Detox juice cure

Saftdiät: Reset für Deinen Körper

Juice diet: reset for your body

Back in the 90s supermodel Naomi Campbell swore by the juice diet to lose weight quickly. However, fasting with juice is not only done for the desired weight loss, but mainly, to give the body and gut a break and lay the foundations for a more conscious diet in the long term. In this article, we reveal why the juice diet is still so popular today, how it works and what it really achieves.

How a juice diet works

The juice diet is a mono-diet: This means that you only eat one food or one food group during this time. In the case of the juice diet, these are Juices made from fruit and vegetables. Juice diets are therefore also available with just one type of fruit, such as the celery cure or the pomegranate juice cure.

The benefits of juice fasting are obvious: The juice cleanse can be easily integrated into everyday life and takes very little time. What's more, the ingredients of the juices are ideally matched to each other, so that a sufficient supply of vitamins and nutrients is guaranteed. is guaranteed. How it all works and what you need to know before starting a juice cleanse should consider here:

The rules of a juice diet

  • A juice diet usually lasts three to seven days.
  • During this time solid food is avoided.
  • Only only nutritious fruit and vegetable juices.
  • You should also drink two to three liters of water a day.
  • Unsweetened teas and vegetable broths are permittedto provide some variety and balance electrolytes.

You should definitely keep this in mind

Both the preparation as well as the follow-up are very important for a successful juice dietto slowly introduce the body to the change in diet. A prerequisite for fasting with juice is that you enjoy drinking fruit and vegetable juices. This will make it a lot easier for you to get through the period. A few days before the juice fast, you should also fatty foods, rich foods, sugar and alcohol to make the transition easier for you.

During the diet, you should definitely shift down a gear so that you can get used to the new situation. Avoid intensive sports units should be avoided so as not to overtax your body. However, moderate exertion through light exercise can have a positive effect on your juice diet and optimally support the reset. Always remember: every body reacts individually to a juice cleanse!

Also the Follow-up is super important to benefit from the advantages of the juice diet in the long term. In order to make the transition to a generally healthier and more conscious lifestyle, you should gradually introduce your body to a normal diet after the diet. This will allow your metabolism to slowly readjust. Try not to fall back into old habits.

LiveFresh Juice cures - time out for your body

In contrast to conventional juices, the ingredients are of the LiveFresh juices are cold-pressed1 and therefore not exposed to harmful heat at any time - many valuable vitamins & nutrients and the full taste are retained. On each day of the cure, 7 juices and 3 shots of LiveFresh are available, which perfectly matched to the reset of your body are perfectly tailored to your body.

Currently offers LiveFresh the classic juice cleanse for different periods of time in the online store at:

If you are on a juice diet for the first time and are still unsure how you feel about it - try the 3-day diet. juice cleanse from LiveFresh try it out. This short period can already help you to reach your more conscious self. If you are more experienced with juice cures, then be brave and try the 5- or 7-day juice cleanse from LiveFresh.

LiveFresh stands for high quality juice cures at a fair price. Never heated, 100% natural and without additives. Here you can find more information about the different juices of the LiveFresh juice cleanse: LiveFresh Juices in focus

Frequently asked questions about the juice diet

Is a juice diet healthy?

First of all, a juice diet is no substitute for a balanced diet. But a juice cleanse offers the ideal opportunity for a new start. During this time you drink only nutritious juices made from fruit and vegetables and provide your body with important vitamins and nutrients. By abstaining from solid foods, you give your body and intestines a break and develop a better feeling for hunger, satiety and your body. This will make it easier for you after the juice diet, maintain healthy habits and start a generally more conscious lifestyle.

Can you lose weight on a juice diet?

During a juice diet you feed yourself with a a significant calorie deficit. Thereby many people lose some weight in the short term during the diet. However, the real goal of juice fasting should be to switch to a holistically healthier lifestyle which is achieved through the juice cleanse is simplified.

How long should a juice diet last?

Whether you do the juice diet for 3, 5 or 7 days want to do, is entirely your decision. Your body can finally relax and is completely reset. The longer you juice cleanse diet, the more aware you become of the importance of a balanced diet and the more likely you are to decide to eat a balanced diet after the diet. a more conscious lifestyle. The important thing is: Always listen to your body and your well-being.

