Vegane soft-baked Cookies

Vegan soft-baked cookies

Out of cookies at Subway again? No problem! In this recipe from our Jessi, you can find out how to make the soft cookies with chocolate chips or nuts yourself in just 20 minutes. By the way, you can make the vegan soft-baked cookies without a guilty conscience during the preparation and follow-up of your juice cleanse snack, because they are ideal for a healthy everyday diet. 

Preparation: 5 min.

Preparation: 10-15 min.

Total time: 20 min.

Cuisine/Origin: Regional

Category: High protein

Ingredients 1 serving:

1 can of white beans

100g spelt flour

50g apple sauce

70g erythritol


Chocolate drops



  1. First stir together the white beans, spelt flour, apple sauce, erythritol and cinnamon to form a firm mixture
  2. Next, divide the dough into two halves, add the chocolate chips to one half and the nuts to the other half
  3. Finally, spread the dough on a baking tray and place in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°C fan oven

Nutritional values (per portion):

474 kcal

45g carbohydrates

17g protein

25g fat 

Recipe video:


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