term. In order to make the transition to a generally healthier and more conscious lifestyle, you should gradually introduce your body to a normal diet after the diet. This will allow your metabolism to slowly readjust. Try not to fall back into old habits.

LiveFresh Juice cures - time out for your body

In contrast to conventional juices, the ingredients are of the LiveFresh juices are cold-pressed1 and therefore not exposed to harmful heat at any time - many valuable vitamins & nutrients and the full taste are retained. On each day of the cure, 7 juices and 3 shots of LiveFresh are available, which perfectly matched to the reset of your body are perfectly tailored to your body.

Currently offers LiveFresh the classic juice cleanse for different periods of time in the online store at:

If you are on a juice diet for the first time and are still unsure how you feel about it - try the 3-day diet. juice cleanse from LiveFresh try it out. This short period can already help you to reach your more conscious self. If you are more experienced with juice cures, then be brave and try the 5- or 7-day juice cleanse from LiveFresh.

LiveFresh stands for high quality juice cures at a fair price. Never heated, 100% natural and without additives. Here you can find more information about the different juices of the LiveFresh juice cleanse: LiveFresh Juices in focus

Frequently asked questions about the juice diet

Is a juice diet healthy?

First of all, a juice diet is no substitute for a balanced diet. But a juice cleanse offers the ideal opportunity for a new start. During this time you drink only nutritious juices made from fruit and vegetables and provide your body with important vitamins and nutrients. By abstaining from solid foods, you give your body and intestines a break and develop a better feeling for hunger, satiety and your body. This will make it easier for you after the juice diet, maintain healthy habits and start a generally more conscious lifestyle.

Can you lose weight on a juice diet?

During a juice diet you feed yourself with a a significant calorie deficit. Thereby many people lose some weight in the short term during the diet. However, the real goal of juice fasting should be to switch to a holistically healthier lifestyle which is achieved through the juice cleanse is simplified.

How long should a juice diet last?

Whether you do the juice diet for 3, 5 or 7 days want to do, is entirely your decision. Your body can finally relax and is completely reset. The longer you juice cleanse diet, the more aware you become of the importance of a balanced diet and the more likely you are to decide to eat a balanced diet after the diet. a more conscious lifestyle. The important thing is: Always listen to your body and your well-being.

Which juice diet is best to reset the body in the long term?

To reset your body in the long term, you should use high-quality juices that provide your body with all the important nutrients. In contrast to conventional juices, the LiveFresh juices for the juice cleanse cold pressed1 and unpasteurized. This means that many important nutrients & vitamins are preserved and the taste is not lost.

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