Which juice diet is best to reset the body in the long term?

To reset your body in the long term, you should use high-quality juices that provide your body with all the important nutrients. In contrast to conventional juices, the LiveFresh juices for the juice cleanse cold pressed1 and unpasteurized. This means that many important nutrients & vitamins are preserved and the taste is not lost.

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Detox-Saftkur: Setze Deinen Körper auf Reset

Detox juice cure: Put your body on reset

Do you have the desire for a healthy, vital body and want to feel good? You want to detoxify your body, become fitter Or put an end to problems with digestion? Then we have a tip for you: How about a detox juice cure? the LiveFresh juice cure Not only supports the body in the detoxification process, also for a balanced gastrointestinal tract, detox cures are among the most tried and tested means. You can help Annoying pounds, fatigue and headache to get rid of. At the same time, the LiveFresh juice cure supports you to feel fit and balanced. 

In this article we show you how you have success with a detox juice cure Can, detoxify your body and the fun is not neglected!

The most important tips to detoxify correctly 

Whether at breakfast, lunch or in the evening - most of us eat a meal at least three times a day. First and foremost should that deliver important energy to our body. The shortcoming: With every food we also encourage our body a whole series of pollutants that can be difficult or not digested. 

Especially industrially processed foods cannot automatically dismantle the body. The result: you inhibit our metabolic process, make us tired, we rob us of the concentration And let it feel and feel limp. 

Are you similar? Then we have a few tips for you with which you can reset your body and set it back to zero-with a detox juice cure from LiveFresh. 

What is a detox juice cure? 

The term detox is derived from the English word "detoxification", which means as much as: 

1. detoxification 


2. Detoxification 

    To press the reset button for your body, the juice cure is a proven and currently trendy option. In general, it's about To replace your usual meals with cold -pressed juice, which only consists of fruit and vegetables. The aim of a detox juice cure is to relieve your body and intestine-and thus get to a strengthened and freed body feeling. 

    Would you like to support your immune system and win new energy for your everyday life? Then our detox juice cure is just right for you. 

    Choose the variant that best does your body and you: You can use the classic 3-day juice cure Slowly ranast or whole Seven days detox. At LiveFresh you will find the detox juice cure that suits you and your lifestyle. 

    What does the detox juice cure bring with live fresh? 

    Juice cures and detox in general are absolutely trendy! Especially during fasting or classic after the holidays, the term "detox juice cure" always falls in the good New Year's resolutions. 

    At first it may not sound without sound: one or several days on the beloved coffee in the morning, do without the delicious pasta from the Italian next door or the typical after-work drink. But the experience of many live fresh customers shows that it is worth going out in the long term. 

    Stressed out of everyday life or in time - many of us like to forget that Every grip for fast food, every cigarette or already a cocktail poison for our vitality and our organs. Actually, intestinal, bladder and kidneys take on the task of detoxifying the body and keeping fit. In the case of too many pollutants and industrially processed products that we consume every day, the cells are quickly overwhelmed. There is hardly any time left to process the large amount of toxins holistically. 

    With the juice cure, you give your body the opportunity to free yourself from these poisons. Cold -pressed juices and shots support the intestine, bladder and kidneys to transport difficult to process from your body And to relieve the digestion with it. 

    The body needs less energy and the defenses of our immune system also become more active again. Because your body is relieved, you have the option of yours to get rid of constant fatigue and the concentration problems. 

    7 good reasons to start with your juice cure today 

    You want to do something good for your body, feel more comfortable in your own skin and change something on your lifestyle - but are still skeptical about Detox. We have collected 7 reasons that show why you shouldn't wait any longer with the start of your juice cure. 

    1. You remove bad eating habits: After the detox juice cure, you remove old, bad eating habits and can master everyday life more easily with a healthier and more balanced diet. 
    2. You can find a balanced lifestyle: The juice cure supports you in finding a lifestyle in which a healthy diet takes place as well as activity. 
    3. You will get to know your feeling of hunger and satiety better: In everyday life we ​​often confuse hunger with thirst, since the feeling of hunger is conveyed by many mechanisms: among other things by receptors in the stomach. If this is filled, the receptors in question register a feeling of satiety. Therefore, it usually makes sense to combat the feeling of hunger with liquids.  
    4. You can reach your feel -good figure: You can use the detox juice cure as an incentive to find your feel-good figure and-with it fitter than ever before-to start.  
    5. You have more energy for everyday life: Because the body no longer has to put all its energy into the detoxification, but the juice cure that takes over for it, you also fill up your reserves. You can use the newly gained energy sensibly - for example in sports, thinking or to just feel really good again. 
    6. You challenge yourself: Start a healthier and fitter lifestyle with a detox juice cure and find out how you can better control your feeling of hunger in the long term. That may be challenging at the beginning. However, you also learn to challenge yourself. This can help you in life in life in difficult situations. 
    7. You can now change your life: With a detox juice cure you can not only restart your body, but also your whole life. Use this special time and your newly refined energy reserves to restructure yourself and to get even better in what you love. 

              Who is the detox juice cure for? 

              Basically, the juice cures from livefresh are suitable for everyone who, for example, Submit bad food habits or the Opportunity for a long -term change in diet want to use. 

              For health challenges Should you use your doctor's advice in advance. Finally, the time in which solid food is completely dispensed with is a major challenge for the body. 

              How many days should you detoxify? 

              How long you want to do your juice cure is primarily dependent on your preferences and your perseverance. At LiveFresh you will therefore find different juice cures that fit you and your lifestyle exactly. 

              If you choose the classic juice cure from LiveFresh, await you 7 different juices plus 3 additional shots per day. This also means that you take a change in cold -pressed juices every day - so it never gets boring. The juice variation is thanks to ours Nutritionist Dr. Ulrike Fischer Perfectly tailored to the reset of your body. Each single juice was deliberately developed and chosen, to relieve your body in the juice cure in an innovative and unique way and to supply many important nutrients and vitamins. 

              You are not quite sure whether a juice cure is right for you or which juices you prefer? Then you have the option at LIVEFRESH with one Trial package to start. This includes, for example, our wellness juices, the ginger or vitamin D shots or the cold-pressed breakfast juices. Also a Tasting package with all juices and shots You can secure yourself from LiveFresh at the benefit price! 

              The agony of choice: what juice cures are there? 

              In order to pass on the nutrients and vitamins of the juices to your body as effectively as possible, the juices should be pressed cold. And because it would not only cost you too much energy, but also valuable lifetime to put yourself juicer every two hours, we have already taken over this for you: Our juices are not heated, but made under high pressure. In addition, all of our products are manufactured without additives and in 100% recycled PET bottles delivered to you. 

              We currently offer Four different juice cures on: 

              Here's something for every taste! 

              React your metabolism-with the most popular detox juices from LiveFresh 

              Whether yellow, golden, green, red or purple juices-thanks to the numerous combination of fresh fruit and delicious vegetables, our live fresh juices shine and the shots in a wide variety of colors. Here you have the free choice: 

              LiveFresh juice cures 

              • The classic juice cure: 3, 5 or 7 days of fasting with 7 juices & 3 shots daily. 
                The classic juice cure forms the perfect entry into a healthier and lattice everyday life. 
              • The full -fledged juice cure: Fasting fully fully without nutrient deficit for 3- or 6 days. 
                With the full juice cure you will find the perfect start on the way to your feel -good figure. 
              • The organic celery cure: Enjoy 500 ml of cold-pressed organic celery juice every day for 2- or 4 weeks. 
                With the organic celery cure you take important vitamins and nutrients every morning. 
              • The 30-day pomegranate cure: 30 bottles for 30 days. One month. 
                At the 30-day pomegranate cure you can enjoy cold-pressed pomegranate juice every day. 

              LiveFresh Shotkurs 

              • The immune shot cure: For 2 or 4 weeks you get 3 shots a day. 
                Your immune system is stabilized and you cover your daily need for vitamin C and D. 
              • The vitamin D cure: Cover your daily requirement every day with a vitamin D shot.  
                With the vitamin D shots from LIVEFRESH, you naturally cover 100 % of your need for vitamin D every day. 
              • The iron cure: With 32 shots a month you completely cover your daily requirement of iron in a natural & vegan wise. 
              • The day heroes cure: For 2 or 4 weeks you get 1 shot from every micronutrient every day. 
                The cure promises a holistic effect - to strengthen a healthy nutrient household. 
              • The Omega 3 cure: In this cure, omega-3 shots for daily intake for over a month are included. 
                Natural ingredients such as Lake Constance apple, raspberries and vegan algae oil are used. 

              Which detox juice cure is the right one for you? 

              At LiveFresh we offer you the opportunity to develop you freely. Be it when choosing the juice cures, the flavors of the juices or at the intervals in which you want to start the juice cure regularly. 

              Do you want to feel easier, plan a change in diet or strive for your feel -good body? Then our wellness juice cures and the full-fledged juice cures 2.0 are just the right thing for you. 

              All juice cord variants are available in different versions: So you can use the detox juice cure as desired over a short or longer period of time pull through. 

              How can you prepare for the detox juice cure? 

              With a juice cure - as so often - the Preparation the A and O. In the days before you start, you should consciously change your diet: 

              • Avoid very rich food, sweets and alcohol. 
              • Prepare yourself with light food (such as salads, coconut porridge, steamed vegetables and fish or alternatively little white meat) optimally for the juice cure. 
              • Use our recipe suggestions that we deliver with the juice cure. 

              Finally applies: The more balanced you eat in the run-up to the detox juice cure, the easier it will be the changeover. You can find everything important in your booklet, which is located in your package. 

              Your to-dos before fasting juice 

              You want to do a detox juice cure, but don't know how to best prepare for it. We'll tell you a few tricks that need to be considered before the start. 

              So you should definitely pay attention to one suitable time To choose for your cure: Events such as birthday parties, weddings and the like make it difficult to forego solid meals. You can also do yours Sort out the fridge And empty possible candy drawers or place in a place that-in the event of a cravings-you cannot reach immediately. 

              It can also be helpful to the start of your juice cure the shopping for the rest of the household and the time after the detox. So you save yourself the way to the supermarket during fasting and do not have to walk past all the attractive temptations on the shelf. 

              Body detoxified - and now? So it goes on after the juice cure 

              As important as the preparation is that too Re -preparation of your juice cure. After you could successfully get your detox juice cure behind you, you should not pursue your body's call for fast food or alcohol immediately. 

              • Do without the first 2 days after the juice cure on difficult to digest food. 
              • Listen to the signals of your body and ask yourself, for example: 
                • Which foods are not good for me? 
                • Am I really hungry? 
                • Am I already full? 
              • Treat your body enough food breaks, which means: no constant snack. 

              Better grab instead of meat and Co. Vitamin and nutrient-rich alternatives - such as soups or fresh salads. On our Instagram page You will find great recipes that you can integrate into your everyday life after the cure. 

              After all, the aim of the detox juice cure is not to lose weight quickly. It is much more important that you Look healthier in the long term and become more aware of what you eat. You also learn to take bad habits. 

              We wish you a lot of fun & success with the detox! 

              Frequent questions 

              How does detoxification work with a juice cure? 

              With a detox juice cure, you only take-usually over several days-exclusively Raw fruit and vegetables in the form of juices To you. You do without solid food during this period. In this way, the body can purify and free toxic to toxins. 

              What are the advantages of a detox juice cure? 

              If you choose a juice cure from LiveFresh, you can benefit from several advantages: 

              • You can Energy and motivation win for everyday life. 
              • Your metabolism is stimulated. 
              • You can easily integrate the juice cure into your everyday life. 
              • You get the cold -pressed and filled drinks delivered to the front door. 
              • You can Set your body on reset & Relieve your intestine. 
              • You can put off bad habits. 
              • You can get to know your feeling of hunger and satiety. 
              • You can get started Long -term healthier & more conscious lifestyle make it easier. 
              • You can get the way to yours healthier & conscious me create. 
              • You will be detailed with our Juice cure guide accompanied (including recipes for preparation and follow-up). 

              How do you recognize a good detox juice cure? 

              You want to do a detox juice cure, but don't know which one yet? A high-quality detox juice cure can be recognized by the fact that the Juices won exclusively from raw fruit and vegetables, seeds and other superfood will. In addition, the juices - as with LiveFresh - are cold -pressed and not heated. 

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